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James Storm Throws Fists for Spilt Beer

Prime Time Live Review – October 13th

This week on Prime Time Live, Dan Joseph defends the UWN TV Championship against Dom Kubrick. Plus Danny Limelight and Clark Connors give us a sequel to their NJPW Lion’s Crown match, and just what is David Marquez’s big announcement?

Let’s head to ringside and find out!

Danny Limelight vs. Clark Connor

I’m a big fan of both guys, so this one was always going to be on my radar. A rematch from October 9th’s New Japan Lion’s Crown final, both men had something to prove: Limelight needed a win to restore pride after his loss to Connor in the first match; Connor needed to win again to prove the first time wasn’t a fluke.

Both guys went to the arm to start, but Limelight soon had Connor caught in the corner, hitting him with a big flurry of hard kicks. Connor would get revenge later, cornering Limelight with some massive strikes and shoulder blocks.

Limelight decided to add a little insult to injury by attempting to lock Connor in a Boston Crab, the designated finisher for Young Lions. He also caught Connor with a lovely jumping Northern Lights suplex, but Connor had his own massive release German suplex to answer with. A Boston Crab became a half-crab as Limelight struggled free, later countering Connor’s spear attempt with a double stomp.

A sweet dive to the outside from Limelight proved he is still the real man who defies gravity. Back in the ring, Connor was sent to the ramp with a backdrop, only for Connor to nail a running spear through the ropes! A second spear attempt from the second rope saw him stumble though, and Limelight capitalised with a superplex into a rolling fisherman’s buster! Wow. Limelight turned that into a roll-up, but Connor was able to use his body to roll them the other way and pin Limelight for the victory.

This was just an excellent match and indicative of why people are missing out if they’re sleeping on Prime Time Live. This was two athletic, tough-as-nails guys going full pelt to prove who’s the best.

Great wrestling, in other words.

P***ers, Masters & Three-Ways

Backstage, David Marquez was interviewing Fred Rosser, who was recounting how Marquez gave him his first work outside of New Jersey. Rosser’s opponent, the arrogant Chris Masters, interrupted to say that people don’t want to hear all that. James Storm then appeared with a beer, saying he’d drank too much and was looking for a p***er. Masters took that as an invitation to pour Storm’s beer into a bin—big mistake. Out of respect for Marquez, Storm wasn’t going to start fighting then and there. But he was going to be part of their match later!

Looks like we have a three-way! After some recent talk about what James Storm’s status with the NWA is, it was just great to see him here and ready for action. This one will be good!

Elayna Black vs. Heather Monroe (w/Halston Boddy)

Prime Time Live - Elayna Black vs. Heather Monroe title card

I’ve not come across Elayna Black before, but to come out with a mini casket with Heather Monroe’s picture taped inside is a great way to introduce yourself to a new audience. Heather and Halston looked as glamourous as always.

This was a relatively short match that saw both women take it to the mat. Elayna locked in a painful-looking Octopus stretch that Heather was ably to counter into a sidewalk slam. Heather, meanwhile, was able to lock in a variation of a surfboard, using Elayna’s hair for leverage—ouch!

Heather was able to come back from being sent into the ring post, but it was certainly noticeable that Halston Boddy was being…erm…quieter than usual. He soon made up for it, distracting Elayna, who went after him and allowed Heather to land a big kick to the head and a ‘Bad Michinoku Driver’ for the win.

With the United Wrestling Network’s Women’s title soon to be decided, it would be wise not to take your eyes off the ‘Killer Bae’. Especially if you’re Lacey Ryan…

Afterwards, we saw a clip from after the show ended last week, as the ‘Dirty Daddy’ Chris Dickinson shook down Todd Kenely (would he have done that if Blake Troop was there? He probably would, to be honest) and said he would be watching the big announcement from home as he would not be returning until he’s given some real competition. I think he’s going to like this big announcement…

WCPW Champion Alexander Hammerstone vs. Tresario

Tresario is another wrestler IIm not familiar with, but I admire his nerve. He started off by annoying the larger Hammerstone by clicking his finger in his face, before sending him outside of the ring surprising Hammer with roll-ups.

It was clear Tresario’s speed was frustrating the larger Hammerstone. Tresario was able to leap out of a charge into the corner and managed to take advantage with a body slam, elbow drop and splash.

Prime Time Live - Alexander Hammerstone vs. Tresario title card

It was funny to see Hammerstone pull Tresario’s beard early on, but Hammerstone was not in a mood to joke. A big spinebuster and several kidney shots rocked Tresario, and a big drop kick and a seismic Irish whip nearly snapped him in half. The predator appeared to be toying with its prey.

Tresario came back with a springboard dropkick but it didn’t take Hammerstone off his feet. A moonsault from the top did, though, and resulted in a two count. But a Hammerstone big boot and German suplex set Tresario up, and a modified Jackhammer knocked him down for the Hammerstone victory.

This was a very enjoyable big man-little man match. It shouldn’t be fun to see someone get bullied like that, but it was! And it was great to be able to see Hammerstone again before the MLW relaunch.

David Marquez Makes a Big Announcement

First of all, David Marquez could make a telephone directory sound like an attractive story; the quality of his voice and the way he puts a story across is fantastic. He really is an old-fashioned orator, in the best sense of the term.

And what a story he had to tell here! As he dramatically took the cloth off the table next to him, we got our first look at a new title belt—the inaugural United Wrestling Network World Heavyweight Championship Belt! Wow. It’s a genuinely lovely belt that really add gravitas to the champion status of its holder. It also creates a curious scenario whereby it acts as a focal point for all the member promotions of the Network, much like the NWA of old, whereas the NWA now is a single promotion. Could we see the NWA ultimately become part of the United Wrestling Network? I don’t think so, but it’s fascinating to think about.

Next week’s Prime Time Live will see the announcement of the eight competitors that will fight in the tournament to become the first UWN World Heavyweight Champion. I can’t wait.

Fred Rosser vs. Chris Masters vs. James Storm

Prime Time Live - Fred Rosser vs. James Storm vs. Chris Masters title card

They say you shouldn’t cry over spilt milk. But you should definitely swing fists over spilt beer. That’s what James Storm did as he entered the ring, going straight at Masters and unloading with bombs.

Here Masters made a strategic decision that would dictate the story of the match. He hung about outside the ring while Storm and Rosser went at it. And when Rosser was down, Masters dragged Storm outside and hip tossed him onto the studio floor! He then slipped back in the ring and continued working on Rosser while Storm tried to recover on the outside.

It was a clever move by Masters. It allowed him to work on one man, while the other lay hurt outside. And any time Storm tried to get back in the ring, Masters would put him back down outside with further blows.

Eventually, Rosser was able to put together some offence but was grabbed through the ropes by Storm and DDT’d from the second rope onto the ramp! The Cowboy was back in the game. It was a true three-way fight from here and a lovely sequence saw Storm superkick Rosser into a DDT position under Masters’ arm, while Storm hit a neckbreaker on Masters to complete the DDT on Rosser. Amazing.

In the end, a chin breaker from Rosser and a superkick from Storm left Masters wobberly. Rosser then sent Storm through the ropes to the outside and nailed Masters with the Gut Check for the pinfall victory.

This was a great match that actually used some solid psychology to make it seem like Masters had a sound plan for success, only to eventually succumb to the number’s game. Great stuff.

UWN TV Champion Dan Joseph vs. Dom Kubrick

Is Dan Joseph the most enthusiastic wrestler in the world? I think he might be—he can’t stop shouting with excitement! Kubrick is also someone I’ve never before and I was very quickly impressed by his abilities.

Jospeh took the lead early, hitting a big spinning sidewalk slam followed by a bodyslam. But Kubrick was able to hit a kind of neck breaker across the top of the rope, followed by a springboard neck breaker from the apron onto the second rope. It looked stunning, but more than that, it set up a story of Joseph’s neck being hurt throughout the match and this affecting his ability to win.

Indeed, commentary referred to the champion’s inability to hook a cover as well as needed, as well as not being able to quite connecting with a fisherman’s buster. Kubrick came back with some innovative aerial offence, using his speed and individual style to grind down the champion. But perhaps the most effective move was how Kubrick through Joseph’s legs, as Dan was up on the corner ropes throwing fists, and tucked Dan’s head down between the top buckle and his body, causing undue strain and agony on that wounded neck.

A dragon sleeper worked the neck even further but Joseph was able to get to the ropes. A shoulder block caught Kubrick from the apron and a quick springboard German suplex gave the champ a fluid, if sudden, pinfall victory.

This was a great match with a genuine story and some genuinely athletic and innovative offence from Kubrick and a gutsy performance from Joseph. The ending was a little sudden, but I like the idea that Joseph was so hurt by that point that the only way he could win was to catch Kubrick with a big move by surprise. Dan the Man retains, only to give Levi Shapiro his rematch this weekend on Championship Wrestling.

Prime Time Live - Dan Joseph vs. Dom Kubrick title card

Final Thoughts

What a great show we got this week! From storyline development with Chris Dickinson losing his temper with the company, to both Danny Limelight and Clark Connors and the three-way match both feeling like genuine main events, to the announcement of the UWN World Heavyweight title, to thoroughly entertaining main event, this week’s Prime Time Live had a little bit of everything and proved that if you’re sleeping on this show, you’re missing out on some great and just plain fun wrestling. We are allowed to have fun as fans, you know…

I’ll you next time, grapple fans, for more exciting action from Prime Time Live!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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