Brett Michaels Wins The First-Ever Cobra Cup

Championship Wrestling from Memphis Review – March 13th

Welcome fans to our weekly review for Championship Wrestling from Memphis! This week, the Cobra Cup winner will finally be decided as Brett Michaels and Norman Meklakov go to war in the Cobra Cup final. Plus, the sinister Crowleys will make their debut on the program and Cassandra Golden gets an opponent she might not have expected!

Let’s head straight to the ring!

Ryan Rembrandt vs. Walker Hayes

I love Ryan Rembrandt’s robe and confident little walk to the ring: it’s like a little nod to ‘Mr Wonderful’ Paul Orndorff and ‘Ravishing’ Rick Rude. Walker Hayes, on the other hand, is just a big, bad brute and proud of it.

Things started quite evenly as the two jostled for the advantage until Walker caught Rembrandt by surprise with a big flying body block. Not know for playing nice with others, Hayes quickly grabbed Ryan Rembrandt by the nose and hooked him, sending shivers of pain through Rembrandt’s face.

Rembrandt was able to come back with a hammerlock DDT but seemed to make a mistake when he went up top, as Hayes shook the ropes and Rembrandt fell astride the top turnbuckle. As Hayes went to take advantage with a belly to back suplex from the top, Ryan was able to shift his body position and fall on top of Hayes, hooking the leg for the pinfall victory.

A quick but fun opener that set the tone nicely, and I definitely will be happy to see both guys in the ring again sometime soon.

“We Settle It In The Ring”

Backstage, Terrance Ward has Justin Cole with him, and this is what I was waiting for. As good as the first two shows were, I did feel they were missing some stickwork, especially on a Memphis show.

Cole didn’t mince his words, putting the blame for his exit from the Cobra Cup squarely on the shoulders of Mike Anthony, who attacked Cole after their match and injured his ribs. Here in Memphis, said Cole, we settle it in the ring. That’s a challenge.

Will Anthony accept? I hope so, for his sake. Because something tells me Cole’s not going to take no for an answer.

Cassandra Golden vs. Precious

Precious kneels over a hurt Cassandra Golden
Credit: Dreadhead Kev

Introduced as ‘The Flamboyant Mauler’, Precious strutted to the ring looking for all the world like a throwback to Johnny B. Badd. That’s not a bad thing—that’s my childhood! Still, maybe Precious wasn’t looking to recruit when he came down to the ring previously and took notes. Perhaps he was looking for weaknesses.

As the two grapplers had a little strut-off before the match, Precious attacked from behind with a clubbing blow before throwing forearms in the corner. Cassandra squashed the flamboyant one in the corner but he brought some breathing space with a bodyslam. He bounced off the ropes and…lay down arrogantly for a nonchalant cover. Not a feminist then, Precious…

A hair pull to the mat kept the ball in Precious’ court, but as he jumped up and clapped himself, Cassandra rolled Precious up and got the 1-2-3.

After the match, Precious had a tantrum and flounced off to the back. Better luck next time, Precious.

The Queen of Memphis

True to his word last week, Derrick King brought a queen out to speak to Terrance Ward—Queen Katelynn Black. Comparing herself to the women’s division, she put herself high above her competition and stated that “you will always bet on Black—and I’ll show you exactly why!”

Bold words. Will we see the women’s division bow to the Queen of Memphis?

The Skimahorns vs. The Posse

The Posse had been having a little fun over the last couple of weeks, playing some innocent practical jokes which always seemed to involve the less-than-pleased Skimahorns. This week, The Skimahorns managed to get their revenge, attacking The Posse boys from behind before the bell. Simon was knocked to the floor, leaving Little Chris to fend for himself.

The Skimahorns looked impressive, keeping Little Chris grounded with some smooth double team moves and quick tags in and out of the ring. Little Chris managed to catch a break by nailing a death valley drive out of nowhere. Big Simon and Brad Skimahorn quickly tagged in, with Big Simon using Brad as a battering ram before literally throwing him on top of his brother!

Not to be undone, The Skimahorns pulled down the ropes so that Big Simon fell out to the floor. Going for the double team, one brother fell to the hands of Big Simon as he pulled the brother ot of the ring, while Little Chris rolled up the other to get the pinfall victory.

Short but sweet, a really fun little match!

The Yung Goats vs. The Crowleys

The Yung Goats vs. The Crowleys Championship Wrestling from Memphis title card
Credit: Championship Wrestling from Memphis and Dreadhead Kev

The Yung Goats were one of the teams that impressed me so much last week during their encounter with the equally-good Russell Twins. The Crowleys were the team that freaked me out last week playing with the limp body of a battered pizza delivery boy and wearing pig masks. Swings and roundabouts, I suppose…

The Crowleys get-up and entrance are astonishing. The eeriness of the masks and the staring into the camera; it’s akin to The Wyatt Family but with its own demented flavour. I don’t recall Bray Wyatt wearing evil faces that look like peeled off flesh for his kneepads.

Zay Washington started off hot for the Goats, hitting Jacksyn Crowley with a big head scissors and a crisp dropkick but he soon found himself in the Crowley’s corner. The Crowleys showed that they have a fine line in double team offence, nailing a cool atomic drop-sling blade combo and a Boston crab-dropkick pairing that hit the mark. Even better, Otis Crowley put Zay on the middle buckle and stuck his head beneath the top one. Jacksyn nailed Zay with a big kick and as Zay fell back, Otis caught him with a neck breaker. Very, very nice.

Eventually, Zay was able to send the two Crowleys into one another before drilling the Otis with a Spanish fly. The hot tag made, Aaron destroyed the Crowley boys with a series of clotheslines and T-bone suplex. A big double team slam-elbow drop combo and assisted flying kicks took the wind further out of The Crowley’s sails. But as Jacksyn Crowley glowered and drooled away in the corner, distant music put the fear of God into the hearts of men…

Humongous made his way to the ring at this point, confirming the relationship between him and The Crowleys. He sent the Yung Goats into the corner, squashing them with a massive splash before sealing their fate with a chokeslam. The Crowleys lost by disqualification but they didn’t care, dancing and leering in the ring.

I think The Crowleys might be my new favourite tag team.

Cobra Cup Final: Norman Meklakov vs. Brett Michaels

Prior to the match, Terrance Ward brought us word from both competitors to get their thoughts on the big match; Brett Michaels was pumped up, ready to bring The Gun Show to the ring, and Norman Meklakov showed no concern, stating it was just a case of crushing just “another puny American”. Puny’s not a word I’d use to describe Brett Michaels!

Eric McMahon was then escorted away from commentary by Big Dan, who had finally caught up to Eric. His replacement, excitingly, was United Wrestling Network head, David Marquez. This man has the perfect voice, as well as brain, for wrestling. Apparently, he idolises the late, great Gordon Solie; you can really tell.

Meklakov attacked early, jumping Michaels from behind and choking him with his boot in the corner. Several times David Marquez pointed out the inappropriate leniency of the referee. Meklakov had his way with The Gun Show for a while, pounding him with power moves and wear down holds until a lucky body slam brought Michaels some breathing room.

A big spinebuster from Brett Michaels put the Russian down but a Gun Show Lariat attempt missed. Norman went for the Full Nelson slam that he’s been winning lots of matches with but Brett wriggled out and finally landed the Gun Show Lariat to win him the match and the Cobra Cup! King Cobra made his way out as both men lay on the mat, recovering. Next week, King Cobra will present the Cobra Cup to Brett Michaels, which will be something to look forward to. But might somebody interject themselves into the situation? We’ll wait and see…

Final Thoughts

This was perhaps the best episode of Championship Wrestling from Memphis yet since it’s launch. The addition of promos really helped to break the show up and gave a little more depth to the grapplers we’re watching in the ring. Ryan Rembrandt and Will Hayes had a solid opener, Precious got his a** handed to him and The Crowleys had a great bout with The Yung Goats—the tag team division here is really going to be something to watch!

Not only that, but the Cobra Cup winner for 2021 was finally named as Brett Michaels brought The Gun Show to Norman Meklakov and claimed the glory. That might just make him a safe bet for the Memphis Heritage Championship but this Memphis, you never know what’s going to happen…

I’ll see you again next week, grapple fans, for more Championship Wrestling from Memphis!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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