Championship Wrestling Review – July 25th

This week on CW30’s Memphis edition of Championship Wrestling, Anthony Idol gets his chance to get revenge against Ray Rosas, and Levi Shapiro gets a shot at the United TV Championship. Plus, Zicky Dice is in action and Watts puts his Heritage title on the line. It’s an action packed hour, so let’s head straight to the ring!

Rickie Slade vs. Jordan Clearwater

I’m excited. It’s my boy, the old-school babyface, Jordan Clearwater. I don’t know why, but Clearwater gives me that feeling of watching WCW Worldwide on a Saturday afternoon as a kid. That is a compliment, I promise! In fact, he gives me ‘The Natural’ Dustin Rhodes vibes, not a bad thing.

Slade knocked Clearwater down to begin with, offering his hand for a shake, and then running his hand through his hair.

Clearwater wasn’t having that. He overpowered Slade and went for the Midas Touch – only missed by Slade hanging on the ropes. This time Clearwater offered the hand, but it was slapped away in a clear gesture of disrespect.

This only fired Clearwater up, and he pushed Slade away from a Stage Fright (springboard stunner) attempt and cracked him in the face with the Midas Touch for the pinfall victory in less than five minutes!

There’s a lesson to be learned here: don’t scorn the hand of Clearwater!

Zicky Dice vs. Gentleman Jervis

The last time we saw Zicky Dice in Championship Wrestling, he was getting his a** kicked by Jordan Clearwater and crying about it on the mic. Outlandishly.

This week, Nikko Marquez, matchmaker for Championship Wrestling announced Zicky’s return. The crowd didn’t seem too happy, but I was!

As I was to see the happiest man in wrestling, Gentleman Jervis. Zicky got on the mic and told Jervis “this is the end”, betraying a new aggressive streak. He displayed this by countering Jervis’ tickle spot with a stiff fist to the face. He also threw Jervis’ hat out of the ring, and stiffed him in the face again. Spoilsport.

Jervis tried to play ‘got your nose’ but was smacked in turn with a big clothesline. Some stiff chops followed, but Jervis was able to take control with a spear. A ‘Bunny Hop Drop’ attempt went wrong, though, and saw Jervis wrench his knee. Dice, like a shark smelling blood, went for the kill, kicking the knee from under Jervis, then stomping and even biting the injured joint!

Jervis’ squeals of pain were perturbing. Zicky didn’t care, working the joint with vicious zeal and taking victory with an ankle lock. Jervis had no choice but to tap. But Zicky wasn’t done.

Dice dragged Jervis to the floor and threw him into the ring steps. He then proceeded to attempt to take Jervis’ mask off, but he was quickly swarmed by a mob of black and white stripes.

Zicky came out to make a statement and he got a hell of a lot of heat from the fans for it. Mission accomplished.

Zicky Dice tries to unmask Gentleman Jervis

Heritage Champion Watts vs. “Action” Braxton

Action’s first mistake was to stop the referee from ringing the bell and demanding that the match doesn’t start until he claps his director’s clapboard and shouts “ACTION!”

His second mistake was to get in the ring with Watts, who hit him with a big boot and the ‘Choke Force’ sit-down power bomb for the very quick 1-2-3.

After the match, Watts brought in former NWA tag team champion and Championship Wrestling From Hollywood legend Rasche Brown, who was sat in the audience and, statistic fans, is joint-first for longest combined reign as NWA Tag Team Champion! Rasche teased a comeback to the ring and made some hints about Watts’ Heritage championship. Watts was cool about it, but something tells me it won’t stay too friendly once the bell rings…

United Television Champion Dan Joseph vs. Levi Shapiro (w/Howdy Pryce)

Pre-match, we got interviews with the champ, who hilariously said he had been training with a clamp on his head all week so as to counteract the claw, and Shapiro, who was gifted the investment of a new glove by a gloating, guffawing Pryce. That glove would play a factor in the ending of the match-up we were about to see.

The two men started by trying to feel the other out, until Shapiro took the advantage using his cheating wits: he grabbed the ref to counter a belly to back suplex and back kicked Joseph below the belt in the confusion.

Howdy Pryce couldn’t help himself, raking Joseph’s eyes and giving him a kicking at ringside for good measure. Shapiro kept up the pressure, but Joseph would not be denied, hitting a big clothesline from the top rope.

Shapiro was able to slip something into his glove, unseen by the ref, and clamped the claw on Joseph, who was clearly in agony. Buddy Royal, former tag partner of Shapiro, now bitter enemy, had seen enough. He came to ringside to protest the glove, distracting Shapiro long enough for Joseph to take the win with a sneaky roll-up.

Buddy took the mic afterwards and told Shapiro he would appear whenever Shapiro felt the desire to bend the rules. He ended with a warning: “best friends make better enemies. IT’S WAR!!!” What a killer line! If Shapiro can back up his words, then Shapiro should be terrified, quite frankly.

Ray Rosas and Static vs. Anthony Idol and The Wolf Zaddies

Before the match, Ray Rosas, accompanied by Static (Andy Brown and Adrian Quest) gloats that he didn’t cash in his ‘Percy’s Privilege’ last week because he can cash it at any point. Because of that, he is the hunter and he owns Watts. The mind games continue.

Meanwhile, the Wolf Zaddies proclaim that now they’ve gotten rid of Vermin, they’ve got their eyes on championship gold – and title holders Static look like a snack! Anthony Idol, meanwhile, is ready to make “Mr Cynical” Ray Rosas care by slapping the ever-loving life out of his face. Idol sounded like Hulk Hogan on speed, not a bad thing in the slightest!

This was a quick match, but fun and with a surprise ending to boot. Rosas and Static came out, but decided the match wasn’t worth their time, and retreated to the back. Idol and the Zaddies weren’t having that, though. They went back and battered their opponents to ringside. In the ring, Idol took out Brown and Quest with a powerful clothesline, but turned around into a Rosas superkick.

It was too little too late, though, as the Wolf Zaddies hit Rosas with a flapjack and followed up with the ‘Zaddie-faction’ for the surprise pinfall victory.

Rosas and Static obviously didn’t take Idol and the Zaddies seriously. Is Rosas too caught up in playing games with Watts? Time will tell.

Final Thoughts

Dustin and Maria Starr on the set of Memphis' edition of Championship Wrestling

This was a fun episode of Championship Wrestling. The matches were quick but set up and progressed storylines, with Zicky Dice taking out a new aggressive streak on Jervis, Watts setting up a future program with Rasche Brown, Buddy Royal laying down the law to Levi Shapiro and Ray Rosas playing mind games.

I’ll see you next week, grapple fans, for another edition of Championship Wrestling!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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