Ryan and Monroe Love the Sound of Breaking Glass!

Championship Wrestling Review – August 1st

This week on CW30’s Memphis edition of Championship Wrestling, we had no less than five exciting matches and an appearance from Zicky Dice to enjoy. And as we shall see, Lacey Ryan and Heather Monroe love the sound of breaking glass…

There’s no time to waste, so let’s join our fabulous hosts, Maria and Dustin Starr, and head straight to the ring!

Ice Williams vs. Danny Rivera

We got promos from both before the match – Rivera says that Williams can bring the talk but he better bring the fists. Williams, meanwhile, pops up in front of a camera and recites a song about how Rivera sucks to the tune of Spiderman. Brilliant!

Danny Rivera shows his strength from the start, picking up Williams and just throwing him to the mat. The two then engaged in a sequence of lovely counters and reversals, before Rivera took the lead with a beautiful dropkick.

Rivera brought the strikes, but Williams took over by reversing an Irish whip into the corner and following it with an elbow. Rivera soon came back, backdropping Williams over the top rope, cracking him with a brutal elbow to the face then landing a crazy dive over the top that seemed to defy gravity!

Jimmy Iovine arrived at the commentary booth at this point and made it clear that his eye was on Ice Williams, who had taken over by pushing Rivera to the floor from the top rope, then keeping him grounded with punches, kicks and some big belly-to-back suplexes.

A kick to the face of Williams and a massive springboard clothesline from the top rope changes the tide of the match quickly. A German suplex and some stiff kicks to the head kept the pressure on Ice. Another springboard from the top rope failed to hit the mark, though, as Williams caught Rivera with a spinebuster and spinning sit-down powerbomb. A pump kick, torture rack and ‘Freezing Hammer’ (reverse sit-down powerbomb) followed but wasn’t enough. Rivera hit a big backstabber and a tornado DDT for the 1-2-3!

This was a really great little match, with a good balance between the mat, the air and the fist. Both men looked really good, and Williams came across well in defeat.

After the match, Rivera put over his opponent on the mic, but said he needed to talk less and fight for something he believed in. At which point, Jimmy Iovine entered the ring and once again handed Ice Williams his business card. This time, Ice ripped it up. But something tells me this story is far from over.

Ice Williams rips up Jimmy Iovine's business card

Zicky Dice Is Addicted to Running His Mouth!


So said Zicky Dice as he came to the ring to explain his assault on Gentleman Jervis last week. It wasn’t Jervis that was on his mind, however, as he was still smarting from his defeat to Jordan Clearwater a few weeks back. “I’m making you famous, kid”, he snapped arrogantly as he called Clearwater out to see if he could beat Dice a second time.

Insulting Clearwater for having “pale eyebrows and a pale face”, Dice slapped him across the face in a clear show of disrespect. That was enough for Clearwater, who battered Dice around ringside and up the ramp. Be careful, Zicky: my boy Clearwater is going to shut that mouth for good if you’re not careful…

Zicky Dice’s newly found aggression has been brilliant to watch. I’m loving every outlandish minute. If this is leading to a feud with Clearwater, I’m definitely all for it.

Adriel Noctus vs. Levi Shapiro (w/Howdy Price)

After his previous loss to Dan Joseph, Levi and Howdy were not in the best of moods. In fact, the usually motor-mouthed Price only uttered three words pre-match: “get in there”.

Levi began by chopping the hell out of Noctus’ chest before Noctus used his speed and a nifty ‘sling blade’ to build some momentum. Shapiro countered Noctus by throwing off the top turnbuckle and went straight for the claw, Noctus only getting free by reaching the ropes. Levi would not be denied, though, ramming Noctus’ head into the corner, then applying the claw again. The ref counted Noctus’ shoulders down for the Shapiro pinfall victory.

Levi wouldn’t let go of his grip, though, forcing Buddy Royal to run out and make the save. Howdy Price warned Buddy off, but Buddy was having none of it, telling Levi he was going to make him tap. “THIS IS WAR!!”, shouted Royal. Royal has been on fire during these promos.

You know, I’m a pacifist, but I can’t wait for war!

Frankie Frank vs. Mikey O’Shea

Frankie made the mistake of poking the bear from the start, winding his arm and making Mikey slap his own face. A hard clothesline was all Frankie got for his troubles. A big splash in the corner, a killer spine buster and ‘gunslinger’ slam sealed the day on quick fashion.

But Mikey’s pride wasn’t satisfied. He picked Frankie up after the bell and punished him with a huge powerbomb. Anthony Idol rushed out to the aid of his friend and, after squaring off, Mikey made his exit. As he told Idol when he got on the mic, “I don’t fight big guys like you for free.” The challenge jas been extended. Will Anthony Idol sign on the dotted line?

‘Action’ Braxton and JBII vs. The Wolf Zaddies

Braxton’s clapboard gimmick, having to shout ‘action!’ before he wrestles, is brilliant. Shame I didn’t get to see his wrestling skills, as Cabrerra destroyed him with strikes and a killer power slam.

JBII, who was holding a mic as he stood in the corner, was less than impressed. “What was that, Preppy?” he asked a hurt Braxton. Tagging himself in, he proceeded to announce himself as “blue chip. Blue blood. Blew your mind.” Tito was less than impressed: he nearly spine bustered the poor guy through the damn mat!

The Zaddies toyed with their prey for a little bit, smashing Braxton with big suplexes and power moves. Braxton manages to hit some strikes and kicks to create a little breathing space, but when he went for the tag, JBII jumped off the apron. Clearly, he had more sense than guts. A double flapjack and the ‘Zatisfaction’ later and this one is done. The Zaddies reign supreme!

Match 4 of ‘Best of 7 Series’: Heather Monroe (w/ Halston Boddy & Niko Marquez) vs. Lacey Ryan

Pre-match, we got a feature on Heather Monroe, whose passion for the business really came across strongly. We also got the glamorous Halston Boddy, dressed as a fortune teller (or something in the parish), bringing out Nikko Marquez to decide the stipulation in the latest instalment of the best of seven series between Monroe and Ryan.

Monroe wasn’t in the mood for Boddy, after his last stipulation saw Monroe, or rather Vipress, take a loss. Ryan came out to confront Monroe, who demanded a Falls Count Anywhere match. Marquez made it so, starting there and then, and we were off in a hail of swinging fists!

The two women quickly fought onto the ramp, where Ryan was able to counter the ‘Bad Michinoku Driver’. They exchanged blows at ringside before heading up the studio steps into the audience. Ryan draped Monroe over members of the audience and smashed her with some big chops. She then threw Monroe off the steps onto Boddy on the floor, then leapt off the steps onto the devilish pair with a big crossbody in a really cool moment.

From there the action spilled outside, where Monroe smashed Ryan’s hand with a locker door and drove it into the rail of a stairwell. The top of the stairs took the combatants to a little platform, which just so happened to overlook an open dumpster. Happily, it was Boddy who ended up in said dumpster when Ryan threw him in to stop him meddling further! I was smiling ear to ear at that spot.

Heather Monroe smashes a glass bottle over Nikko Marquez's head

Back into the studio, both women were armed with glass bottles. Nikko Marquez tried to dissuade both women from using them, but Monroe swung for Ryan and accidentally smashed it over Marquez’s head, knocking him out cold! Yes, the ‘glass’ bottles were clearly props, but it didn’t take away my enjoyment in any way. Ryan tried to strike but her bottle smashed against the ring post.

Back in the ring, Monroe was able to finally hit the ‘Bad Michinoku Driver’ but Ryan kicked out! She would not be denied now. After more brawling at ringside and back up the ramp, Ryan was able to land a spinning back kick and a vicious running knee strike to pick up the hard-earned pinfall victory.

This was a great main event that was really fun and saw great performances from both competitors. The crowd were really into it and created a great atmosphere for Ryan and Monroe to go wild in. A big thumbs up from me.

Final Thoughts

Dustin and Maria Starr on the set of Memphis' edition of Championship Wrestling

This week’s episode of Championship Wrestling was brilliant from bell to bell. Danny Rivera and Ice Williams put on a wonderfully competitive bout, Zicky Dice solidified his newly found aggressive streak against Jordan Clearwater and the main event was a blast.

Plus, the build-up to Levi Shapiro and Buddy Royal is building up nicely, and Anthony Idol has found some substantial competition in Mikey O’Shea. The future is looking very bright indeed for David Marquez’s promotion and as a wrestling fan during a difficult time for the business and the world, any success should most certainly be celebrated.

I’ll see you next week, grapple fans, for another edition of Championship Wrestling!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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