Miguel Joins So-Cal Distancing

Championship Wrestling Review – November 14th

This week’s Championship Wrestling sees Miguel and Watts finally meeting face-to-face—will Watts get the vengeance he’s looking for? Also, Jordan Clearwater finally gets his hands on Richie Slade and EJ Sparks heads up the main event against VSK.

Before we start though, we here at Sports Obsessive would like to offer a massive congratulations to co-hosts Dustin and Maria Starr, as Maria gave birth to little Reese on November 11th! Both mother and baby are doing great— a warm congratulations to you all from the team here!

The Bodega vs Wasted Youth

The Bodega have been on a roll as of late, but is it going to their head? There was certainly a new mean streak to Danny Limelight here as he slapped Adriel Noctis around the face, earning a mean kick to the head in return, and pushing Sketch away on the apron. Later, Limelight would trap Noctis’ hands in the turnbuckle whilst he and Papo Esco crushed him with a kick to the head/big splash combo. Adriel Noctis wasn’t making friends here; Limelight would later throw him into the ring steps to take him out of the match.

Wasted Youth looked sharp with their feet, throwing kicks and dropkicks every which way and keeping Rivera and Esco on their toes, if not quite able to take Esco off his feet. But it wasn’t enough, as The Bodega boys nailed Sketch with a flapjack/flying DDT combo to win a very entertaining opening bout.

Afterwards, that mean streak reared its ugly head again as Rivera and Esco pounded a downed Sketch on the mat and sent Noctis into the ring post. They then intimidated a flustered Jon Roberts and put anyone with championship gold around their waist on notice.

You hungry, Bodega? Starving…

Jordan Clearwater vs. Richie Slade (w/Flex)

So Jordan Clearwater finally gets his match with Richie Slade. Space wants to be careful—Clearwater’s been on a real roll lately. Not that Space is bothered, throwing sweets at Clearwater. Clearwater responded by going for the Midas Touch right at the bell, only narrowly missing.

As Flex gave a running commentary at ringside, telling the ref how to do their job, Clearwater and Space traded locks on the mat before feet on the rope broke up a deep armbar attempt.

Armdrags followed, but Space was again able to avoid the Midas Touch, slipping out to the outside. Clearwater followed, only for Space to assault him and even Flex got involved as Slade held off the ref.

A draping DDT off the ropes got a two count,  which seemed to wake Clearwater up. He nailed Slade with a back suplex and some lariats before Slade dropkicked the leg to prevent Midas Touch. It failed; Jordan just kicked off the apron instead, into the waiting arms who carried Slade off to safety. Clearwater was not happy about the count-out victory. Will this shut up Slade, or will Clearwater have to get Flex out of the way first?

Clark Connors vs. Snypes

Clark Connors is just ridiculously intense—I love it! I do hope he gets to meet Minoru Suzuki in the future—now there’s a match I’d love to see. Snypes, of course, was not in Demolition Man, but I get the feeling he is going to get demolished here…

Connors took Snypes to the mat to start, but Skyped surprised him with a roll-up. A suplex followed, as did a modified urange/slam. At which point, Connors decided to stop playing and nailed Snypes with an astonishing spear. The Boston crab followed for the submission. Short but big fun—Connors is great.

Everything AND the Kitchen Sink

Earlier, Jon Roberts had told Watts that Miguel was in the parking lot. The cameras caught up with Watts as he jumped Miguel, battering him over a load of old ovens that were randomly in the parking lot. Miguel took a hammering before Watts cracked with a hard shot to the face with a sink.

Watts is clearly not a man to be messed with, but I somehow don’t think we’ve seen the last of Miguel…

VSK vs. EJ Sparks

Main even time, and this was a great athletic contest which saw speed and hard strikes in equal measure.

Both men traded takedowns and leapfrog to start, before trading dropkicks, VSK landing a beauty that stalled EJ for a moment until he came back with a springboard forearm. VSK returned fire with a short German suplex into the corner—a move that never fails to make me wince.

EJ launched some tough strikes but VSK cut him off with a running forearm, a suplex and an Irish whip to the corner. A sunset flip surprised VSK and EJ capitalised with a stiff forearm and some punches, but VSK reasserted his dominance with a neck breaker over the knee. A big kick to the head and a flying clothesline showed there was still life in EJ and a cutter earned him a two count as did a swinging slam.

An exchange of corner moves saw VSK sent to the outside, where he slingshotted in with a roll-up into a German suplex in a lovely sequence. The ‘What a Manoeuvre’ neck breaker followed for a very near fall. A double clothesline took both men down. Which was the perfect opportunity for Watts and Miguel to enter the arena throwing fists at each other in a funny Memphis-style moment. EJ was momentarily distracted but a roll-up brought him back to the mat. A ‘Roundhouse Right’ missed, leaving him open to a half-nelson into a neck breaker, followed by a butterfly lock into a beautiful suplex for another near-fall.

EJ looked spent but a desperation hook kick gave him some breathing room. VSK was apparently playing a little possum, as he leapt up with a massive superkick. A crucifix attempt went awry, however, and a Roundhouse Rhythm finally put the full stop on a very good main event.

After the bell, Watts reappeared with Miguel in tow and was about to hit with the ring bell when…The lights went out. When they came back on, there was So-Cal Distancing, who gave Watts a good kicking before the masked man put one of the group’s face masks on Miguel’s face. Miguel then proceeded to give Watts a breakdown as we went off the air. Looks like So-Cal Distancing is another man stronger…

Final Thoughts

This was a fun show that saw Miguel and Watts’ feud take a darker turn as So-Cal Distancing have made their presence felt. Was Miguel part of the group all along, or are they picking up on a weak spot—his hatred for Watts—as a way to manipulate him?

Time will tell, but the story has certainly taken a compelling twist here. I’m intrigued to see where they go with it from here.

I’ll see you next week grapple fans for more of the latest action from Championship Wrestling!

Chris Flackett

Written by Chris Flackett

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