Marty Scurll Is Out of Ring of Honor

Where will Marty Scurll wind up next?

Hey everyone this is Sam. Let’s talk about Marty Scurll no longer being with Ring of Honor. They posted a very brief statement on Monday, January 4th. It stated “Marty Scurll and Ring of Honor have mutually decided to part ways.” Should it have taken this long for both sides to figure this out?

Both Sides Wanted Something

Don’t both sides always want something from a deal? Obviously Ring of Honor wanted to know if they could use Marty Scurll after time had passed. If they couldn’t then I’m sure they didn’t want him out there on the free agent market. Marty Scurll had just became head booker, so I’m sure he had a bunch of new ideas floating in his head ready to go. Plus when it became clear that Ring of Honor wasn’t going to use him then he wanted released. Of course, both sides wanted the other side to give up something. We weren’t given that information…yet. I’m sure it will leak soon.

May 2020-#SpeakingOut Movement

In late May the #SpeakingOut movement started by female wrestlers and fans talking about physical, sexual and emotional abuse suffered from males in the wrestling business. One of the more popular wrestlers caught up in this movement was Marty Scurll.

A woman alleged during the #SpeakingOut movement that she was at a bar where Marty Scurll was. She got drunk and was sexually assaulted by Scurll in 2015. She was 16 years old at the time and the age of consent in the UK is 16 years old. Scurll released a statement saying that the sexual encounter did happen, but it was consensual. Of course, he also pointed out that the encounter was legal.

Ring of Honor’s Reaction

In June 2020, ROH announced that an investigation into the accusations made during the #SpeakingOut movement against any of their wrestlers under their contracts. Marty Scurll made a second statement that said, “although I did not become aware of her age until after the encounter, the reality of the age disparity is not lost on me.” He was removed from the ROH roster page in October 2020.

Marty Scurll had been with ROH since 2016. As his contract was running out, many fans expected him to immediately jump to AEW with his friends-The Elite. However, ROH made a strong effort to re-sign Scurll. They ended up in January 2020 signing him to a multi-year contract with them as a wrestler and to join their booking team. Dave Meltzer reported in October that Scurll didn’t have a role with ROH at the time. Scurll hadn’t wrestled for ROH following the promotion’s return to television production in August. He hadn’t been involved in creative for any of the future tapings.

What Now?

The question now is does any big promotion take a chance on him? I think the answer in the US and Japan is no. The wrestling fan backlash would be huge and with the pandemic going on I don’t think they can take a chance on him. As far as the UK, I don’t know. Does he have close enough friends that would put him on their shows or bring him into their promotion? I have no clue.

Many fans believe that AEW will have him automatically join them, but I don’t think Tony Khan lets him come in even if the executive vice presidents want to. None of The Elite have made any statements concerning the matter. I’m not sure they would take the chance. However, I do think that Marty Scurll is still a big enough name that the indie circuit would bring him in. They would need to count on that everyone hasn’t heard about all of this. Personally, I think you see him trying to rebuild himself on the indies and then see a promotion take a chance on him.

What do you think? Does Marty Scurll end up with a big promotion or back on the indies? Let us know here at Sports Obsessive what you think below in the comments.

Written by Samantha Sayre

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