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Hi there, It’s me, Bam In Real Life from Twitter. Many of you know me for my loud-mouthed opinions and my inability to stop myself from calling out injustices. Welcome to ‘Bam In Real Life’, my new monthly column for Sports Obsessive, where I get to talk to all of you about the things I love in sport and more specifically in pro-wrestling. I’ve spent the last year working hard to achieve the things I want out of life, and after a turbulent four months in my personal life, I am finally back on track and ready to talk with all of you, and what better place to start than with Triplemania.

Copyright? What the Hell is That?

They love Marvel just as much as we do in Mexico and they honestly don’t care about copyright issues at all. That’s why we saw a collection of Lucha Libre wrestlers face off in the Marvel Lucha Libre Style Match at Triplemania. If you have ever seen any masked wrestlers, especially Rey Mysterio and Penta El Zero M, you will know they love to show off their admiration of superheroes and pop culture with their different masks, which, if you think about it, makes a lot of sense. As a child, I loved Rey Mysterio and for me he was like a superhero, bouncing around the ring and doing unbelievable things and that has transferred to my own child, who also adores colourful masked wrestlers.

I still have no idea how the match ended, but either the Avengers or Team Leyenda Americana won thanks to the sudden appearance of The Hulk. When you watch AAA, you might want to just throw everything out of the window and just hold on for dear life, cause it’s wild out here at Triplemania.

The Avengers celebrate at Triplemania

What are the Rules? Who Cares?

I love the fact I can enjoy the show without knowing any of the rules of Mexican wrestling, and I am always very confused about when a match has ended. But who really cares when the action is so good? I also fully enjoy the fact that mixed tag team matches are the norm in Mexico and run-ins seem to not lead to any disqualifications. We just accept that this is how it’s done in AAA and move on.

Along with this, who even knows how you are eliminated during a 12-man Copa Bardahl Triplemanía XXIX match or any battle royal-style match for that matter. I know you can pin, but can you submit? And with so many highflyers, how does the top rope stipulation work?

Despite the obvious language barrier (my Spanish is extremely limited), some things stay the same; you still need to pin for a count of three and you still need to tap out or verbally submit, but everything else is at such a fast pace and seems so different that it’s hard to keep up. But that is just the fun of Triplemania.

Los Lucha Bros make their entrance

Wild and Colourful Characters

Drago is one of my favourites from the Lucha Libre scene, but he isn’t the only colourful character that we get to see at Triplemania. During the battle royal, also known as the 12-man Copa Bardahl Triplemanía XXIX match, we got to meet some interesting characters that I would like to highlight, while later in the night we met Team AAA which included Pagano, Chessman and Murder Clown.

Pimpinela Escarlata and Mamba are both Exótico’s, who are luchadors that perform while in drag, challenging what the idea of being a man is in Mexican culture. Pimpinela Escarlata is a legendary name and figure for Exótico performers. Mamba came to the ring while wearing a crown & cape and had his team’s valet prepare them for the ring—if that isn’t over the top, I don’t know what is.

Mr. Iguana has become one of the fastest rising stars of the Lucha Libre scene, known for being the finest reptile in all Lucha Libre, his hashtag #GreenFluencer and incredibly stylish ring jackets. He is my underdog of the year and I really wanted him to win, and he did, in amazing fashion. There is just something absolutely magical about animal characters in wrestling and how hard that is to pull off, but Mr. Iguana knows how it’s done.

These Luchadors will also bring anything to the ring with them including, in the case of Myzteziz Jr, bringing his baby to the ring with him wearing a miniature version of his mask, while Mr. Iguana brought a rubber iguana, which would come in handy by the end of the match.

Mr. Iguana enters the ring wearing green sunglasses and a sparkly green jacket.

Los Capos, Nueva Generacion Dinamita & La Empresa: Rudos Are More Interesting.

Just like in Japanese promotions and in AEW, the likes of AAA and other Mexican promotions rely heavily on factions. At this year’s Triplemania, Nueva Generacion Dinamita, an offshoot of the famous CMLL stable Los Capos (meaning The Bosses), showed up to spoil the win for Mr. Iguana and attack the faces [técnicos] who tried to help. These masked men are the new rudos (heels) on the block and are here to take over. This group have joined up with fellow rudo faction La Empresa, which seems to be a terrifying prospect for the promotion moving forward. Nueva Generacion Dinamita consists of El Cuatrero, Sansón, and Forastero.

Later in the night, we saw a Trios Match between team AAA, made up of Pagano, Chessman and Murder Clown, and La Empresa. Of course, after the debut of Nueva Generacion Dinamita earlier in the night, the team of Puma King, Sam Adonis and DMT Azul would defeat Team AAA and establish La Empresa as the most vicious rudo faction in AAA.

I have always enjoyed a good heel/rudo faction in wrestling, and there is something about the Mexican wrestling scene and the way they present themselves that just do it for me. In Mexico, we have had the Los Capos and Los Ingobernables of CMLL, with their suits and cool demeanour, and the La Empresa of AAA, and even going as far as Japan we have the varying different looks of Suzuki-Gun, Oedo Tai and my personal favourites, Los Ingobernables de Japon. They all have the same vibe: that of an army, a team, a family who will always have each other’s backs, no matter what.

Nueva Generacion Dinamita make their debut at Triplemania after leaving CMLL

Big Names = Big Bucks

Every year, the most exciting part of Triplemania is the big surprises: who will show up, who hasn’t been announced, what old stars from the past will we get to see and who will make the trip down to Mexico to compete for the glory or the AAA championships. Over the years, we have had the debuts of Dragon Lee, Rush, Cody Rhodes and Cain Velasquez, appearances from legends such as Juventud Gurrera, Psicosis, Rey Mysterio Jr, and that one year where Blue Demon Jr and Vampiro were the most entertaining yet messy thing on commentary. What did this year hold?

Well, this year we got to see Brain Cage, someone who has appeared at many AAA events while he was signed to IMPACT Wrestling, teaming up with Taurus to battle it out in a three-way tag team match for the AAA World Tag Team Championships. This match was everything that I want out of a Triplemania match and, despite the best efforts of Cage and Taurus and the team of Jinetes del Aire, made up of Hijo del Vikingo and Laredo Kid, they couldn’t quite defeat the champions Los Lucha Bros, Fénix and Pentagón Jr.

Earlier on the card, we saw IMPACT’s Deonna Purrazo, being seconded by Lady Maravilla, defeat Faby Apache, who was seconded by Lady Shani, for the AAA Rina de Reinas Championship, while also retaining her IMPACT Knockouts Championship, thereby making her a double champion. WWE really didn’t know what they had with her and she’s proving to the world that she is a huge star and one to watch.

The semi-main event this year saw Andrade El Idolo, who previously worked under a mask in CMLL & NJPW under the name El Sombra [the shadow], face off against Kenny Omega. Mexican wrestling legend Konnan would second Kenny Omega, but Andrade had something up his sleeve and that came in the shape of wrestling legend, and his future father-in-law, “Nature Boy” Ric Flair. The match was great and one I was really looking forward to heading into Triplemania. When I talk about dream matches, this for me was one I have wanted for years, with these two men at the peak of their careers, and I can’t wait for Omega Vs El Idolo II when it finally happens.

Deonna Purrazzo holding the IMPACT Knockouts Championship

Family Matters in Lucha Libre

AAA and Mexican wrestling, in general, is also a real family affair, from the previously mentioned Myzteziz Jr bringing his baby to the ring to the Lucha Bros family coming to celebrate their victory, all the way to the number of families within Lucha Libre. Family and loyalty are always at the heart of this promotion and event.

This is something I truly love about Mexican culture in general and how it bleeds into professional wrestling; how it becomes a family business for those in the back, having road families and even bringing families together, be that your blood or chosen family unit.

Even in the main event of this year’s Triplemania, we saw a fitting tribute to the late great Brazo de Plata/Super Porky, who is the father of Psycho Clown and his second Goya Kong, with some more of their family coming to the ring for the tribute. It yet again emphasises the importance of family as the Alvarado wrestling family have been around for three generations, producing some of the most important and successful wrestlers in Mexico. The match was a classic Lucha de Apuestas Mask vs. Hair Match, with Psycho Clown getting the win over Rey Escorpion, allowing him to keep his mask and carry on the long tradition of enmascarados.

the Alvarado wrestling family

And this is the big reason I love Triplemania, AAA and Lucha Libre. Despite everything I love about it, from the colourful characters to the hard-hitting matches and getting to see dream matches under their banner, it all comes down to love, family, loyalty and, most importantly, acceptance. Wrestling is a circus and it should be a safe place for EVERYONE to enjoy themselves because it was born out of the carnivals and freakshows of the late 1800s, so let’s just enjoy it for the weird and wacky world it is.

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