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Welcome one and welcome all to the new and improved Wrestling Spotlight. How is it new and improved? I hear you ask, well that’s quite simple. Instead of being sporadic, like a lot of my work over the past couple of months, from here on out every column and article I do from will be on a regular basis. Now, the reason for the complete lack of reliability on my behalf is because we’ve moved house twice since October but now that we’re finally settled in our new home, I can give the writing side of my life the attention it deserves. So let’s get to it shall we and take a closer look at Continental Wrestling Entertainment. It’s time to lace up our boots and head to the ring.

CWE Wrestlers work through their moves

Who Are Continental Wrestling Entertainment?

If you know anything about wrestling then you’ll know the name The Great Khali. The giant debuted in the WWE in 2006 and set his sights firmly on The Undertaker. Unfortunately, the feud would prove to be a bit of a bust.

Khali wouldn’t be medically cleared to take part in the Punjabi Prison match at The Great American Bash and when he was finally good to go for a Last Man Standing match at SummerSlam, it would be relegated to the Smackdown episode beforehand and he’d lose the fight anyway.

But you can’t keep a big man down and they don’t come any bigger than Dalip Singh Rana and after a brief stint in the re-booted ECW, he was drafted back to RAW¬†where he’d go on to get a run with World Heavyweight Championship.

It wasn’t great and when it became obvious to those behind the scenes that he had all the mobility of a glacial drift, he was soon relegated to comedy roles.

He lasted in the company until 2014 before calling it a day and when he hung up his incredibly large boots, he returned home to India and opened his own wrestling school.

Continental Wrestling Entertainment, or CWE from here on out as that’s a pain in the arse to write every time, has gone from strength to strength. Mainly on the basis of The Great Khali’s name as he is loved and adored in this country but to just see it like that does a disservice to those wrestlers in its employ.

CWE is more than a developmental territory these days and to prove it what follows are, in my opinion, the five best matches you can currently watch on their YouTube channel right now.

Singham Dueby vs. Harman

I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say that Singham Dueby is one of the most popular wrestlers in CWE. The guy has got the heel role down pat and this match with Harman shows just why Dueby is so highly thought of.

It’s a brutal slugfest, with the occasional missed spot if truth be told, but both competitors come out the other side looking strong. Dueby by just being himself and Harman by showing the testicular fortitude to take everything his opponent throws at him and still fight back.

The end helps out as well as *spoiler alert* Dueby has too cheat to win, keeping Harman’s character from taking too much of a hit with a loss. And at the end of the day, that’s what a good bad guy should always be able to do, to get both themselves and their opponent over in one fail swoop.

Prince & Drona vs. Rocky & Bazigar

I love a good tag team match, me. Watching the likes of The Young Bucks or The New Age Outlaws hitting the ring and doing their thing is always a guaranteed way to get the old Gray bloody boiling.

Now, I’m not for one minute trying to compare either of the pairings involved here to two of the greatest tag teams of all time but when it’s done well, then you could be Santa Claus and The Easter Bunny for all I care.

This is a fast-paced match between the four and though it may not have as many high-flying spots or out and out flippy shit as we’ve come to expect these days, it’s still great fun to watch and well worth your time.

Komal & Himanshu vs. Chenni Aalia & Rahul

Even more tag team goodness for your eyeballs in the shape of a mixed-gender match. This one pretty much follows the rules that the WWE has laid out in these circumstances. That of man against man and woman against woman and never the twain shall meet.

Except it doesn’t always work out that way and both ladies involved here are more than happy to get their hands dirty and lay in some blows to their male counterparts.

There’s a great sequence towards the end of this where the bodies are flying and both sexes are beating the hell out of each other and it’s nice *another spoiler alert* that the last two men left in the ring are women.

Go Swami vs. Super VIP

If like Vince McMahon, you’re into big, sweaty men, then this battle between Go Swami and Super VIP should be right up your alley.

This whole match is about pure strength and even though that can lead to some of the most boring wrestling to ever grace the squared circle, think anything you ever saw Giant Gonzalez in, this doesn’t suffer from that. At all.

Watching these two throw each other around the ring like ragdolls is impressive in of itself but watching them do it from the top turnbuckle is just something else.

The ending is a bit of a cop-out and the camera angle/work leaves a lot to be desired, as it does in all of these videos, but Go Swami vs. Super VIP proves that big men can put on a show if it’s booked correctly.

Parul & Super VIP vs. Badshah Khan & Rahim Khan

Another match featuring Super VIP and yet another tag-team bout. There’s really not a lot to say about this other than it seems to sum up the remit that CWE has to teach the basics and fundamentals of pro wrestling above everything else.

I don’t want to come across all Jim Cornette here, good God kill me if that ever happens, but sometimes it’s just a nice change of pace to step away from all the spot heavy promotions that seem to litter the independent landscape these days and get back to some good old fashioned wrazzlin’.

This match does that very well and if that’s the way that CWE intends to go with their promotion then I say more power to them.

Besides, are you going to tell a 7ft plus giant that he’s wrong?

Written by Neil Gray

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