Support Indie Wrestling (Part 4): 3X Wrestling

Yes, this is a cut and paste job from my previous articles in this series, but unless you’ve been living on Mars, in a cave, with your fingers in your ears, yelling at the top of your voice, then you’ll know by now that we’re screwed.

There is pandemic gripping our planet in a Hell’s Gate that would make The Undertaker proud and we can’t do anything about it except stay inside and wait for it to burn itself out.

It’s taking a toll on each and every one of us, and it’s having a serious impact on business across the globe. Sadly, wrestling isn’t immune to this.

Unless you’re lucky enough, at least financially, to work for the WWE, or to a lesser extent AEW, then there’s a very good chance you make your living by appearing on the Independent Scene under the banner of one, if not more, of the companies there are around the globe.

These wrestlers and promotions live and die by their ability to put on shows as often as they can, but the ban on public gatherings is slowly strangling the life out of them as it’s cutting off the supply of their much-needed lifeblood.


There are still those out there brave enough to be holding No Fan Shows, normally backed by a Go Fund Me or Indie GoGo page, but unless people stop acting like jackasses and stop treating this as a massive holiday, then it will only be a matter of time before governments are forced to lay the SmackDown and bring out the heavy guns. And that will kill any chance of anyone holding anything other than their dicks until this is all over.

Yet, there is still a way that you, the wrestling fan, can make a difference and help out in whatever way you can.

As Sports Obsessive considers itself your “New Home For Independent Wrestling”, we’ve come up with a plan.

Every few days I’ll be sitting down and writing one of these articles, that will focus on a company and it’s wrestlers. In it, I’ll list as many links as possible to Twitter accounts, and merchandise pages.

Outside of the introduction, it’s going to be pretty bare-bones, but the idea is that having something like this to hand will make it easier for you to find your favorite company and/or wrestler/s and spare them a dime in their hour of need.

And that’s what it comes down to. Independent Wrestling can survive this pretty unscathed but it’s going to need our help to do so. So don’t be a Braun Strowman and do what you can.

*Apologies to any wrestler that I miss off of any of these lists. If that’s you then give me a shout over on Twitter and I’ll make sure you’re added and if you are on here and I’ve somehow missed your merch page, the same applies*

3X Wrestling

Company: 3X Wrestling




3X Wrestling


AJ Smooth: Twitter  And Facebook

Alex Taylor: Twitter 

Brady A. Dezire: Twitter And Facebook

Brett Hadley: Twitter And Instagram

Caleb Konley: Twitter, Merch, Facebook, And Instagram

Donnie Peppercricket: Twitter And Facebook

Duke Cornell: Twitter, Merch, And Instagram

J Fowler: Twitter And Facebook

Jah-C: Twitter And Facebook

Jake Manning: Twitter And Merch

Jaysin Strife: Merch

JC Slater: Twitter 

Jeremy Wyatt: Twitter And Instagram

Jimmy Wylde: Twitter

Jon West: Twitter

JT Energy: Twitter, Merch, Facebook, And Instagram

Kara Noia: Twitter And Merch

Lars Metzger: Twitter, Merch, And Facebook

Latin thunder: Twitter, Merch, And Facebook

Luke Langley: Twitter And Merch

Mad Dog McDowell: Twitter

Marti Belle: Twitter, Merch, And Facebook

Moondog Bernard: Facebook

Niles Plonk: Twitter And Merch

Redwing The Barbarian: Twitter 

Rory Fox: Twitter And Facebook

Sierra: Twitter, Facebook, And Instagram

Tim Hughes: Twitter And Instagram

TJ Benson: Twitter

Valentina Loca: Twitter, Facebook, And Instagram

Xander Killen: Twitter And Merch





Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West)

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