FTR Almost Caused A Riot At Triplemania

Last night/early this morning – depending on your time zone – FTR almost caused a riot at Triplemania Regia. At one of AAA’s biggest shows of the year, FTR defended their AAA Tag Team titles against their blood rivals, the Lucha Bros, in a Ladder Match and it’s safe to say that FTR was about as popular in Mexico as French colonizers.

They didn’t help their cause by coming out in ring gear that made them look like two walking versions of Old Glory – alongside Vicky Guerrero who was dressed the same – but from the outset, you could see that they didn’t need the Queen of ‘Excuse Me!’ to help them generate heat. It was nuclear from the get-go and it was obvious – even to your friendly neighborhood wrestling writer sat at home watching at 2 am – that this was going to get a lot more feisty before the match was done. Everything seemed to be going okay while the Lucha Bros were on top in the early exchanges, but as soon as FTR made their comeback, the place became unglued.

They had glass bottles and plastic glasses thrown at them in the ring, when they went to the outside they had drinks chucked over them, and after the match – which FTR won thanks to some interference from Vicky Guerrero – someone even threw what looked like a big bag of Doritos at Cash Wheeler. It was f*cking insane.

There were a few moments throughout that I thought FTR was going to jump in the crowd and start wailing on people, but being the professionals they are, they instead chose to lap up the outpouring of hatred aimed in their direction. Even going so far as to stop during proceedings to pledge allegiance to the flag that Vicky held at ringside.

I’m a huge mark for FTR and an even bigger one for heels who can whip a crowd into a frenzy, but this was unlike anything I’ve seen in a very long time. Fair play to Dax and Cash, they didn’t back down, and even though a fully fledge riot didn’t break out, they came a lot closer to making this happen than anyone since the territory days.

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West)

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