Bloodsport: Five Fights We’d Love To See

Having recently reviewed the recent Bloodsport 4 & 5 shows, having never previously seen any of the company’s cards before, I found that my imagination was completely captured by the idea and presentation of the shows. Featuring a hybrid MMA-pro wrestling style, where contests can only be decided by knockout or submission, Bloodsport concentrates pro wrestling down to its essence in a lot of ways—just two combatants using their fighting and technical skills to outdo the other and prove they are the better warrior.

This got me thinking: what fights would I like to see in Bloodsport? What are my dream fights? After much consideration, I came up with my list. My only consideration, other than the fight being something I really wanted to see, was that the fight had to have a realistic chance of being booked. For example, I would love to see WALTER in a Bloodsport but that is not realistically going to happen while he is signed to WWE. This narrowed my scope, but only a little. In fact, I think my pick of five fights would make a cool little card in itself.

So without further ado, I present my 5 fights I would love to see take place at Bloodsport.

1. Jon Moxley vs. Minoru Suzuki

These two have clashed previously in a furious brawl at New Japan’s New Beginning in Osaka 2020. That particular encounter saw two of wrestling’s wildest take it into the audience, around ringside and onto tables. It was violence personified and it was bloody excellent!

So why have them clash again? Apart from the fact we’d be near-guaranteed another excellent scrap, this would present a different side to the one shown at Osaka. Bound by the rules of Bloodsport, the two would be forced to keep it on the mat. Not only that, but both men are clearly suited to a MMA-style contest. Minoru Suzuki’s legitimate MMA credentials are legendary and widely known, going all the way back to Pancrase. Moxey, meanwhile, has previously trained with Randy Couture and has introduced an MMA skillset into his repertoire since leaving the WWE in April 2019. Both men have also taken part in Bloodsport before, so we know they are suited to the style.

The chemistry the two have would still be there; Moxley with his ‘don’t give a f**k’ violent eccentricity and Suzuki with his love for both inflicting AND receiviing pain. What a fight at Bloodsport would do for that chemistry is concentrate it, bring out the intensity even more and play to a different side of both men’s strengths.

Who wouldn’t want to see these two go at it one more time?

2. Jonathan Gresham vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

Another clash that has taken place previously, this time on the independent scene, there are reasons that a rematch at Bloodsport should be top of every fan’s wishlist.

Firstly, both men are pretty much masters of their trade: pure technical wrestling. Gresham has been doing incredible things in ROH, instigating the return of the Pure division to that company, something which has been a major contributing factor to the success of ROH’s relaunch in the latter part of last year. Sabre Jr. is perhaps the only man in wrestling today that can match Gresham for sheer technical skill and pure wrestling ability. His ability to isolate a body part and twist and turn it into several different grotesque shapes is outstanding.

While both men are equal when it comes to taking it to the mat, Gresham has a more violent side than Sabe (check how he defeated Wheeler Yuta in the Pure title tournament by smashing his knee repeatedly into the mat until Yuta tapped). That would make a Bloodsport encounter between the two more interesting—how would Sabre deal with Gresham’s aggression? How would Gresham utilise his brutality to counteract Sabre’s technicality?

Lastly, without knocking the independents in any way, this match deserves to be seen on a bigger platform and Bloodsport would certainly provide that.

3. Thunder Rosa vs. Allysin Kay

Yes, I know, I know. Another match we’ve seen elsewhere. But again, we’ve not seen them fight in the Bloodsport format. Such a fight would bring a whole new exciting edge to their feud and might even work as an excellent decider to draw a line under their conflict.

Rosa and Kay have been fighting on and off since January 2020 at the NWA’s Hard Times pay-per-view, where Rosa defeated Kay in an incredible bout to win the NWA Women’s Championship. Subsequently taking it to Twitter during the Pandemic, Kay finally got her rematch at Mission Pro Wrestling’s Wishes Granted show on February 6th in a cage match that went to a 30-minute draw and saw the locker room pour out to erupt in a crazed brawl around the arena.

With such intense rivalry and passion spilling out everywhere, what better way for Kay and Rosa to settle their differences than to strip away all the decoration and settle once and for all in the most direct manner possible? Both women have MMA training and actual MMA fight experience. What better way to prove who the better fighter is than to take it to the Bloodsport mat?

4. Shingo Takagi vs. Chris Dickinson

You want intensity? You want physicality? I got you right here. Shingo is a beast, having been dominant in both Dragon Pro and now New Japan Pro Wrestling. As the NEVER Openweight champion, he has been in incredibly physical encounters with the likes of Jeff Cobb and Minoru Suzuki. And if you can hang with Suzuki, you’re tough enough to hang with Bloodsport. He’d be a perfect person to have on the mat.

‘The Dirty Daddy’ Chris Dickinson is a Bloodsport veteran and is perhaps one of the most determined, intense performers stepping into the ring currently. His recent bout with Ren Narita was incredibly stiff and physical, and a fight with Shingo would amplify that brutality tenfold. I can only imagine the damage each man would inflict onto the other if let loose on the Bloodsport mat. The term ‘hoss fight’ wouldn’t begin to do it justice.

Also, imagine this: Chris Dickinson has spoken openly about wanting to compete in New Japan on their home soil. Proving he could hold his own against one of their toughest would go some way to him achieving this dream. That’s something I can certainly get behind.

5. Eddie Kingston vs. Papo Esco

Talking of hard-hitting, beef slapping violence, this fight would have the potential to be absolutely brutal. And who doesn’t want to see some good old-fashioned brutality on the Bloodsport mat?

Eddie Kingston is the more well known of the two grapplers here. He is well-travelled, having appeared for the like of Pro Wrestling Guerilla, ROH, TNA/Impact and the NWA before becoming an important fixture for AEW. He is a well-known disciple of the super-tough All Japan King’s Road style, but he’s better known for being a super-tough, hard-hitting, brutal maniac in the ring. Perfect for Bloodsport, in other words.

Papo Esco is a guy I don’t know a lot about outside of his appearances in Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, but what I do know from what I’ve seen is he’s one mean motherf****r! He’s one half of the United Wrestling Network Tag Team Champions The Bodega with Danny Limelight, a great accomplishment. He reminds me very much of Bam Bam Bigelow in his size, intimidating presence and beatdown mentality. So, he’s got all the ingredients for Bloodsport, but how would he hold up on the mat? It’d be fascinating to find out and Kingston would be a great competitor to slap beef with.

Who would you like to see fight on a Bloodsport card in the future? What are your dream contests? Let me know in the comments!

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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