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Rocky Romero Denies NJPW/AEW Relationship

A few days ago, “Uncle Dave” Meltzer reported that AEW and NJPW were talking in an attempt to get a working relationship up and running by talking to Rocky Romero.

Khan has been speaking to Rocky Romero regularly of late to try and open doors to New Japan, feeling the odds are better to do something with Harold Meij gone.”

This seemed to make a lot of sense as Meij had no interest in working with anyone as well as zero concept of how to run a wrestling promotion. So with him out of the way, the idea of these two companies getting together and joining forces seemed to be back on the table.

Rocky Romero’s Side

It just seems that nobody bothered to tell Rocky Romero this.

On a recent edition of Talk N Shop with Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows, Romero said this wasn’t the case;

I guess Meltzer’s reporting that me and Tony Khan are having calls all the time, like every week, which is not true at all. I’m not talking to Tony weekly, no. I mean, I’ve talked to Tony in the past, of course. I’ve talked to Tony probably a month ago, maybe more. He is not completely lying but he’s making it seem… he’s selling something and trying to make it seem something… He’s trying to get clicks.”

Romero stopped short of accusing Meltzer of outright lying. It may lead to some sections of the wrestling fandom to point and say that it’s a work. They will claim that “Uncle Dave” is spot on with his knowledge, but he did seem quite genuine in his denial of any backstage goings-on in regards to AEW.

I guess if you’re not willing to take this one at face value then only time will tell. Which side is right? Are they both right? Could they be playing us until they are ready for their big “reveal?” Let us know what you are thinking in the comments below.

Written by Neil Gray

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