Now It’s NJPW And NOAH

Forbidden Door Or Pandora’s Box?

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Look on every exit as being an entrance somewhere else‘.

So wrote Tom Stoppard in his play ‘Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead’. Try telling that to the myriad of released WWE ‘superstars’. But in AEW world, the door is open to a new world. To Impact. Yeah, OK, but look over there, to NJPW land too – ooh!

Revolving Door

Sometimes it can get jammed, with too many people pushing one way and the other, like the last NJPW event Battle In The Valley‘ being on the same night as AEW¬†Full Gear. That won’t help two promotions who want to work together. The communication failed on that one.

Open Door

With the appearance of Suzuki, Mox, Archer, Kenta, and loads more to come, plus the newly employable Jonah Rock attacking both NJPW and Impact wrestlers, things are fluid. They are also mouth-watering. What a time to be a wrestling fan, eh? Doors opening which were previously closed. Never thought they would be wide open, did we? And now someone new has come through. NOAH. Yes, Pro Wrestling NOAH. And where are they going? Only to close rival NJPW.

They’ve set up a match on night 3 of the next Wrestle Kingdom and have done something really smart. This is the NJPW Twitter account as reported by f4online;

The match card is yet to be announced. NJPW and NOAH wrestlers have their own histories and backgrounds. It’s up to them whether they want to face off, or even join together.’

Leaving the possibilities open, opponents, colleagues, nothing set in stone gives them time to add delicious possibilities as the weeks go by. They’ve started already. Shingo was interviewed asking NOAH to pick a fight. He mentioned Marifuji. Nakajima called it a ‘war’.

This is very tasty.

Katie, Bar The Door

This isn’t just great for wrestling fans though. It has something else. Implications. There is a direction of traffic. People are banding together. It seems to have been started by Tony Khan.

Tony Khan
Credit; Wrestling News

And now many promotions are involved. Working together. Who’s out on their own? WWE. Oh, they’re big, but as more feds band together, they get bigger. Almost like a group of wrestling promoters getting together to help each other.

Now, where have I heard that before?

Written by Steve Swift

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