The Indie Wrestling Hall Of Fame Is A Brilliant Idea

The Indie Wrestling Hall Of Fame is a brilliant idea and one so simple that you have to wonder why nobody has ever thought of it before. After all, Indie Wrestling has been around ever since the sweet art of grappling came into existence, so why hasn’t a single person thought to honor those men and women who have helped shape the sport of Professional Wrestling outside of the mainstream, with their own Hall Of Fame?

Whether they’ve played to 30 people or 30,000, Indie Wrestlers are the lifeblood of the industry, so when news of that Game Changer Wrestling would be holding its own HOF reached me, I was over the moon.

Here is a list of those – so far – that will be in the inaugural Indie Wrestling Hall Of Fame.

Indie Wrestling Hall Of Fame: Jerry Lynn

Jerry Lynn

The first inductee into The Indie Wrestling Hall Of Fame is Jerry Lynn. Lynn is 30 plus year veteran of the wrestling business. A career that has seen him take in such promotions as ECW, ROH, TNA, WWE, and currently AEW, though in a backstage capacity.

He’s also wrestled around the world and been an ever-present on the Independent circuit throughout, and I can’t think of anyone more deserving to be the first member of The independent Wrestling Hall Of Fame.

Lynn will be inducted by X-Pac.

Indie Wrestling Hall Of Fame: Homicide


Homicide is one of the best – and scariest – wrestlers to ever grace a ring. He hits like a mack-truck, can fly like an eagle, and looks like he’d tear off your arms and beat you around the head with the soggy ends if you so much as looked at him funny.

He’s been a stalwart on the Independent scene throughout his time in the ring, though his stints with ROH and TNA – as well as the is he, isn’t he? he currently has going on with AEW – have helped catapult him into the consciousness of casual fans as well.

Homicide will be inducted by Chris Dickinson.

Indie Wrestling Hall Of Fame: Ruckus


A true master of the Independent scene and a bad motherf*cker to boot, Ruckus has been kicking ass and taking names for over 20 years now and shows no signs of slowing down. He’s as innovative as they come and helped make CZW the success it was as much as anyone, if not more.

He works where he wants and for who he wants, which means that you won’t see any big-name companies on his resume, but that’s their loss, not his, as he is a firm fan favorite whatever role he’s playing, and can tear the roof off of any venue you’d care to put him in.

Ruckus will be inducted by Sonjay Dutt

This is currently all the wrestlers announced at the time of writing. When more inductees are revealed for The indie Wrestling Hall Of Fame, this article will be updated.


Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West)

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