Catch Pro-Wrestling: Catch 2 Review

Independent Wrestling 2: Electric Boogaloo in Manchester

Welcome to Sports Obsessive as we review the second event from the northern English promotion Catch Pro-Wrestling. This show was built around the framework of the British Heritage Tournament to crown the new Catch Pro-Wrestling Women’s Champion. This event saw some living legends face off against some up and comers and a hilarious yet very physical three-way match.

All images are provided by CATCH Pro-Wrestling and Brightest Day Photography.

Lucia Lee vs. Lizzy Evo

We love Lucia Lee in this house, and we will have no slander against her, thank you very much. I might be overly biased as I have had the opportunity to work with her and she is honestly one of the nicest human beings I’ve ever had the chance to speak to; also, we both love The Misfits. Lucia is relatively new on the scene, but she brings it to Lizzy Evo—her transition into a leg bar was out of this world, and she is definitely someone to watch in the next few years.

Lizzy Evo is a powerhouse of a competitor, knowing exactly when to let things breath, when to taunt the crowd and when to attack, while Lucia Lee is the sentimental favourite. She was no match for Evo on the night, but could a rematch between the two be on the cards soon in CATCH?

Winner: Lizzy Evo

Lizzy Evo gives Lucia Lee a suplex

Ivy vs. Clementine

Ivy is someone I have come to love just from her online presence. She is one half of the Pretty Little Killers with the wonderfully talented Ruby Radley, with Brady Phillips as the valet. But today she is on her own and ready to face the fun-loving and sweet Clementine. Despite not being the most intimidating of characters, Clementine should not be overlooked. She has heart and an underdog spirit, while also greatly improving in the ring. Despite the absolute war she experienced with Ivy in the ring, that girl could tear you limb from limb and you would still like her. She proved the same by winning the match here.

Winner: Clementine

Clementine puts Ivy into a submission hold

Alexxis Falcon vs. Chantal Jordan

An early contender for match of the night, there is just something about seeing two athletes in the middle of the ring holding nothing back that gives me chills. Alexxis Falcon and Chantal Jordan need more recognition for the work they do inside the squared circle. This match was perfect in every way, proving that women in wrestling are not just toilet breaks or here to look pretty; they are powerful and can tell stories just as well, if not better sometimes, than their male counterparts. This match was hard-hitting, each move meaning something and building to the final minutes where Alexxis Falcon feigned an injury to get the win over Chantal Jordan. From the people I know who were at the show, they fully agree with me that this match was out of this world and when you can, please go check it out.

Winner: Alexxis Falcon

Alexxis Falcon is as devious as ever getting Chantal Jordan into a headlock

Rhio vs. Heidi Katrina

This was a shorter match than the last, but they filled every second with move after move. Rhio is a crowd favourite here at the Manchester Academy 2 but Heidi Katrina is a promising shining star of the British wrestling scene. Rhio is a former Tidal Open Champion and a two-time Women’s Champion who is based out of Preston, while Heidi Katrina has worked for Sendai Girls in Japan and is sponsored by my friends over at Thirteen|10 Apparel. It’s important to note that these two women have worked hard to help the scene grow and deserve all the praise for this match. They followed up possibly the best match of the night with something equally hard-hitting and filled with drama. Rhio won this time, but I would love to see these two go at it in a two out of three falls match.

Winner: Rhio

Rhio and Heidi Katrinaa do battle with Katrinaa putting Rhio in a headlock at Catch Pro-Wrestling

The Heritage (Jody Fleisch & Dean Allmark) vs. Lykos Gym (Kid Lykos & Kid Lykos II)

Oh, what a joy this match truly was. I have had the absolute pleasure of seeing and briefly meeting Jody Fleisch at a show in Birmingham and he is not just one of the nicest guys in the world, but also an incredible performer, with a 25-year career. Dean Allmark is another veteran of the British wrestling scene, with 21 years of in-ring experience, and the two of them together showed just how good the scene still is. They both moved with lighting speed and power, making this matchup against Lykos Gym perfect in every way. Both teams used the whole ring and outside area, hitting double team moves and creating a truly thrilling tag-team experience. Despite the young Lykos Gym trying their hardest, they were no match for the wily veterans, but they are set for a rematch at CATCH 3 and that should be an exciting affair.

Winner: The Heritage

Lykos Gym get Dean Allmark into a combination submission move at Catch Pro-Wrestling

Three-Way Dance | Mr. Charles Crowley vs. Gene Munny vs. Big Guns Joe

It needs to be noted that I love Gene Munny so much that his sticker has a place on my wall. But who is this Crowley character and why do I want to run away to his dysfunctional circus of misfits? Big Guns Joe certainly does have big guns; no lies were detected here. This match was a wild ride from start to finish with great action and comedy galore. Gene Munny always brings the funny, but that doesn’t mean that Joe and Crowley don’t also have comedy chops. It’s the one thing we are good at balancing here in the UK: the art of comedy and violence. The finish of this match needs to be seen to believed, but the man who started the match saying he wasn’t going to wrestle tonight came out on top.

Winner: Mr. Charles Crowley

Mr. Charles Crowley surprises everyone by beating Gene Munny with The Weasel's Clutch at Catch Pro-Wrestling

British Heritage Tournament Final | 30 Min Four-Way Iron-Woman Match | Clementine Vs Lizzy Evo Vs Alexxis Falcon Vs Rhio

Rhio seemed to be a huge crowd favourite here but Lizzy Evo was intent on giving her hell, while the ever sneaky Alexxis Falcon teamed up with Evo to take out the vulnerable and cheery Clementine. Their alliance wouldn’t last long, with Evo being the smarter one of the two and gaining a pin over Falcon, who would return the favour before battling with Rhio. Just like in her last match, Falcon would claim a leg injury, with no one believing her because of what she did before. Rhio would win a fall via submission by putting Falcon in an ankle lock. Clementine would shock everyone tonight, leaping from the top rope and pinning Evo for a fall of her own. The action was fast and full of big power moves and expertly executed submission moves. With Evo in the lead, Clementine snapped and tried to even the score, but she is just out of time. With one fall a piece for the other three women, Lizzy Evo is your new CATCH Women’s Champion.


Lizzy Evo is crowned the first CATCH Women's Champion

Please make sure you support all these wonderful women, along with every male wrestler on the card and Catch Pro-Wrestling. The scene is not dead; its heart is still beating here in the UK, so support your local promotion and your local performers.

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