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Stu Grayson And Evil Uno Feared For Their Jobs

At Sports Obsessive, we read other things, so you don’t have to and bring it to you. Stu Grayson and Evil Uno sat down recently with the Ottawa Sun and gave an excellent interview, which I suggest you read right here, where they talked about all things wrestling.

They Couldn’t Travel At First

One of the things that caught my eye was that they genuinely feared for their jobs after Covid-19 put a solid halt on them being able to attend any AEW shows for a few months. During a time when travel was near impossible for anyone, these two suffered from not knowing if their lack of appearances with the company would see them get cut. They both live in Canada.

Evil Uno said:

We travel every two weeks (to Florida) and quarantine in between. We don’t leave our houses; that’s a stress. There was a time where it was very uncertain for both of us because we couldn’t make it to work for several months, so we were at risk of being cut. We didn’t know the scope of what COVID would be like. We also didn’t know what kind of financial hit AEW was going to take. It was stressful at first, but now it feels like the norm.”

AEW’s Response

Fortunately, it seems that AEW has enough sense about them to know when they have got a good thing on their hands. These two are still card-carrying members of The Dark Order and not on the unemployment line with hundreds of other wrestlers.

In fact, they were quick to praise the company with Uno saying:

What’s great about AEW is we have a sense of freedom for what we want to do. There is no writer in AEW. It all goes through (executive vice-presidents Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega and the Jackson brothers) and Tony Khan. They have final say.”

Good working environment? Freedom to say and do whatever you want? Sounds like Sports Obsessive to me.

Now, where’s my damn raise. (Editor’s Note: Did your bonus get lost in the mail? Hmm…we’ll check after Covid-19 is over. LOL)

Let us know what you think of how AEW handled the situation in the comments below.

Written by Neil Gray

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