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Congrats to Jon Moxley & Renee Paquette!

Tonight on Dynamite, AEW World Champion Jon Moxley announced that he and his wife, former WWE talent Renee Young (real name Renee Paquette) are expecting their first child. On behalf of the entire Sports Obsessive family, congrats to the expecting couple!

2020 has been quite the year for the couple, with Moxley becoming AEW’s World Heavyweight Champion and top star while Paquette left WWE after a lengthy run with the company to pursue new endeavors. While many have linked her to AEW, joining her husband and many other former WWE co-workers, nothing has been announced at this point and time.

Moxley and Paquette have become one of, if not the most beloved couple amongst wrestling fans, with  Paquette’s tweets shining a light on their life outside of wrestling. News of a child on the way should only make for a more entertaining and enjoyable social media presence from Paquette, since Moxley isn’t much of a tweeter.

In unrelated news, Renee Paquette announced tonight on Twitter that she will be joining the world of Twitch very soon, tweeting WWE’s Paige that she was excited to join her soon. Given all of the news surrounding WWE and Twitch, that’s bound to raise a few eyebrows.

Written by Andrew Grevas

Andrew is the Editor in Chief of Sports Obsessive and owner of 25YL Media. Lifelong Cincinnati Bengals fan, obsessed with dynasty football leagues and former pro wrestling commentator who is still holding out for one more match from CM Punk.

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