Could Sting Take On Darby First In His Feuds?

It’s was the moment we wrestling fans had been waiting for since AEW: Winter Is Coming went off the air last week. Who would Sting pick as his first feud in AEW? Cody? Darby? Jericho? Arn?

Sting Makes Everyone Wonder

In a move that shocked some of the wrestling world and made others run to their keyboards to boast how they told everyone this was going to happen. The Vigilante came to the aid of Darby Allin and Cody Rhodes. They were on the end of an ass-whipping courtesy of Team Taz.

This has led to seven days of speculation on just what Sting’s motivation is within AEW and whether or not he’s medically cleared to fight.  We were promised that all this and more would be answered during his first-ever appearance on AEW Dynamite this week.

And it was…kind of.

Sting In The Ring

Making his way to the ring he was met by Cody who thanked him for the save the previous week before adding:

I have been waiting to share a ring with you for a very, very long time”

Instantly the fans cheered, realizing that Rhodes was setting himself up as a challenger to The Icon, but Sting quickly poured water on the fire:

Cody, I’m not here for you. At least, not right now. I mean, there’s something that makes me feel at home in this place, I mean, there’s something really familiar about it, I mean, something really, really familiar about this place”

As Sting said this part he pointed directly at Darby Allin who was sat up in the stands and the wrestling universe lost its collective mind.

Will Sting Wrestle Again? Darby?

So it seems that The Stinger will wrestle again. Hopefully, Sting will get the final run he richly deserves. The idea of Sting and Allin facing off should be one that fills you with joy.

Gray’s Dissection of Sting’s Short Statement

I’m not usually a fan of nostalgia runs in wrestling. I have quite happily torn the WWE a new one for pulling this sort of trick, but considering how badly they handled Sting when he was on their books. WWE used him just to fluff the ego of Vince winning the Monday Night Wars again. I’m quite happy to overlook it. This to me is so we can let him ride off into the sunset on his terms.

Do you want Sting vs Darby? Is he handing the torch to him? What is your booking? Tell us in the comments below.

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West)

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