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AEW Grand Slam: New Champions Crowned

Three new AEW champions crowned in a memorable AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam event.

The second iteration of AEW Grand Slam saw the coronation of three new AEW Champions, as five different titles were defended. Overall this was an exciting night of wrestling, even if the match quality didn’t quite reach the sky-high expectations that I had. Having five championship matches in less than two hours of screen time is difficult, and splitting them up may have given each match the necessary spotlight. Nevertheless, AEW Grand Slam Dynamite was a major event for AEW, full of moments fans won’t soon forget. So join me as I bring you the talking points from AEW Grand Slam.

New AEW Champions

Claudio Castagnoli (c) vs. Chris Jericho ROH World Championship Match

-First ever ROH championship match for Jericho. It would be world championship number eight for Jericho.

-Love to watch Claudio pick people up and throw them, it’s very impressive.

-ROH President Cary Silkin was used by Jericho as a distraction ringside.

-Taz adds so much first-hand knowledge to the commentary desk. He’s hilarious too.

-Crazy reversal by The Wizard to counter Claudio’s avalanche power-bomb off the top rope.

-Jericho kicks out of Ricola Bomb, which was the move Claudio won the ROH title with.

-Jericho captures momentum with a Codebreaker and locks in the Walls of Jericho.

-Claudio gives Jericho about 20 rotations in the Giant Swing.

-Jericho hits a low blow. Judas Effect. Chris Jericho is the new ROH Champion.

-Solid opening match. Can’t see that I saw the result coming. Maybe Wheeler Yuta and Claudio will team up and go for the ROH Tag Team Championship?

Swerve In Our Glory (c) vs. The Acclaimed AEW Tag Team Championship Match

-Predicted an Acclaimed win before the event, but Jericho’s win is making me reconsider.

-Swerve enters with New York rap legend Fabolous.

-The Acclaimed is accompanied by DJ Whoo Kid and Daddy Ass Billy Gunn.

-I was in the crowd at All Out. I can feel how much this crowd wants The Acclaimed to win, just like we did in Chicago. Mega-pop.

-Swerve breaks up the scissor party. He’s a fantastic heel.

-These teams have incredible chemistry.

-Lee tosses Bowens over the top rope onto the stage ramp, then misses a moonsault attempt on Caster.

-Swerve accidentally hits Lee with the boom box. -Caster goes for a Mic Drop, completely misses, and sells a knee injury.

-Swerve hits Max and Anthony with a 450-leg drop on the outside. Crazy athleticism.

-Mic Drop and Caster pins Swerve. The Acclaimed are new AEW champions of the tag division. Credit Billy Gunn with the assist, and the well-deserved scissor celebration.

-Sequel wasn’t as good as the original, but what a moment for The Acclaimed. Curious about where Lee and Swerve go from here.

-Number one contenders FTR want next, but they’ll beat up the Ass Boys first.

Jon Moxley vs. Bryan Danielson AEW World Championship Match

-I’ve enjoyed the show so far, but I’m ready to enter a higher level with this match to crown a new AEW champion.

-The BCC brothers going to rip each other to shreds, and they’ll love every moment. So will we.

-Clutching his Casino Chip, MJF sits above the crowd, waiting for his opportunity.

-Terrific exchange of holds to start, and holds that really look like they would be painful.

-Danielson hits German Suplex on the apron to turn up the intensity just a bit.

-Moxley pulls out the LeBell Lock, but Danielson is able to transition out.

-Both men have their legs locked and standing on their heads. Even Excalibur doesn’t know what to call it.

-Danielson with the massive running knee. Only gets a two count.

-Moxley hits a stomp of his own, then a Death Rider. Another two count.

-Danielson stomping on Moxley’s jaw, but Mox is able to transition once again.

-The Dragon puts Mox in the LeBell Lock, but Mox is able to get a rope break.

-Moxley rocks Danielson with a Death Rider on the stage. Still only a two-count.

-Incredible match.

-Moxley puts Danielson in the sleeper, and Danielson goes night-night. Jon Moxley is the new AEW Champion, for the third time.

Champions Retain

PAC (c) vs. Orange Cassidy AEW All-Atlantic Championship Match

-Orange doing his hands-in-pocket and little shin kicks gimmick. Just served to fire PAC up.

-Two big DDTs by Orange, only gets a two-count. Excellent selling by PAC.

-PAC saves himself with a rope grab after Orange Punch.

-PAC uses the ring bell hammer for a cheap shot and championship retention.

-Cassidy dominated this match, but PAC’s viciousness and cunning are enough for the Bastard to retain.

Toni Storm (c) vs. Serena Deeb vs. Athena vs. Britt Baker Interim AEW Women’s Championship Match

-New theme music for Athena.

-Serena and Toni lock in half-crab on Athena and Britt at the same time in a cool visual.

-It would be cool to see Serena Deeb as the new AEW champion.

-Athena is able to lift Deeb while Baker is draped on her back. She slams both of them. Impressive strength and good spot.

-Baker and Storm exchange pin attempts, with Toni getting the better of the dentist. Storm retains her title.

-Baker’s nose is busted open, and Jamie Hayter enters the ring to beat down Storm with Baker. Baker wipes her blood on her stomach and stomps Athena.

-Saraya, formerly known as Paige in WWE, comes out to a huge reaction. A great addition to the division.

Other Notes

-New AEW Champion Jon Moxley will have to deal with MJF, who interrupted a Wheeler Yuta promo. Max went as far as to insult William Regal and shove Tony Schiavone to the ground. Absolutely disrespectful.

-Diamanté will have Trina as a backup in her match against Jade Cargill on Rampage. Doubt we see another new AEW champion in that one, but Jade did mention her desire for the main women’s title currently held by Toni Storm/Thunder Rosa.

Written by Joel Kananen

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