NFL Winners and Losers: Week 12 Catch-Up

Nov 29, 2020; Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) catches a football during warmups prior to the game against the Chicago Bears at Lambeau Field. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Hey everyone, this is Sam with Sports Obsessive. NFL Football fans, we know you can’t watch every game and that sometimes you have to rely on stats and highlights to catch up. We want to make sure you turn to us for all your NFL analysis. Let Sports Obsessive get you completely up to date, starting with a look at the action from the twelveth week of games…

Covid-19: Will we ever quit talking about it?

I know everyone was hoping by the holidays this would be over so we could all be together…for the playoffs of course. But over Thanksgiving it fell apart and the scientists are saying in two weeks it could be worse. We’ve only got five weeks until playoffs. Are we going to be able to finish the 2020 season?

It appears that some teams are just trying to keep the wheels from falling off.

  • Like the poor Broncos who had their four quarterbacks wiped out after being ruled ineligible for Covid-19. They were forced to play a practice team WR at QB after their request to play a coach was turned down.
  • What about the homeless 49ers? They will be looking for touchdowns elsewhere after their county banned contact sports. So San Francisco who has home games the next two are looking for a new home.
  • Do I even mention the Ravens? It seems like every time someone does then another player gets Covid-19 for them. The Ravens had 23 players on the Covid-19 list. Their last week’s Thursday night game against Pittsburgh got pushed back until Sunday and now it is scheduled for Thursday. Now there are some Steelers showing up on the Covid-19 list.

Bye weeks for most teams are gone and postponements are pushing into other games possibly forcing the playoffs back if they continue. Soon the league will be forced just to cancel games in order to have the playoffs.

NFL Winners

  • “Little Giants” fans: Washington successfully ran “The Annexation of Puerto Rico” from the 1994 film against the Cowboys.
  • Tyreek Hill Fantasy Owners:  Did any of you have him? I sure didn’t. He ended up with catching 13 passes for 269 yards and 3 TD. He had 57.9 fantasy points.
  • Game Winning: Nick Folk nailed a game-winning, 50-yard FG as time expired to beat the Cardinals and Robbie Gould did the same for the Niners to take down the Rams.

NFL Losers

  • The Raiders: Las Vegas went backwards big time by getting killed by the suddenly alive Falcons.
  • Blown Game Winner: Panthers kicker Joey Slye badly curved a 54-yard FG with one second left that would have given Carolina a win.

NFL Scoreboard

  • Packers 41, Bears 25
  • Texans 41, Lions 25
  • Washington 41, Cowboys 16
  • Bills 27, Chargers 17
  • Patriots 20, Cardinals 17
  • Dolphins 20, Jets 3
  • Giants 19, Bengals 17
  • Titans 45, Colts 26
  • Browns 27, Jaguars 25
  • Vikings 28, Panthers 27
  • Falcons 43, Raiders 6
  • Saints 31, Broncos 3
  • Niners 23, Rams 20
  • Chiefs 27, Bucs 24

Monday Night Football

Seahawks at Eagles, 8:15pm ET (ESPN)

Thursday Night Football

Ravens at Steelers, 8pm (NBC)

Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions fired their head coach Matt Patricia after Thursday’s blowout against the Texans 41-25. This wasn’t a big surprise since he had been on the hot seat all year and his record had been 13-29-1. Patricia had failed to make the playoffs in three seasons with Detroit. Making it worse they lost four of their last five games.

Mahomes vs Brady

Patrick Mahomes was 37-49 with 462 yards and 3 TDs. He carved up Tampa Bay’s defense early on. Tom Brady tried to comeback, but the Chiefs’ first quarter was too much to overcome. Chiefs handed the Bucs their second straight loss.

Aaron Rodgers Record

Aaron Rodgers had another great Sunday Night Football game. He was 21-29 with 211 yards and 4 TDs. Rodgers became the 11th player in NFL history to surpass 50,000 career passing yards.

NFL Recent Fines

The New Orleans Saints were fined $500,000 and a seventh-round draft pick after players had a postgame celebration without masks. The Saints were previously fined $250,000 after head coach Sean Payton didn’t properly wear a mask on the sideline during a game.

The New England Patriots were fined $350,000 for breaking protocols related to quarterback Cam Newton’s positive COVID-19 test.

The Las Vegas Raiders were fined $500,000 and a sixth-round draft pick earlier this month after multiple violations.

What are your thoughts on the latest NFL football games and updates? Who surprised you? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Samantha Sayre

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