What a Win/Loss Would Mean for Masvidal and Usman

UFC 261 Preview

Usman throws a hard kick at Masvidal

With UFC 261 set for this Saturday, April 24th, let’s take a look at the big fight everyone’s talking about and consider the implications of a win or a loss for both Jorge Masvidal and Kamuru Usman.

Jorge Masvidal Win

A win for the Miami native would mean the culmination of 17 years of blood, sweat and tears. After nearly two decades of being recognized as the man who once fought on the mean streets of Miami in the backyard of the late Kimbo Slice, the man known as “Gamebred” would be cementing a career odyssey of UFC Gold. At the age of 36, with certainly plenty of battle mileage left in his body, Masvidal would be breaking a history-making title reign set by Usman and gain the respect of the fight community after he took the first fight (at UFC 251) at six days notice. Masvidal himself has said upon winning the championship that a third fight would be on the horizon to cement the rivalry once and for all. Usman is a big betting favorite, so Masvidal would have to show up big for this “Go Big or Go Home” title fight.

Jorge Masvidal Loss

A loss would be a huge setback for the aura of Jorge Masvidal. It would be the 16th loss on his record; however, the difference in this loss compared to last year’s or even any loss before that is the baggage that would come with it. From the moment the bell rang at UFC 251 (on July 12, 2020), the big gossip throughout the MMA World was that “Masvidal only had 6 days to prepare”. One who took personal issue with that excuse was the Champ himself, hence, after his dominant win against Gilbert Burns, Usman decided to call out Gamebred. From there all hands were on deck with this much-anticipated rematch. If Masvidal was to lose though, he loses that hall pass. Already being ranked 4th in the division as well as being 36 years old, one would think that if he strikes out on this one, it’s hard to imagine seeing Masvidal step back on the plate later on.

Kamaru Usman Win

This one would probably come as no surprise to most as he is the owner of the first chapter of their rivalry, and winning the second bout, especially in dominant fashion as The Nigerian Nightmare has done as of late, would absolutely close the book on this one. When Usman said in a post-fight interview that there are levels to his competition, he referred to Masvidal as a “great fighter” but he’s an “Elite Fighter.” With a win on Saturday, those words would be indisputable to fans. Winning against the BMF Champ would also mean taking the aura that once surrounded Jorge of being a bad man after his Stoppage win against Nate Diaz. That aura would then be Usman’s to carry with him. He would get that casual MMA fan “money fighter” rub that Masvidal had as did Diaz before him.

Kamaru Usman loss

A loss to Jorge Masvidal would be absolutely devastating for The Nigerian Nightmare. As I said before, Usman beating Masvidal would open the eyes of many MMA fans. However, losing to Masvidal would not only mean losing his coveted belt but would also mean losing the respect of the MMA community, as the theories of the “6 days notice” would come true. Usman would most likely be guaranteed a rematch afterwards if Masvidal holds true to that rubber fight between the two, but the loss would still cast that shadow over Usman.

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Written by Julio Monteros


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