The Thirsty Three – Week Three

The Picture is getting Clearer

The Thirsty Three is back with 3 NFL picks against the spread

Thirsty Three – Week Three – 2021 NFL Season

Week Two was a strange week. Lots of injuries. QB dropping likes flies. The NFL calamity is on display every week but week two was more chaotic than ever. The Football gambling community understands, can’t get too high or too low. Play the odds. Drink and be Merry. NFL Gambling is great. It is in full swing, so welcome back to the thirsty three, let’s make some money!


The higher the number of drinks the more units. Think of it as 1 shot is good, 3 shots is better!


The Thirsty Three flipped the script from week one to week two. Going 2-1 ain’t too shabby but the hook is there for a reason and the LA Rams came a half-point short of covering costing a perfect week. Like Belicek, The Thirsty Three demands perfection so let’s do a quick recap and then dive into week 3.

2-1 isn’t bad for NFL Gambling, the greatest gamblers hit about 54%, but as always, the thirsty three aims to dominate, and there are three games I am excited about this coming weekend.

Season Stats

Week 1 – 1-2

Week 2 – 2-1

Overall 3-3

Week 3 NFL Gambling

Chicago Bears vs. the Cleveland Browns

Browns -7

The Browns are coming off of a week two blowout where they handled the Texans 31-21. Now they get to come back home to another bad team in the Chicago Bears. If anyone knows anything about BidDaddy, it’s that I am a huge Bears fan. I love my Bears but in NFL gambling, I seek out a number and play the line, not the team.

-7 seems low, this is a game that started out -7.5 and with news that the Bears will start Justin Fields the public seems to feel like the rest of us in that Justin Fields gives the Bears a better chance to win. He does, but this is a bad place for Fields first start.

The Browns are on a mission. They came close to knocking out the eventual AFC champion Kansas City Chiefs in last year’s playoffs. They came close to beating the Chiefs to open up the year. But close only matters in horseshoes and hand grenades. The Browns need to stack wins and they have a coach, quarterback, and roster to get and win the Super Bowl. I know that sounds weird still for NFL fans, but the Browns are legit. The injuries to their two top receivers have been disheartening but this is a team that lives and dies on the ground.

Grown Man Football

Nick Chubb is one of the best RB’s in football, playing behind one of the best offensive lines in football. The Bears boast a solid run defense through two weeks(5th in rush yards) and the way to exploit the Bears is through the air but the Browns will be able to manhandle a soft defensive front four. This will open up the plac-action pass and with Odell Beckham Jr. back in action the Bears will have a tough time with the physical Browns offense.

Justin Fields will be great one day, but as a rookie, there are always growing pains. This will be a tough first start for the rookie and with the Bears, bad offensive line and middling playmakers the Browns should give Fields fits all day long.

Final Score – Browns 28-Bears 20

1 drink

Arizona Cardinals vs. the Jacksonville Jaguars

Cardinals -7.5

The Cardinals look like one of the best teams in football. At 2-0 they are ready to make waves in the NFC. Although their record should be 1-1, thank you very much terrible Vikings kickers, Kyler Murray, and the Cardinals offense is the best in the NFL through two weeks. Now they get to take on one of the worst defenses in the NFL.

The Vikings were able to exploit the Cardinal’s defense this past week. Where the Cardinals had all the answers vs. Derrick Henry and the Titans in week one, the Vikings were able to run and pass on an up and down Cardinals defense.

Trevor Lawrence is another rookie quarterback who I believe will be great one day. But playing on a bad roster, and being coached by a collegiate coach that has proven to be in over his head the first two weeks, the Jaguars will once again be in the first overall pick conversation.

So you’re saying there’s a chance?

One area the Jaguars could exploit the Cardinals is the passing game. The Cardinals gave up 244 yards to Kirk Cousins and if Chandler Jones and TJ Watt aren’t able to get to the QB, the Cardinals inexperienced secondary can be had.

This is another case of a team on a mission. The Cardinals traditionally don’t travel well playing on the East Coast, but with an MVP candidate in Kyler Murray, terrorizing pass rushers in Chandler Jones and company, and taking on a rookie QB the formula adds up to a Cardinals blowout. Take the Cards and the points.

Final Score – Cardinals 37 – Jaguars 20

3 Drinks

Indianapolis Colts vs the Tennessee Titans

Titans -5.5

A rule of thumb, take the team that plays the bad QB. I don’t know what Jacob Eason’s career will look like in the end, but right now, Eason is not a good QB. He gets a soft landing facing a Titans team that couldn’t stop the hamburglar with a sack of cheeseburgers, but things will be tough on Mr. Eason. The Titan’s defense has been bad and I’m pretty sure they will stay bad all year. However, playing against Jacob Eason at home, this game should turn ugly for the Colts.

Derrick Henry went bonkers against the Seahawks, and Julio Jones looked great (that was a touchdown!) against the seabirds. The Titan’s offense is going to start rolling into form and although this is a division game, playing at home against an inexperienced QB the superior Titans will win by a touchdown vs. their rivals.

Final Score Titans 27-Colts 20

3 drinks

That’s it, good people. I’ve scoured the lines looking for the best bets of the week and I love these three plays. So tip em back, whatever is your drink of choice these days, and keep checking the for all your favorites sports and gambling information! Let’s get it, good people!

Written by Keith James

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