Laviska Shenault and the Dynasty Fallout

On Monday, August 29th, the Jacksonville Jaguars sent 3rd-year WR Laviska Shenault to the Carolina Panthers. They traded their former 2nd round pick for a measly 2023 6th and 2024 7th-round selections. This is both good and bad news for the former Colorado Buffalo.

Injury History

Laviska Shenault has a long injury history dating back to his college days. It was one of the main concerns, and nothing has changed that has calmed anybody’s nerves about it.  Shenault suffered a pedal-toe sprain on October 13th, 2018, in college. He missed three games and had surgery in the off-season. The following year on September 21, 2019, he received a grade 2 abdomen muscle sprain. On November 8th, 2020, he injured his hamstring against the Texans and missed the next two weeks. Finally, he injured his shoulder on September 19th, 2021, vs. the Denver Broncos. He didn’t miss any games, but it definitely limited him last season. Draft Sharks has a complete breakdown of his history with fantasy analysis.

Laviska Shenault Attributes

Laviska Shenault can be used in a variety of ways. At 6’1 and 227lbs, he certainly has a great frame for an NFL WR. He’s tough to bring down in the open field, making defensemen miss in a with power or subtle elusiveness. He is like a RB playing WR but not as good as WR Deebo Samuel with that type of body, obviously. You want to get him the ball near the line of scrimmage and let him create. If I were the coordinator, I’d also put him in the backfield. He has college experience doing that, so it’s nothing new for him.

His route running needs work and is not much of a threat downfield at the moment. His catch rate also dropped down to just 63%. That will have to be improved upon. I also think his football IQ needs to make a leap. He had a variety pf plays in his first two years that made you scratch your head.

A Fresh Start

The good news is the Carolina Panthers have a need for him. The WR3 spot is definitely up for grabs. Terrace Marshall Jr. was one of my worst grades on a rookie scouting report that I have done to date. I simply do not believe in him. Everything wrong with Marshall is still a problem. If Shenault can work on his own defects, I see no reason he can’t have a meaningful role in what I believe will be a solid offense.

QB Baker Mayfield is at his best, throwing closer to the line. He has a good deep ball, but I wouldn’t want him CONSISTENTLY throwing into tight windows outside the numbers or downfield. Take a few meaningful shots only. This works well with Shenault’s abilities. They can scheme him touches close to the line, which should help Baker Mayfield march them down the field. I believe that is Ben McAdoo’s plan as the Offensive Coordinator. Dink and dunk until the safeties cheat, then throw it over the top. This is a good strategy with their personnel.

Dynasty Fallout For Laviska Shenault

If you have Shenault on your team already, I wouldn’t trade him for anything less than a 2023 3rd round pick. Even then, I’d still be tempted to hold. It can be a major learning curve in the NFL, and he had 2nd round draft capable. He’s got talent.

If you can finesse your way into trading him straight for WR Joshua Palmer, WR Nico Collins, or WR Kyle Phillips type of player, I’d laugh my way to the bank. It will take some elite-level finesse, though. If you can trade him for one of this year’s 3rd round RB dart throws, do it. I am talking about guys like Tyrion Davis-Price from San Francisco or Keontay Ingram from Arizona. Two guys with high risk/high reward, but at a more important position.

I wouldn’t necessarily suggest trading FOR Laviska Shenault, but if you did, I would part with a 2023 4th rounder at the most. A team that gives up on a rookie during their rookie deal does not say good things about said player. I do think he can beat his current value and return a profit, but I’d also be shocked if he broke out the way the fantasy community was hoping.

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Written by Scott Acquard

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