NCAA Bubble Coming

March or May?

Hey everyone, this is Sam giving you the latest on the NCAA College Basketball news. Looks like NCAA is jumping in the bubble like the NBA did. I definitely don’t blame them. They have seen how many games are getting cancelled each college football weekend. I can’t imagine my favorite team playing on Thursday/Saturday then have them kicked out on Monday due to a positive Covid-19 test. Everything would be chaos because does the team they beat take their place? The NCAA bubble helps some with these issues.

The 2020 college basketball tournament will always be locked in my memory as the place Covid-19 hit home on March 11th. Yes, I know Rudy Gobert at Oklahoma City (Remember I love Coach Billy Donovan) was the first, but I don’t think it actually showed me how big it was becoming until I was watching the Marshall University women’s basketball game tweets. They were at halftime. Marshall University is a home team where I started college working with the women’s team. It was a shock to find out it was getting cancelled.

2020-2021 College Basketball Tournament

The NCAA is determined to jump on the Covid-19 issue early. There’s no way they can afford to lose the whole tournament like they did last year. They see the pandemic is staying the same or even getting worse. The NCAA committee is trying to make sure they are ready for anything and everything this time around.

The tournament usually is held at 13 different sites around the country. Travel becomes a huge issue and not just plane travel. Also, the travel to eat, to practice, to games and to activities then to the next site. So in order to have the safest tournament they can, they are looking at having the men’s tournament in Indianapolis in a NCAA bubble and according to Jeff Goodman’s podcast having the women’s tournament in San Antonio or Austin.

How The NCAA Bubble Happens

This will not look like the NBA Bubble at all. Same concept, different look. With 68 total teams, you can’t have a couple hotels and a couple courts. The NCAA bubble is looking at an hour radius around the city. Using a prime arena/gym including Lucas Oil Stadium, Bankers Life Fieldhouse, Hinkle Fieldhouse and the Farmers Coliseum that has hotels around it and high schools for practices. The teams at that location would stay there during first and second rounds then depending on what they decide may move then. This way the brackets look the same to most fans, but for the teams, the families and the schools it will be totally different. The teams would be preparing for a three week Indianapolis stay.

Everyone Is Asking Why Indianapolis

Well, why not? If you have a kid on a travel team in the Midwest or East Coast then I bet you’ve been to Indianapolis. It is quickly becoming one of the best sports host cities in the nation. Plus it is scheduled to host the Final Four this season. But, of course, one of the real reasons is that Indianapolis is the headquarters of the NCAA and it is easier for them to work on logistics. Indianapolis has been a host to eight Final Fours.

NCAA Bubble Final Analysis

The NCAA lost 850 million dollars last year on the tournament which is why they will have a tournament this year no matter what. A NCAA bubble is the way they solve this. The USA Today said, “With a $270 million insurance policy recouping some of that money, the NCAA could survive canceling one year of March Madness, the event that accounts for almost the entire lot of its $1.1 billion in annual revenue. It can’t survive a second.” So no matter what happens during the season…rest easy…March Madness WILL happen this season.

So what do you think? Do you like the idea of turning the city of Indianapolis into a basketball bubble? Will it change how you view the games? Let me know below in the comments.


Written by Samantha Sayre

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