Anthony Joshua And Tyson Fury Can Set Up Super Bowl Fight

It’s the fight everyone’s talking about and it’s the fight everyone wants. With both Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury holding all the gold in the Heavyweight Division, it seems like only a matter of time before the two face off to determine who’s the best. And according to Top Rank President, Todd DuBoef, if they can get their houses in order it will be the Super Bowl of fights.

Talking to Sky Sports, he had this to say;

The easiest scenario for all of us to get to – is let Joshua hopefully, if he can get past


+Pulev, who is going to be a tough mandatory fight for him, and let’s have Tyson get in the ring back with Wilder, and then sets up the semi-finals for the finals, or the big Super Bowl, the big UEFA championship match between Joshua and Fury.

That to me is the cleanest way and probably the easiest way, where everybody lives up to their commitments. That would be obviously the preference, in order of bouts, in the most simple way.”

The fact here is that before this can happen, both AJ and Fury have to face a mandatory challenger in Pulev and a rematch clause in Wilder and these are two fighters who are not just going to step aside to give the rest of the world what they want.

And who can blame them?

The amount of money, win or lose, is enough to make both stand their ground and if either man has their eye on the dream bout instead of the opponent in front of them, then titles could easily change hands.

The one thing about this whole situation I don’t like is the fact that if DuBoef has his way it will happen Stateside;

I think that the success of the big events, the biggest events in the history of combat sports, have originated from America.

I keep going back to that. I think the impact and the success of a PPV being distributed from the United States to the late hours, or early hours let’s call it in the UK – we’ve seen that be very successful and the fans are connected and will stay up.”

This is frustrating beyond words.

I understand that cash rules everything around me, as the Wu-Tang say, but the idea of an all British Heavyweight Championship Unification happening in another country is insulting.

After all, you’d never see us trying to pull the same trick if the glove was on the other fist.




Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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