It’s Me Again : Demetrius Andrade Reminds Us He’s Still Here

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Demetrius Andrade must be so frustrated. He has beaten the likes of Sulecki and Liam Williams recently. He is the WBO middleweight champ and as DAZN pointed out, he has racked up those wins; ‘All while clamoring and lobbying to fight the likes of Canelo, Jermall Charlo, and Gennadiy Golovkin.’

Last night he won again, this time against the admittedly not much fancied Jason Quigley but he did it in emphatic fashion.

What’s The Skinny?

Canelo Alvarez has apparently called Andrade a horrible fighter. Admittedly it was during an altercation after Canelo stopped Billy Joe Saunders, so calm, reasoned debate wouldn’t be too possible, but those words resounded.

After all, Canelo Alvarez carries weight in the boxing world. As Boxing Scene described it; So, when can we get something going on?” Andrade asked…Alvarez responded, “Oh, man,” laughed and put his head down when he realized it was Andrade asking the question…”Man, you fight with nobody,” Alvarez replied in English, his second language. “You are a champion, but you fight with nobody, man. You won the belt with nobody.’

There are lots of complaints about Andrade’s opponents, even his own marketing, Ring TV writing; ‘for all of his great interviews and good quotes in the media, the two areas he’s most struggled with are managing his career and making himself more marketable.’ I reckon getting in Canelo’s face is a pretty good marketing opportunity.

Andrade v Jermell Charlo for instance, would be tasty and Charlo has spoken about it, without really considering it, it seems.

Eddie Hearn cant make that big fight perhaps, the Canelo option may have gone if he considers fights at 175 to be his next challenge and Hearn told Boxing Scene; ‘But if the champions won’t fight Demetrius Andrade, what can you do?’ saying they had offered to do the Charlo fight on FOX but it isn’t even close. So is he being sidestepped, avoided? Well, he didn’t look stunning against Williams, but after this destruction of optional challenger Quigley, it could remain difficult.

How Did It Look?

Good. The atmosphere was tasty, lots of Quigley fans had traveled to see him and gave the champ a hard time. As we know, DAZN doesn’t go crazy with the razzmatazz and gimmicks, they leave the fighting to speak louder. But this fight was necessarily good after the disappointing No Contest ending to Martinez v Arroyo before it, a fight which was shaping up to be a cracker.

The Fight

Coming out, there was mention of Andrade wearing a similar baseball cap with the word ‘War’ on it as Hagler had worn and certainly, Andrade didn’t look in the mood to hang around. Dave Diamanté when announcing seemed unusually hyped up and the feeling was very excitable.

Quigley showed early on that he was using a hand as a range finder, feeling his way in, testing perhaps what the Andrade reach advantage felt like. The champ just looked comfortable. The challenger scored first, cutting down the gap to hit the body and head, but not with much certainty. Then Andrade scored with one of his first forays, a rather glancing overhand right, then another which rocked Quigley somewhat.

Andrade then set up a hook from an overhand right and Quigley was down, straight back up, but down again from a body shot that the ref seemed to judge a slip – not sure it was. Andrade came out all business in the next round, an immediate wide right caught Quigley and he touched down – the ref didn’t count it again. It was surely only a matter of time though.

Andrade v Quigley
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Unsurprisingly, Quigley was on his bike a little more and Andrade’s patience paid off when he connected with a beautiful left hook to put his opponent on the mat again. So pleased with the shot was he that Andrade appeared to think that was it, yet when faced with the continuation, he just went back to work and put him down from a barrage, leading to a well-timed stoppage.

Andrade v Quigley

What’s Next For Andrade?

Who knows? The fight game is full of punch and counter-punch negotiations, swerves, proclamations. Demetrius Andrade is far from a horrible fighter. He’s a dangerous fighter. And an entertaining one.

Credit: DAZN

After the fight, as reported by the BBC, he said; ‘I did what I said. I felt good and sent a message. You wanted KOs I did them.’ Is a Munguai or Golovkin fight in his future. I hope so. He deserves it.

But boxing is full of disappointments…

Written by Steve Swift

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