Isaac Dogboe Defeats Joet Gonzalez in ”Controversial” Split Decision

Isaac Dogboe and Joet Gonzalez faced off this past Saturday in a WBC featherweight title eliminator that also had the WBO International title up for grabs. Both men came into the fight looking to put themselves back in the title picture, with Isaac Dogboe still smarting from losing the WBO Featherweight Title to Emanuel Navarrete and then falling to win it back in their rematch, and Joet Gonzalez failing to capture the same belt twice, against Shakur Stevenson when it was vacant and then against the man that Isaac Dogboe had dropped it too.

Isaac Dogboe and Joet Gonzalez both had points to prove and over the next 10 rounds, they would do just that in a fantastic fight that ended in a somewhat controversial fashion when it went to the judge’s score cards.

Issac Dogboe and Joet Gonzalez trade blows in the middle of the ring

The Fight

This was a brilliant bout from the first bell to last, with both men leaving it all in the ring. Isaac Dogboe utterly dominated Joet Gonzalez in the first round, with the latter literally not being able to lay a glove on his opponent – he registered one punch on target throughout the opening three minutes – and it is the opinion of your friendly neighborhood boxing writer that this was what cost Gonzalez when we went to the score cards. Isaac Dogboe seemed to leave such an impression on the judges after this display that it clouded their judgment across the remaining nine rounds.

Which was a shame, because from round two through four Gonzalez was miles ahead, at least as far as I could tell. During the fourth round, he caught Dogboe with an overhand right that rocked his opponent and would’ve put him down if Dogboe hadn’t been leaning into it. His body shape was important here, as if he’d been in any other position it would’ve knocked him out, but either through immense talent or pure luck, he managed to survive.

The rest of the match went back and forth, with both men trading blows and winning rounds equally in my eyes, so when the bell finally rang to signal the end of the war, I was convinced it was close, but that Gonzalez had easily done enough after his disappointing opening salvo to leave Isaac Dogboe needing a miracle to be called the victor.

The Controversy

Boxing – like most things in life – is subjective. This means that it doesn’t matter what you thought you saw or what you thought had happened, if the guys with the pens and the pieces of paper don’t agree with you, you’re going to feel a little cheated. I walked away from this feeling a little cheated.

When they announced that Dogboe had won by a split decision, I found myself wondering what fight two out of the three judges had been watching as it surely can’t have been the one I’d just sat through. Granted, he had, as I’ve said, totally dominated the opening round, but from there on out it had been Gonzalez’s fight. He had been in complete control for the following three rounds and even though you could make a case for the boxers sharing the spoils from there on out, Isaac Dogboe hadn’t shown enough while he was under the cosh to have justified having his arm raised.

Don’t get me wrong, it takes two to tango and in Isaac Dogboe, Joet Gonzalez had found a perfect dance partner but if they’d been trading rounds from the fifth onwards, two through four had been 10-9 in Gonzalez’s favor, hands down.

Isaac Dogboe and Joet Gonzalez put on a hell of a show, and I hope that after this win Dogboe can go on to recapture the title he lost back in 2018, it’s just that I don’t feel he should be the one stepping forward to face Emanuel Navarrete again. As far as I’m concerned, Joet Gonzalez won this fight, and nothing you or the judges say can convince me otherwise.

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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