Conor Benn Dispatches Algieri

With Ease…

Credit; DAZN

‘Conor Benn took a significant step up the ranks of the welterweight division, which is the most competitive category in contemporary boxing, when he stopped the American veteran Chris Algieri with a finish of clinical brutality near the end of the fourth round.’

The Background

The Guardian about summed it up. Conor Benn needed testing. We always say that about boxers, don’t we? As if every step into the ring isn’t a test.

But for Benn, he needed to step up, to best someone with a name, someone who was durable and wily.

Step up, Chris Algieri. Now in his late 30’s, with some names on his fighting resumé like Errol Spence, Amir Khan and Manny Pacquiao but only one win against tough opposition, Provodnikov and that was in 2014.

But Algieri loves the sport and was keen to let us know how much experience and ring smarts he had.

Benn is WBA Continental Welterweight Champ. He is a coming man. He has overcome adversity, struggling somewhat against Cedrick Peynaud, to come back strongly.

He has a famous dad, Nigel, who grabbed one of the headlines after the fight. Coming out from under that shadow must be a priority for Conor.

DAZN Does It Again

Why have this in Liverpool? Is there a link? Not really, but DAZN and Eddie Hearn are known for making big decisions which may seem odd but which work.

For the main event, at the M&S arena, it was the right one. We had a hyped up crowd, good naturedly booing US fighter Algieri and standing beyond countryman Conor.

Felt like a Big Fight. Even though it wasn’t huge, this was Benn’s progress towards a world title shot, but it seemed so important. Good work by DAZN.

The Fight

This was Benn composed, calm, working to a game plan. On this form, he seemed to have no weakness.

Algieri had said he would go out early and he attacked from the opening bell, but Benn just stuck by his gameplay, tough jabbing to the body.

Benn v Algieri

He even made Algieri wobble a little with a punch over the top, this was more than just an off balance fighter. At the end of the round, Algieri feinted a jab and landed a left hook, but the round was Benn’s.

He came out with the same jab to the body in the next round and although his opponent’s corner had advised him to follow up behind the jab, Benn was in and out so well, there was no opportunity.

By this second round, Benn was ensuring he wasn’t crowding his work, making room for a right hand over the top, then sending Algieri tumbling with a leaf hook – Algieri insisted he was off balance, but a punch sent him over and the count was right.

In the next round, Algieri was really just looking for his own left hook, Benn siting down on his punches and even receiving a round of applause for those tough punches.

Although his opponent pawed at him and got some shots in, Benn was patient and used good head movement to frustrate Algieri.

He was making Algieri miss, which was tiring and the US fighter looked a little tired at the end of the 3rd.

By now, very early in the fight, Benn looked in control and composed, poised, ready to take the fight home. He would not have long to wait.

By the 4th, it was noticeable that Algieri was avoiding more, as if he’d seen was Benn could do and wasn’t too keen.

He wouldn’t have to worry about that much longer. Set up by jab to the body, Benn arrowed a straight punch combination which sent Algieri to sleep on his feet.

It was a sick looking knockout and an absolutely final one.

Benn v Algieri
Credit; Pro Boxing Fans

Why Was This So Good?

Benn’s composure, studying of his opponent, poise. All these were the facets of a more experienced fighter. That he showed them against a veteran who is so durable like Algieri is even more impressive.

Algieri There To Make Up The Numbers?

No, but Benn made it look that way. His opponent seemed to believe that he could upset Benn, use his ring smarts to teach him a thing or two.

Benn had done his homework and was absolutely sure of his lesson plan. Algieri was set a problem he couldn’t figure out and the bell soon came.

Is that enough school references? More than enough. OK then.

What’s Next For Benn?

After the fight, he told the BBC;
‘No-one’s done that to Algieri. No-one’s beat [Adrian] Granados as easily as I did. No-one knocked out [Samuel] Vargas in one round. What more do I have to do?’

Well, Eddie Hearn wants Adrien Broner for him next and that’s smart. Why?

He’s coming off some losses, Porter, Pacquiao, Garcia. OK, he won his last fight, but that wasn’t a big name like the ones just listed. He could be said to be on the wane and well set up for an upset.

Broner still has a cachet as a big Las Vegas style fighter.

The hyped character of his opponent would make Benn’s calmness look like a killer’s feel.

This is a great promotion idea of Hearn’s. US fight. Broner brings flash. But he’s brittle in the ring. Perfect.

Benn, BBC say he’s keen on Khan or Brook. They’ll fight in February 2022 as perhaps the Battle For The Fading Limelight.

If Khan wins, he still has the cachet that Benn relishes, if Brook wins or loses, it’s more of a shrugged shoulders.

Broner seems a perfect opportunity. Or WBA Champ Yudenis Ugas, as he said once again to the BBC;

‘If Eddie brought me Ugas now, I’d fight him,” he said. “I’m a different fighter now, I’ll be even better next fight, I’m always growing, always learning.’

That seems a tougher fight. But it has a shiny title attached to it.

Conor Benn
Credit; the Guardian

Whatever happens next, and that Broner fight looks great, Benn is the master of his own destiny. He did that. And, as The Mirror said, he cut short his celebrations to check on his opponent. Pure class.

Written by Steve Swift

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