25 Yards Later Draft Recap: Revenge of the Shanahan

Welcome to 25 Yards Later, Sports Obsessive’s fantasy football podcast! We’ve survived two weeks following Kyle Shanahan ominously saying he couldn’t guarantee that anyone would be alive the following Sunday, which is a cause to celebrate! Allijah and Nick have had a few days to stew on the landing spots following the NFL Draft and are here to recap the biggest moves for you.

As always, we’ve got a lot of questions on our minds. Which veteran players were hurt the most by their teams’ moves, and which were helped the most by the moves their teams didn’t make? When do we expect the first-round quarterbacks to start? Which players in the early round running backs stand to have the biggest seasons, and is there surprising depth and opportunity to be found in the mid-round running backs? Which rookie receiver has Nick thinking about a Panthers great? Speaking of the Panthers, does Nick think Terrace Marshall can replace Curtis Samuel? And which middling player did Allijah bring up that made Nick’s jaw drop?

Plus, big news broke about a quarterback on the move with league-shaping consequences…Teddy Bridgewater was traded to the Denver Broncos. Oh, and some guy named Aaron Rodgers is apparently unhappy with the Packers and might want to be moved. Nick and Allijah react and give their thoughts about both stories’ fantasy implications.

Follow Nick on Twitter @nickgluciano and Allijah @allijahmotika. You can listen to 25 Yards Later on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Breaker, Pocket Casts, and RadioPublic. If you want to check out any of the articles that we plugged in the episode, you can find Nick’s article on the Panthers’ draft and Allijah’s article on the Bengals’ draft on Sports Obsessive, along with breakdowns on the Bears, Jaguars, Cowboys, and Jets. Nick’s series on Invincible can be found on 25YL.

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Written by Nick Luciano

Nick Luciano received a Master’s in Music Theory from the University of North Carolina Greensboro. He is a football editor for Sports Obsessive, former film writer/editor at 25YL, and cohosts the 25 Yards Later fantasy football podcast for Sports Obsessive and Ruminations Radio Network.

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