Sadio Mane: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Sadio Mane will be leaving Liverpool FC this summer. I don’t know this for a fact, you understand, but it doesn’t take a blind man to see that with the arrival of Darwin Nunez from Benfica for the best part of £85 million pounds, Liverpool FC need to balance the books, as is their usual way when they do big money transfers, and with Sadio Mane entering the final year of his contract and Bayern Munich sniffing around the Senegalese superstar like a dog in heat, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the club is going to cash in while they can, instead of letting him sod off for bugger all at the end of next season. With all that in mind and as my way of preempting a need to pen a goodbye letter when he finally does sign for another club, today I’ll be taking a look at Sadio Mane: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

Sadio Mane in a Liverpool shirt

The Good

Sadio Mane has scored 120 goals in 269 appearances for Liverpool FC, and if truth be told, that’s all I really need to say in this section. But as my boss might envision this as a cop-out and send me back to the Salt Mines he found me in in the first place, I suppose I could add a bit more meat to these bones.

It would be easy to say that his goal-scoring prowess alone is enough to etch the name Sadio Mane into the Liverpool annals until the sun goes out, but there is more to the man than just sticking a ball into the back of a net. He—along with Firmino and Salah—was part of a front three that terrorized defences around the world over a five-year period that saw Liverpool FC become one of —if not arguably THE—greatest attacking forces in world football.

With the aforementioned trio in their starting lineup, Liverpool was guaranteed goals and between them, they managed to fire The Reds to their first title in 30 years, helped them to three Champions League Final appearances—even winning one along the way—as well as picking up an FA Cup and a League Cup for their troubles.

His legacy as a Liverpool FC legend will never be in doubt and Sadio Mane will be spoken of by generations to come in the same revered tones as Dalglish, Keegan, Rush, et al.

The Bad

It’s not just that Sadio Mane will be leaving Liverpool FC for pastures new that should sadden Liverpool fans—and I’ve just realized, this should’ve been called The Good, The Sad, and The Ugly. Dammit, missed a trick there—but that his departure will signal the break up of that magnificent front line that has meant so much to so many since 2017. I honestly believe that when Sadio Mane moves on, we will see both Bobby Firmino and Mo Salah leave at the end of next season. Both men—like Sadio Mane—are contracted to the club until 2023 and both men—like Sadio Mane—seem to be looking elsewhere for their football going forward.

This not only saddens me as I’ve mentioned but annoys the hell out of me as well. Even though Liverpool is looking to cash in on Sadio Mane—a subject I will get to in the final section—I am fully convinced that both Firmino and Salah will be allowed to leave for f*ck all at the end of next season. Meaning that Liverpool FC stands to bank around £40 Million for the combined forces of Sadio Mane, Bobby Firmino, and Mo Salah.

Which is, quite frankly, s*it business.

The Ugly

How this whole situation has been handled has left a bad taste in the mouths of many Liverpool fans. First off, we were promised by Sadio Mane himself during a press conference that we’d find out what his plans were straight after the Champions League Final. Well, here we are nearly three weeks later and he hasn’t said a goddamn thing to anyone about it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about to have people burning his shirt in the street—like that moron did when he heard that Gerrard might’ve been moving to Chelsea back in the day—but it has had a lot of us start to take a slight side-eyed view towards how Sadio Mane conducts his business. And then there’s Bayern.

I’ve never liked Bayern Munich. It’s easy to be the biggest team in a league where your only rivals are farmers and PL rejects, but the way that they’ve handled their approach for Sadio Mane has bordered on the f*cking ludicrous.

Their first approach for him was around £25 million plus add-ons. Which in itself should’ve been seen as an insult. £25 million for one of the greatest players in the world today shouldn’t even buy you his right boot, but when you factor in that they would only pay the rest if Bayern won the Champions League and Mane won the Ballon d’Or in each of the three years they were willing to offer him a contract for should’ve alerted the world to how big a bunch of C*ck-Wombles Bayern Munich really are.

In fact, it was such a ridiculous bid that Spartak Moscow’s Twitter account—an account I highly recommend everyone follow due to how damn funny it is—tweeted out this in response;

Spartak Moscow slam Bayern Munich on Twitter

Rumour has it that they’re preparing a third bid to try and sign their man, but if I was Julian Ward I’d tell them to either get closer to what we are going to be paying for Nunez or forget it. He won’t though and Bayern Munich is about to get their hands on a world-class player—and don’t forget, that is exactly what Sadio Mane is—for about half of what Manchester United paid for the walking refrigerator that is Harry Maguire. Let that sink in for a moment.


All that aside, along with nearly every Liverpool fan —come on, you know there’s a section of the fandom that’ll be filling the internet with racial hatred the second he signs for another club because they’re f*cking morons—I wish nothing but the best for a true Liverpool legend. Will he ever reach the heights of being seen as Mo Salah’s equal while playing for a team who could send out their under-16s each week and still win The Bundesliga? Probably not. But if he can get one final bumper paycheck and pick up a few trophies along the way, then more power to him.

The career of a professional football player isn’t a long one—unless you’re called Milner or Ronaldo, and those guys a f*cking freaks—so making sure you’ve got enough cashola to see you through is a clever move and why so many players going into their latter stages are always looking for the biggest numbers in their bank accounts. Does that sound bitter? Probably, but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong. I dare anyone to look me in the eye and tell me that moving from Liverpool FC to Bayern Munich is a step up in their career and keep a straight face while doing so.


At all?


Didn’t think so.

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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