Premier League Preview: Jan 19-23

When the first three matches of the last Premier League Preview went the completely opposite way to how I chose, I was on the verge of turning my laptop into a vast pile of broken circuits and microchips. Yet, lo and behold, after the dust had settled, I’d gotten five out of nine correct. Which is probably more down to blind luck than anything else, but it does mean you’ve got me for another week. Poor you. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the six matches to be played between the 19th and 23rd of January.

A West Ham player weaves between two opponents

January 19th

West Ham vs. WBA

Premier League Prediction: West Ham Win

All right, I admit it, I was wrong about West Ham. I’ve spent the past two Premier League Preview’s pretty much slating David Moyes for being about as tactically aware as my dead grandma, but the table doesn’t lie. West Ham currently sits in 9th, just 5 points off a Champions League spot, and no matter how much I may think that Gollum is more suited to life as a manager of Top Shop than a Premier League team, you can’t argue with results. I fully expect them to beat West Brom who, one freak result against Wolves aside, are still doomed to a quick return to the Championship next season.

Leicester City vs. Chelsea

Premier League Prediction: Leicester City Win

Leicester have picked up three wins out of their last five matches, along with two draws, and Chelsea picked up their first win in four when they beat Fulham this weekend, so this should have draw written all over it. But, there’s rumour abound that Jamie Vardy will be fit for this game after his recent hip problems and if he is, I can see him tearing a Chelsea defence that is low of confidence to shreds. Let’s face it, the only reason they didn’t drop points at Craven Cottage is because of the sending off and Fulham not having anyone in their team who could hit a cow’s arse with a banjo.

John Stones and Phil Fodden celebrate a goal against Crystal palace

January 20th

Manchester City vs. Aston Villa

Premier League Prediction: Manchester City Win

At the time of writing, the Man City vs. Villa match is still going ahead, but when the full-time whistle blows there’s a very good chance that Dean Smith and his boys are going to wish that it hadn’t. I fully expect City to steamroller The Villians and rack up an even bigger win than the 4-0 mauling they handed out to Palace this past weekend. They’ve finally hit their stride and that should come as a stark warning to everyone else in the league. City will be breathing down United’s neck until they play their game in hand and, when they do, the blue half of Manchester will return to the top of the Premier League and it will take a monumental effort to dislodge them when it happens.

Fulham vs. Manchester United

Premier League Prediction: Manchester United Win

Well, Red Devils, enjoy it while it lasts. If you’d managed to pull off the win I’d predicted at Anfield last weekend, then you’d be going into this with a four-point cushion over your city rivals, meaning, that their game in hand wouldn’t have amounted to a hill of beans, leaving your destiny in your own hands. To be fair, you should’ve won that game. You had the two best chances, but fluffing your lines will come back to haunt you, and though a victory here against Fulham will see you stay top, it’ll only be a short-lived victory.

Jurgen Klopp walks off after the Man Utd match, looking dejected and removing his facemask.

January 21st

Liverpool vs. Burnley

Premier League Prediction: Liverpool Win

I’ll be honest with you, dear reader. I don’t have a clue. I’ve not looked at this Liverpool side since Klopp took over and had so little idea about where they currently are. Something is wrong, that much is obvious, but what it is, no-one seems to know. It’s not just the loss of Big Virgil, though that is massive; it’s the total lack of anything even remotely looking like the team I watched sweep aside all opposition last season. The front three aren’t firing, the midfield is lacklustre; something has got to change and change soon and I’m hoping it starts with a good old-fashioned ass-whomping of Burnley this Thursday. Though I’m not holding my breath.

Aston Villa players walk around the pitch, talking.

January 23rd

Aston Villa vs. Newcastle

Premier League Prediction: Aston Villa Win

Even though I said that I expected Villa to be on the end of a drubbing against Manchester City, I fully expect them to bounce back against Newcastle, three days later. Newcastle are bloody awful at the moment and if it wasn’t for the teams below them somehow being even worse, they’d be all but relegated by now. Villa will win, Newcastle’s woes will continue, and Steve Bruce will be looking for a job come Monday morning.

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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