Man United: Fans Too Optimistic About Ralph?

On November 29 2021 Ralph Ragnick signed on the dotted line and took over as Manchester United Interim manager. It left a lot of Man United fans excited about the possibilities and gave a lot of them a reason to be optimistic again, however, it seemed to some United fans as though a lot were becoming too optimistic, After the past few years, it’s understandable just why the optimism level is rising after the announcement of Rangnick joining the club. It felt like the Man United Board were actually starting to make changes in the right direction, but Rangnick is only taking charge in the dugout for six months, are man united fans expecting too much from Ralph Rangnick?

Ralph Rangnick at Old Trafford holding Man United shirt

There is no doubt that a manager of Rangnick’s stature and ability is something that has been missing from Man United since Sir Alex Ferguson departed the club, however, surely there is only so much one man can accomplish in six months? Again, you can understand the optimism because Rangnick is not just staying for those six months, once he’s served his six-month manager contract he will be moving up and taking an advisory role at Manchester United for two years. This is another step in the right direction, but the Manchester United Board is known to be quite hostile and The Glazer family has shown over the years that they don’t particularly like people going against the way they choose to run the club.

Ralph Ragnick applauding fans at Old Trafford as Man United boss

I’m not saying that Rangnick can’t make a lasting Impact as Interim Boss, Man United are into the knockout stages of the Uefa Champions League after topping the group with a game to spare, and their FA Cup campaign officially gets underway the weekend commencing January 8, 2022. Starting with Aston Villa at home, there are options to make this Man United’s first trophy-winning season since 2017. Whilst the current team has improved their high pressing there are still some unfortunate holes in their defense, which even with the rumors of the RB Leipzig midfielders Amadou Haidara and Christian Nkunku may still not fix the problems United are having in the center of the football pitch.

Ralph Rangnick giving advice to Fred as manager of Man United

The two players mentioned above look to be the most realistic options to join Man United in the January transfer window, however, some United fans have made their Rangnick wish list pretty clear. Starting with someone who has been on every United fans list for some years, The Borussia Dortmund star player Erling Haaland. Arguably the best player in an incredible Dortmund team, but the way myself and a few others see it is that if the Man United Board put little to no effort towards bringing him in for Solskjaer a manager they completely backed even when the fans were calling for him to leave the club. What are the chances they’ll bring him in for a manager who is only a temporary fix? Whoever Man United chooses as the next permanent manager may not see Haaland fitting into their specific vision or style of play they’ll bring to Old Trafford.

Ralph Rangnick watching on at Old Trafford

The point being made here is that it’s understandable and perfectly fine to have a high level of optimism, for Man United fans over the past few years it’s been a rough time. The players who came in with a lot of fanfare haven’t always delivered, several managers who just haven’t been the right fit. Now there is a highly respected, aggressive, hard-working manager who could provide the missing piece of the puzzle. But with only a six-month contract perhaps some expectations need to be lowered? Ralph Rangnick can absolutely hand this team over to the next manager as a champion of some sort, can definitely be a more formidable team.

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Written by Craig Ferriman

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