NWA Super Powerrr Review

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, wrestling promotions have dealt with the running of TV shows in different ways; both WWE and AEW have run empty arena shows; MLW have benefitted from taping shows in advance and will soon be running their Anthology series this weekend, focussing on action from their original 2002-2004 run.

I’ve been curious about the NWA’s approach. They’ve done a great job of keeping content in the 6:05pm timeslot, often showing matches from the NWA’s modern era with supplementary ‘Ten Pounds of Gold’ documentary footage to reconsolidate the remarkable job they’ve done in the last three years of giving the NWA a clear identity and a sense of prominence in the modern wrestling landscape that it hasn’t had arguably since it’s TNA days, and long before that also.

But one thing had me confused: I knew from spoilers (I know, I ruin it for myself) that there was still footage and matches filmed from the season three tapings that had not been aired yet. We got to see Kamille’s NWA in-ring debut in a very cool moment, but why weren’t they airing the rest of the footage?

Now, after the conclusion of Super Powerrr, the reason is clear and I’m both intrigued and excited for the NWA’s next steps.

But before we get onto that, we’ve got a whole 90 minutes of serious studio brutality to grapple with. Let’s go to the ring!

Despite All His Rage, He Still Owns The NWA

We get a short introductory speech from Billy Corgan, letting us know that this edition of Super Power was intended to be aired in the run up to the 2020 Crockett Cup show, which was unfortunately but understandably cancelled due to global events. But looking to the future, Mr Corgan has an update on the NWA for us at the end of the show.

What’s interesting reflecting back on the show is that, assuming it was the go-home show for the Crockett Cup, it doesn’t make clear really what any of the matches on the card would be apart from the much anticipated Aldis-Scurll II. Outside of the Rock n Roll Express and tag champions Eli Drake and James Storm, I’m not even sure which teams were set to appear in the cup tournament.

Ultimately, its not really relevant criticism now with the Crockett Cup postponed, and I get that. But it’s an interesting observation all the same.

The Villain Speaks!

We open up with the smoothest voice in wrestling, David Marquez, interviewing Villain Enterprises in the form of Brody King and the main man himself, Marty Scurll.

Marty is mad-over with the NWA audience (and he’s mad-over with me), which is funny, because he’s the invading ROH guy. This means that both ‘The Villain’ and Nick Aldis are doing their jobs as face and heel respectively.

Let’s not mess about: Brody King is a beast. Intense and intimidating, he’s very much made in the old-school bruiser model and is all the better for it. If the partnership with ROH means we get to see more of King in the NWA, I’m all for it.

Mr King tells the NWA audience to remember he’s a former Crockett Cup winner and a part of the first NWA tag team championship pairing of the modern era. He puts Marty over as a genius, and a nice time is pretty much had by all.

Villain Enterprises is here! Elite who?

Kamille vs. Maddie Max

Kamille locks an armbar on Maddie Max

Kamille has managed to do something that a lot of wrestlers struggle with nowadays: create a sense of mystery and intrigue. And she did it simply by refusing to speak and carrying herself like an absolute weapon.

I was worried that once we saw her in an actual wrestling match, Kamille might have lost some of her mystique. But admirably that presence lost nothing whilst she beat the living snot out of Maddie Max, which is possibly the best name in wrestling in a long time! Maddie Max was tossed around like a rag doll, hit with kicks, a leg lariat and spear for the quick squash finish. Kamille looked dangerous, which is exactly how you want her to look coming out of this.

Afterwards Joe Galli tempted fate and tried to interview her but Kamille stared him down into a quivering mess, then she left. Excellent.

Afterwards, we got a video package where Kamille, for the first time, spoke her mind. NWA succeeds at these behind the scenes, sporting-type videos and this was no exception. We saw clips of Kamille’s sporting past playing softball and football, which was fascinating because I really didn’t know anything of Kamille before this.

As for Kamille’s mic skills, this was the right package to present them in. She didn’t have to give a promo in front of an audience which meant she could give a naturalistic promo to the camera instead which really suited her. She’s been called a b***h and cocky and she is, she says. She found due to her natural size, strength and talent that the other girls and their moms at school would shun her, demand to check and even record her stats and make her feel shunned, just for being good at what she does. Nick Aldis acquired her services because, apart from her looks, she takes care of business. As for Thunder Rosa and the NWA women’s department, she is here to “end all of you”.

This was very well done and we know a lot more about Kamille’s character and motivations now. More of this please!

Rock and Roll Express vs. Shooter Stevens and The Question Mark

Pre-match, Sean Mooney has the pleasure of interviewing the Rock and Roll Express, for the first time apparently. Now, if you’d told me this time last year that Ricky Morton would be killing it on the mic, I would have laughed at you. But since the debut of the Express on Powerrr last autumn, Ricky has been putting some of today’s younger wrestlers to shame on the mic. Look at his mini-feud with Nick Aldis for a great example. Tonight, he puts over the importance and the legacy of the Crockett Cup, something they would love to be the winners of once more.

For now, they have to put up with everybody’s comedy heel, Shooter Stevens. The fact that The Question Mark has gotten so over with the NWA audience is perhaps the biggest surprise in wrestling over the last 12 months, but the general enthusiasm is contagious. Stevens, meanwhile, is a great comedy heel, with genuine heat. His banter with the live audience is one of the joys of the NWA at the moment. I wish more people would shout ‘Silence!’ in a theatrical manner. Maybe that’s just me, though…

This was a back and forth effort until Trevor Murdoch appeared to stand in the corner of the Express. At this, Stevens demanded the mic and announced he had backup too: Question Mark Jr! The guy is as large as a house – Galli estimates his weight as being around the 450 pound mark – and as useless as the current president. He tries to interfere, gets chased off by Murdoch and collapses on the ground, exhausted from 5 seconds running! Meanwhile, Ricky takes advantage of the distraction to cradle Stevens for the pinfall.

This wasn’t a great match by any means but the comedy was entertaining and it’s always good to see my man Trevor Murdoch on the screen. He’s hoping he gets some kind of gold soon.

Melina, Alysin, and Thunder Makes Three

Melina and Alysin Kay trade words at the interview table

Melina heads to the desk for her interview and plays the living legend card brilliantly – what other reason is needed for her to have a title shot? She thought Rosa and her had an understanding, but she was wrong. She wants Rosa again for the title. Alysin Kay’s name is brought up as a potential challenger and Melina (who pulls disdainful faces with such entertaining brilliance) dismisses Kay, saying she had her chance and blew it.

Kay comes out to the desk to confront Melina. Kay is fiery, which is when she’s at her best. Yes, she says, Rosa beat her fair and square for the title, but Melina and Marti Belle interfered in the rematch, so now she wants the title back and she wants Melina!

Thunder Rosa, who is perhaps one of the most talented wrestlers – male or female – in the world right now, appears and says she will be a fighting champion, she will face anyone and she wants to face the best. She makes it clear she didn’t need Melina’s help nor did she want it. As she wants to defend her title with honour, at the Crockett Cup she will take on the other two in a triple threat match!

I do hope this gets to play out sometime in the future. All three women are great wrestlers; Melina plays the disdainful legend with superb ease, Kay is a hell of a fighter and fiery with it, and Rosa is just effortlessly cool, the Day of the Dead look striking dread in her opponent’s hearts.

The NWA women’s division might be small, but it’s got heart. AEW, take note.

No DQ Match: Tim Storm vs. Jax Dane

I have to admit, one thing I didn’t enjoy on the third season of Powerrr was the storyline where Tim Storm was being harassed by Danny Deals from dressed up in a really bad old woman’s costume pretending to be Mama Storm. He tried, but Deals just wasn’t fun and it seemed a pretty naff motivation for a feud.

It turned out there was a jumbled logic at play: Deals thought his Mama Storm impersonations would actually endear him to wrestling’s nicest man and get him to team with Deals’ other charge, a man Tim Storm knows all too well: Jax Dane. Storm, of course, refuses to team up, so Deals sets Dax onto Storm instead, leading to this match.

This was a good old-school brawl that might seem tame to younger fans but was a fun, entertaining scrap in and of itself, featuring two big bruisers hitting each with massive fists all over the studio. They fought into the crowd and up the stairs to the top of the studio, where Storm smashed Dane with the security gate. Dane knocked Storm down the stairs, which is quite a bold spot for a man of Storm’s age. Storm retaliated by smashing Dane’s head into the Crockett Cup which was handily on display nearby. An overhead belly to belly suplex by Dane landed Storm on the floor, hard. In the end, Dane wedged a chair into the corner but found himself on the receiving end of it instead. Storm followed up with the ‘Perfect Storm’ for the 1-2-3.

This victory earned Storm 5 minutes alone with Danny Deals in the ring. Deals tried to make peace with Storm by dressing up as Mama Storm again. Bad idea. Storm smashed Deals with two nasty-looking ‘Perfect Storm’s’. I hope that’s the end of Danny Deals stuff but I would welcome more of Storm-Dane any time.

May Valentine’s Video Diary

Another thing I didn’t really enjoy about season three of Powerrr was May Valentine’s diaries. Online video diaries don’t do anything for me anyway, so maybe that’s my problem. Maybe I’m just not into the May Valentine character. I don’t know. I will say I like how this has brought out the aggression in Royce Issacs, the Strictly Business member jealously threatening to break Sal Rinero’s other arm because he thinks Sal is too close to May. I like neurotic, aggressive Royce a lot. More than I enjoy the video diaries…

Marti Belle vs. Ashley Vox vs. Tasha Steelz

Tasha Steelz and Ashley Vox try to encourage Marti Belle to shake hands

They didn’t have much time here, but the ladies put on a fun, entertaining encounter all the same. All three women have proven themselves over the course of the Powerrr era as having real talent and potential. Hopefully, Thunder Rosa will be the fighting champion she says she is, as a good, solid performance in a title match would elevate these grapplers immensely.

Marti refused to shake hands at the start of the match, but the niceties of sportsmanship quickly feel to the wayside anyway, with all three women exchanging strikes and counters, whilst Marti hit some neat rolling suplexes and Ashley hit a cool-looking missile dropkick. Tasha eventually took the win with the codebreaker.

Sorry About Pope’s Damn Luck!

Over  the course of season three, Pope had been waging a war with Eddie Kingston, turning the Beer City Bruisers against him. Kingston enlisted the services of NWA tag team champions Eli Drake and James Storm to take care of the bruisers, which they did in fine fashion. Now they’re here to give us their thoughts.

All three men are fire on the mic and prove why some many people are talking about the NWA – the wrestling, of course, is good but they have so many good talkers currently, it’s unreal. The combo of Drake and Storm, while one I would never have predicted, works incredibly well, and they have really gelled as a team, looking like a genuine unit in a way most tag teams don’t anymore. And the spot at the end of the promo where they finished each other’s catchphrases was hilarious.

What did they have to say? They’re three men, they can have a laugh, but ultimately they’re here to stomp a mud hole in people’s asses! Pope – be warned.

Nick Aldis and Tom Latimer vs. Marty Scurll and Brody King

Main event time, and this was the match of the night, easily. As good as Marty is on the mic, he excels in the ring where his personality really seems to shine in a way that he doesn’t on the mic. For instance, Aldis hit Brody King with a cheap shot as he bounced off the ropes, so Marty afterwards pretended he’d also been given a cheap shot, leading the ref to admonish Aldis. It was all part of the Villain’s psychological game to rattle the champ. Another lovely moment saw Marty feign a superkick to Aldis’ head, only to say ‘just kidding!’ and kick Aldis’ knee out instead.

King and Latimer exchanged some big blows, with King’s chops echoing through the studio, whilst Marty and King also hit a lovely, innovative sunset flip/german suplex combo that really impressed me. Marty was in fine form with some lovely kicks and a suicide dive onto an interfering Royce Issacs near the end of the match that set the place alight.

In the end, though, a Kamille distraction led to Aldis getting the Villain’s umbrella, Marty retrieving it and giving a protesting Royce Issacs on the apron a good smack with it. The aforementioned suicide dive followed and, while the ref was distracted, Latimer hit King with a good old fashioned low blow, and Aldi finished the job with an elbow drop for the compromised win.

Would Marty have gotten revenge at the Crockett Cup? We’ll never know, I guess, but personally, I would have been happy with a short Marty reign, with Aldis regaining in a third, deciding contest. Who knows what the future will bring, though.


Billy’s back and he has an announcement – starting next Tuesday at 6:05pm, the NWA will present a brand new show – Carnyland! What the show will entail and what format it will take is unknown to us at the time of writing, but intriguingly Corgan did say it was one of the ideas they had when he first bought the NWA. I’m just excited to have the NWA producing regular content again and, of course, I will be reviewing it each week for Sports Obsessive – so make sure you check in with us for all your NWA reviews!

Final Thoughts

James Storm chugs a beer

This was an entertaining 90 minutes of NWA studio grappling that, whilst a reminder that its plans could not reach fruition, what with the cancelled Crockett Cup, also acted as a reminder of what the NWA has to offer and why its product is unique in the current wrestling marketplace. I was thoroughly entertained throughout, and what more can you ask for from wrestling really?

I’ll see you next time NWA fans for Carnyland!

Chris Flackett

Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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