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NWA Announce The Circle Squared

The NWA has today announced The Circle Squared, a new show for aspiring wrestlers. The premise is that competitors apply for the show and those who are chosen will get a chance to display their skills on the mic and in the ring with the chance of winning an NWA contract.

The press release reads;

On last week’s #NWAPowerrr, NWA President William Patrick Corgan (aka Billy Corgan) teased an announcement that would open the envelope for talents to be a part of the National Wrestling Alliance.

Today, the National Wrestling Alliance and Lightning One announce a new series that will join NWA Powerrr and Ten Pounds Of Gold… The new show is called The Circle Squared.

This series will allow new talents an opportunity to put their money where their mouth is to get a chance to earn an NWA Talent contract. This competition show allows talents selected to step up to the circle of the podium to exhibit their talents on the microphone before stepping into the square of the ring to show their physical abilities in a wrestling match. The key to making the NWA roster and eventually NWA Powerrr will be in these talents ability to connect with the the live audience in Atlanta and the audience watching all over the world. The ultimate winner of The Circle Squared will earn an National Wrestling Alliance contract.

To apply to be on The Circle Squared, please follow these exact instructions.

Please submit via EMAIL ONLY the following 4 things. Any submissions that have any more or less than these 4 things will NOT be considered.

1) A two-paragraph bio that highlights your special and unique story as a professional wrestler.

2) A photo that best highlights your character/personality

3) A link to your best match uploaded to YouTube with your name and “The Circle Squared” in the subject

4) A link to your best interview uploaded to YouTube with your name and “The Circle Squared” in the subject.

All submission must be sent to the following email –

The first episodes of NWA’s The Circle Squared will be recorded over the weekend of December 14th-16th in Atlanta, GA at GPB Studios. There will NOT be an in-person open call for this show. Only those talents selected from email submissions will be invited to Atlanta. Those selected will be emailed next steps and more information.

Videos of potential contestants will be featured on upcoming episodes of #NWAPowerrr every Tuesday at 6:05pm ET at”

You can also check out Billy Corgan’s announcement here;



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