NFL Winners and Losers: Week Nine Catch-Up

Hey everyone, this is Sam with Sports Obsessive. NFL Football fans, we know you can’t watch every game and that sometimes you have to rely on stats and highlights to catch up. We want to make sure you turn to us for all your NFL analysis. Let Sports Obsessive get you completely up to date, starting with a look at the action from the NFL Week 9.

We usually start on the top performers, but this we can’t. How do we not start out with the last match of the night?  I have been wanting to see Drew Brees vs Tom Brady for a couple weeks now especially since they have been going back and forth on the passing touchdowns list. This was a must-see game, but it was quickly a let-down for this Brady fan.

This Week’s Big Game?

Boy, after the first few minutes this game was over. Tampa Bay didn’t even make it a game at all. They had a three game winning streak going into this game and I was ready to put money on it  Thankfully, I forgot to get it in on time. Drew Brees and the Saints put a whooping on them 38-3. Of course, this has Brees with 564 touchdowns taking over the lead convincingly over Tom Brady with 561 touchdowns now. Plus Brees is 5-2 all-time against Brady head to head and this ended up being the worst loss in his career. Before this game, the Buffalo Bills had that distinction by handing Brady a 31-0 in 2003.

QB Comparison: Who Is The Touchdown King?

Drew Brees: 26/32, 222 yards, 4 TDs

Tom Brady: 22/38, 209 yards, 3 INTs

NFL Week Nine Notes

The Bills bash Seattle 44-34 and now have won three in a row. The Buffalo QB Josh Allen recorded four touchdowns with 415 yards against a weak Seahawks defense. Russell Wilson threw two interceptions and fumbled twice.

Carolina almost gets Kansas City 33-31, but as we all know almost doesn’t count except in horseshoes. Patrick Mahomes was his typical self with three touchdowns with 372 yards, but had to rely on the Panthers missing a 67 yard field goal.

Two young quarterbacks put on a show in the Miami vs Arizona this weekend. Dolphins’ Tua Tagovailoa threw two touchdowns with 248 yards while the Cardinals’ Kyler Murray threw three touchdowns with 283 yards. Miami won 34-31 for their fourth straight win.

Pittsburgh Steelers stayed perfect this weekend by beating Dallas.

All Week 9 Scores

  • Green Bay def. San Francisco (34-17)
  • Atlanta def. Denver (34-27)
  • Buffalo def. Seattle (44-34)
  • Tennessee def. Chicago (24-17)
  • Baltimore def. Indianapolis (24-10)
  • Kansas City def. Charlotte (33-31)
  • Minnesota def. Detroit (34-20)
  • New York def. Washington (23-20)
  • Houston def. Jacksonville (27-25)
  • Las Vegas def. San Diego (31-26)
  • Pittsburgh def. Dallas (24-19)
  • Miami def. Arizona (34-31)
  • New Orleans def. Tampa Bay (38-3)

So Sad To See, But Understandable

Look for J.J. Watt, 32 years old, to get traded in the off season from the Houston Texans and the community that he has helped tremendously. No one in the NFL believes that the Texans’ owner Cal McNair will hold him back after everything Watt has done for them. Watt wants to go to a contender and not another rebuild. CBS Sports stated, “I think everyone in their hearts already knows he is going to be moving on. He’s done everything they could have ever asked for, and this chapter is closing.” He has my total respect for going through the Bill O’Brien era and putting up with that garbage. Yet, Watt was still so good.

Monday Night Football

New England Patriots vs. New York Jets (8:15 pm EST)

What are your thoughts on the latest NFL football games and updates? Who surprised you? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Samantha Sayre

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