College Football: Let’s Get Ready For Some Real Football

Quick Updates on What Is Happening and Has Been Happening

Here at Sports Obsessive, we’re always keeping an eye out for fresh news to keep you up to date. We also want to remind in case you missed anything what’s been happening in college football.

College Football Opening Weekend

I know there were some games last weekend to wet our whistle, but the real schools start to begin play this weekend. We saw the American Conference, Sun Belt and C-USA start last weekend and I admit it was fun, but this weekend the big boys are coming to play.

We’re going to see the ACC and Big 12 open up with the SEC starting September 26th. Reminder: the Big Ten and Pac-12 as of right now still aren’t playing until the spring although the Big Ten athletes are trying to get it changed.

Going To Be a Weird Season, But Interesting

I can’t believe only 76 teams out of 130 Division-I teams are playing this fall. Honestly, I never thought we would be getting any to play. I truly thought Covid-19 would shut college football down this season. It still might, but I want to enjoy it while it lasts.

Who would have thought that Notre Dame would EVER join a conference? I guess pandemics make strange bedfellows as they temporarily join the ACC for this season only. Speaking of conferences, with many “cupcake” conferences not playing in the fall, the big boys are mostly playing conference only schedules. I love this because we get to even more great matchups in the SEC.

Covid-19 Wrecking Havoc on College Football

Most schools have decided that in order to control the virus’ spread to do three Covid-19 tests a week on players, staff and coaches. However, the interesting point to me is that many schools and/or coaches are refusing to release the results. The Big 12 is the only conference with actual game postponement guidelines. However when you read them, well let’s just say, you need 53 players to play including walk-ons.

2020 Top Teams?

I think everyone assumed that Alabama and Clemson had to be the top teams. How do you go against one of them not winning it all? They have played in four of the last six national championship games. Both have won twice. I do need to call attention to the problem both have had with players coming down with Covid-19 during the practice sessions. Plus both states that the teams are in have had problems controlling the spread. Will it affect their seasons?

Plus, you need to take into account that many normal top teams aren’t getting to play this fall. Many that were expected to compete for the championship. Like Ohio State, Penn State, Oregon, Wisconsin, Michigan, USC, Minnesota, Utah and Iowa. Does that mean if Alabama or Clemson would need to miss games or have key players out because Covid-19 that we could see someone sneak in? Like Oklahoma, LSU, Georgia, Oklahoma State, Florida or even Notre Dame?

Saturday’s Ranked Teams’ Games

  • 12pm ET: Syracuse at No. 18 UNC (ACCN)
  • 12pm ET: Louisiana at No. 23 Iowa State (ESPN)
  • 2:30pm ET: Duke at No. 10 Notre Dame (NBC)
  • 7pm ET: Missouri State at No. 5 Oklahoma
  • 7:30pm ET: No. 1 Clemson at Wake Forest (ABC)
  • 8pm ET: UTEP at No. 14 Texas (Longhorn Network)

What do you think about the season starting up? Who is going to win it all? Let us know your opinions and predictions in the comments! Stay with us at Sports Obsessive all season for analysis of what is happening!

Written by Samantha Sayre

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