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Winners and Losers: NFL Week One Catch-Up

Football fans, we know you can’t watch every game and that sometimes you have to rely on stats and highlights to catch up. Sports Obsessive wants to make sure you turn to us for all your NFL analysis. Let Sports Obsessive get you completely up to date, starting with a look at the action from the first week of games…

NFL Week One Finishes Up Tonight

We know there are two more games tonight on Monday Night Football, but Sunday’s games need to be talked about on their own. There were some crazy finishes. Fans weren’t allowed in attendance except in Jacksonville. As some of you know, I love pro wrestling, so I have gotten used to their piped in crowd noise. However, hearing it during a football game was so unusual. At times, it became distracting and left you wondering what they were doing.

2020 has been crazy, but even more so with seeing Tom Brady running out in a Tampa Bay uniform and then seeing Cam Newton under center in New England. Since we didn’t have any preseason games, it was jarring to this New England/Brady/ Coach Belichick fan. I found some comfort though in Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers and Seattle’s Russell Wilson putting up their typical big numbers and their teams relying on them like normal.

New Quarterbacks in New Places

There were six starting quarterbacks that started with new teams on Sunday. I hope you didn’t bet on them making big splashes. Only Cam Newton with the Patriots and Tyrod Taylor with the Chargers brought home the wins. We saw what we thought were quarterbacks we could count on automatically struggle, players like Tom Brady in Tampa, Phillip Rivers in Indy, and Teddy Bridgewater in Charlotte. Even the LSU college star, Joe Burrow, who was expected to turn everything around Cincinnati, lost.

NFL Week One Interesting and Notable Performances

Ryan Kerrigan in Washington had two sacks for 92 sacks to break the franchise’s all-time sack record in a win against the Eagles.

Tom Brady in Tampa threw 2 interceptions in a loss to the Saints (34-23) in his debut.

Cam Newton broke the franchise record for rush attempts by a quarterback with 15 attempts.

DeAndre Hopkins in Arizona broke the NFL record for receptions with 14 in a new-team debut.

NFL Week One Scores

Seahawks def. Falcons (38-25)

Ravens def. Browns (38-6)

Bills def. Jets (27-17)

Raiders def. Panthers (34-30)

Bears def. Lions (27-23)

Jaguars def. Colts (27-20)

Packers def. Vikings (43-34)

Patriots def. Dolphins (21-11)

Washington def. Eagles (27-17)

Chargers def. Bengals (16-13)

Saints def. Bucs (34-23)

Cardinals def. 49ers (24-20)

Rams def. Cowboys (20-17)

Monday Night Football

Pittsburgh Steelers at New York Giants (7:15 pm ET)

Tennessee Titans at Denver Broncos (10:10 pm ET)

Fantasy Stars by Axios Sports

RB Ezekiel Elliott (Dallas): 22 car, 96 yds, 1 TD; 3 rec, 31 yds, 1 TD (27.7 fantasy points, per standard PPR scoring)

TE Dallas Goedert (Philadelphia): 8 rec, 101 yds, 1 TD (24.1 pts)

QB Lamar Jackson (Baltimore): 20/25, 275 yds, 3 TD; 7 car, 45 yds (27.5 pts)

RB Alvin Kamara (New Orleans): 12 car, 16 yds, 1 TD; 5 rec, 51 yds, 1 TD (23.7 pts)

QB Cam Newton (New England): 15/19, 155 yds; 15 car, 75 yds, 2 TD (25.7 pts)

WR Calvin Ridley (Atlanta): 9 rec, 130 yds, 2 TD (33.9 pts)

RB Josh Jacobs (Las Vegas): 25 car, 93 yds, 3 TD; 4 rec, 46 yds (35.9 pts)

WR Davante Adams (Green Bay): 14 rec, 156 yds, 2 TD (41.6 pts)

WR DeAndre Hopkins (Arizona): 14 rec, 151 yds (29.1 pts)

QB Mitchell Trubisky (Chicago): 20/36, 242 yds, 3 TD; 3 car, 26 yds (24.3 pts)

RB Nyheim Hines (Indianapolis): 7 car, 28 yds, 1 TD; 8 rec, 45 yds, 1 TD (27.3 pts)

QB Josh Allen (Buffalo): 33/46, 312 yds, 2 TD, 14 car, 57 yds, 1 TD (28.2 pts)

QB Joe Burrow (Cincinnati): 23/36, 193 yds, 1 INT; 8 car, 46 yds, 1 TD (16.3 pts)

What are your thoughts on the latest NFL football games and updates? Who surprised you? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Samantha Sayre

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