Goodbye Andy: The Bengals Release Andy Dalton

In a move that will surprise no one, sources all around the NFL are reporting that the Cincinnati Bengals have released Andy Dalton, the team’s starting quarterback since he was drafted in 2011. This comes after months of trade speculation that ultimately went nowhere. The Bengals move towards their future with Joe Burrow and free up $17.7 million in cap space.

As for Dalton, his future is unclear. He had been previously connected to both Jacksonville and New England, both of whom might be much more interested without the pressure of Dalton’s previous contract weighing in on their decision. The Chicago Bears whom at one point were said to have been highly interested in Dalton, acquired Nick Foles this off-season to create a quarterback competition with Mitch Trubrisky, their incumbent starter.

Dalton leaves Cincinnati after a string of disappointing seasons, following a run of playoff appearances that never yielded a win. With Dalton’s exit coming one year after long time head coach Marvin Lewis leaving the team, the face of the franchise has truly begun to change. Whether or not that results in more playoff success than their predecessors is the question on every Bengals fan’s mind. Despite the lack of playoff wins, Andy Dalton will be positively remembered in Cincinnati.

Written by Andrew Grevas

Andrew is the owner & CEO of 25YL Media, the parent company of Sports Obsessive, Lifelong Cincinnati Bengals fan, obsessed with dynasty football leagues and former pro wrestling commentator who finally got his one more match from CM Punk.

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