Who’s Going to the Super Bowl? AFC and NFC Championship Game Predictions

Hey, look at that, we had an NFL season! Sunday will see the NFC and AFC Championship games, as Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers host Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, while two significantly younger QBs are set to square off in Kansas City, as the Chiefs welcome the Buffalo Bills to town. Who will win and head to Super Bowl LV? Keith Devore, Tom Ayling, and Caemeron Crain are here to offer their predictions. But surely you know better than they do, so don’t keep it to yourself. Who will win the AFC and NFC Championships? What will be the score? And will anyone retire on Monday?

NFC Championship Game: Tampa Bay Buccaneers v. Green Bay Packers (Sunday 3:05pm EST)

Keith: The cold, the snow, Lambeau, Aaron and Tom. What more can football fans ask for? This is football porn right here. I like the Bucs in this game. Tom Brady has some kind of magic and this defense can play with any offense.

The Packers do seem to be a finely tuned machine right now. I don’t know how you stop Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams. They seem to be on another level. But there are enough cracks in this Green Bay team to take advantage. One area is the Packers run defense. If the Bucs can keep this one close they will be able to run against a middling Packer run defense.

The reason I’m confident in the Bucs to go north and win in the cold is I’ve seen them beat down the Packers. Aaron Rodgers in particular had his worst game as a pro against the Bucs earlier this year. He threw a pick six and another pick, as he was pressured all game.

The Bucs can play. They belong in the NFC championship. The Bucs match up well. They can slow Aaron down just enough and Tom can do work against the Packer defense.

Tom Brady has some kind of magic to him. He’s playing in his 14th championship game and his first year in the NFC he’s right back there. It’s wild. His leadership skills are immeasurable. The team remains calm and just keeps playing. The other team makes a mistake and Tom a makes them pay. It’s been the same story for 19 years.

I see the Bucs giving Green Bay all they can handle as cool Tom has a late drive to seal the victory for the Bucs. Becoming the first team to play on their own home field in the Super Bowl.

I’ll say it’s lower scoring than folks think.

Bucs 27 Packers 24

Tom: This game could go either way. TB12 has been in this place 14 times and has found ways in the past to win no matter what. He and the Tampa offense have a lot of weapons and the Tampa defense is arguably the best out of the four remaining teams fighting for a birth to the big show. That being said, Aaron Rodgers is the MVP and has a wide receiver who is at the top of his game in Davante Adams.

This game will come down to which QB can execute the game plan best while under duress, and that will be Aaron Rodgers. The Packers are too good to be out scored by the other #12 on the field. It will be close but Green Bay will win.

Packers 29 Bucs 24

Caemeron: It’s been a long time since Green Bay and Tampa Bay have been in the same division (remember when these things made no sense whatsoever? It doesn’t even track to think of Tampa Bay as “Central”—central Florida maybe) but I suppose you could call this a rivalry. Both teams do have Bay in their name…and they have played a bunch of times over the years.

Most recently, when the Bucs and the Packers played back in Week 6, Aaron Rodgers had his worst game of the 2020 season. It was enough to make me wonder if I could trust him as the starting QB in my redraft fantasy league, but spoiler alert: I could! Rodgers has been on fire all year…with the exception of that one game against the Bucs.

So was this something that Tampa Bay did to disrupt Rodgers or was he just having an off day? I think it is somewhere in between, and the upshot is that we probably shouldn’t put too much weight on what happened in that autumnal meeting. To my eyes the Packers have looked better and better as the season has gone on, so maybe I do think that October game was a fluke, but I also think it had to do with Tampa’s defense.

One way or another, Rodgers didn’t find his rhythm back in Week 6, but I think that will be different this Sunday. In general, it hasn’t mattered much this season how good of an opposing defense he’s been up against—the Packers have put points on the board. Tampa, on the other hand, has shown that their offensive plans can be disrupted and I think Green Bay will do just that. Let’s be honest: the Bucs defense plus a less than great performance from Brees saved them last week. Don’t expect a repeat of that luck against the Packers.

Packers 35 Bucs 20

Patrick Mahomes prepares to throw a football as the Kansas City Chiefs play the Buffalo Bills

AFC Championship Game: Buffalo Bills v. Kansas City Chiefs (Sunday 6:40pm EST)

Keith: Man, Patrick Mahomes gave the football universe quite a scare last Sunday didn’t he? It’s tough making a prediction without knowing the best player in football’s health for the game but I’ll say he plays. He looks like he’s playing.

If Mahomes plays I say the Chiefs win. Something is still a little off with the Chiefs, especially in the red zone, and who knows how Mahomes’ toe or his head will affect him, but when the Chiefs get rolling there is no defense in the NFL that can stop them. The problem is they have a three layer Hall of Fame sandwich. Mahomes can make any throw. Tyreek is just faster than everybody else and always seems open down field. When that’s not there, Kelce is cleaning everything up in the middle and Mahomes doesn’t miss many throws.

The Chiefs defense is better than people realize too. Tyrann Matthieu is one of the best playmakers in the game. He’s a dude that’s always around the ball. A true joker that just makes plays. And Chris Jones hits people where it hurts most, up the middle.

What I’ve noticed more than anything watching the Bills this year is how clean the passing game  pockets are. Josh Allen has elite pocket awareness and much deserved confidence in what may be the battle of the two strongest armed QBs the NFL has ever had in a championship game.

Josh Allen has become elite and the Bills are rolling right now but I think the Chiefs just have what it takes to take their offense to another level when they need to. They are now hosting their third straight AFC championship game and they are well on their way to a true football dynasty. But dynasties need rings and that means beating a red hot opponent that is playing with lights out confidence. This should be a great game

Chiefs 27 Bills 23

Tom: Patrick Mahomes is expected to be on the field for KC this week along with his usual suspects in Kelce and Hill. The Josh Allen show will be in full stride opposite him with Diggs, Brown, and Beasley.

Like the Packers game this comes down to execution under pressure. While Mahomes has proven he can beat pressure when it counts (SB LIV), I am not sure how much Mahomes injury will affect him this week, or how effective he can be against a very good Bills secondary. I am taking the underdogs and predict that the Bills offense will outscore the Chiefs by 4.

Bills 28 Chiefs 24

Caemeron: As of this writing the big question is whether Patrick Mahomes will play in the AFC championship game. Call me a cynic when it comes to the NFL claiming to care about the concussion protocol, but I am fairly certain that he will suit up to play the Bills in a match that will determine whether the Chiefs return to the Super Bowl.

They won’t, though, because Buffalo is for real. Kansas City is still a force to be reckoned with, sure, and I think this will be a close game, but at some point when I feel like I wasn’t looking Josh Allen became an elite quarterback in his own right. I’m picking the Bills because I like their defense better. I think they’ll slow Mahomes and company down just enough to eke out the win.

Bills 31 Chiefs 28

Disagree with our predictions? Who do you think will win the NFC and AFC? Let us know in the comments!

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Patrick Mahomes prepares to throw a football as the Kansas City Chiefs play the Buffalo Bills

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