NFL: Winners and Losers Catch-Up

Week 16: Playoff Berths

Hey everyone, this is Sam with Sports Obsessive. NFL Football fans, we know you can’t watch every game and that sometimes you have to rely on stats and highlights to catch up. We want to make sure you turn to us for all your NFL analysis. Let Sports Obsessive get you completely up to date, starting with a look at the action from the sixteenth week of games…

NFL Winners

Is “Winner” a strong enough title for what New Orleans’ RB Alvin Kamara did this weekend? Wow…he looked great. Kamara scored a NFL record of six rushing touchdowns. The New Orleans Saints clinched the NFC South title.

After being down 24-7, the Pittsburgh Steelers engineered a comeback over the Indianapolis Colts to win the AFC North division.

The Seattle Seahawks won the NFC West. The Kansas City Chiefs clinched the #1 seed in the AFC in a win against the Falcons.

Tom Brady led the Bucs to the playoffs for the first time since 2007. Fitzmagic delivered a last second win (as usual) for the Dolphins over the Raiders. Lamar Jackson led the Ravens to an easy win over the Giants. Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers beat up on the Tennessee Titans.

Los Angeles Chargers’ rookie QB Justin Herbert set the NFL rookie record for most passing touchdowns.


I think one of the biggest losses has to be the Cleveland Browns loss to the Jets.

Los Angeles Rams QB Jared Goff suffered a broken thumb.

I know the Khans probably don’t consider this to be a loser, but when you lose this much, it has to be. The Jacksonville Jaguars clinched the #1 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft by losing to the Chicago Bears.

The 49ers got beat by the Cardinals which throws the Chicago Bears into a fight for a playoff spot.

The Dolphins, Ravens, Browns and Titans now find themselves in must-win games next week in order to get into playoffs.

The NFC Least

This is so bad. I can’t even believe this is happening to a whole conference. Philadelphia Eagles were eliminated by the Dallas Cowboys. The New York Giants and Washington Football Team both lost. This makes the whole NFC East still up for grabs in the last week of the season. On January 3rd in the Sunday Night Football game, it will be decided by Washington vs Dallas.

Urban Meyer

Of course, Coach Urban Meyer is at the center of NFL jobs. He is the new Jon Gruden. Every year someone is going to try to pursue him. First, it was the college speculation. Now, it is the NFL teams. This, despite Urban Meyer saying two years ago that “I do not believe I will coach again.”

ESPN has reported that “at least two NFL teams” have contacted Meyer to gauge his interest in coaching at the next level and that “he intends to decide in the next week, before the NFL regular season is over.”  The three-time National Championship winner has explored the idea of the Jacksonville Jaguars head coaching job, according to the Toledo Blade.

NFL Scores

  • New Orleans defeated Minnesota 52-33
  • Miami defeated Las Vegas 26-25
  • San Francisco defeated Arizona 20-12
  • Tampa Bay defeated Detroit 47-7
  • Green Bay defeated Tennessee 40-14
  • Seattle defeated Rams 20-9
  • Carolina defeated Washington 20-13
  • Chargers defeated Denver 19-16
  • Pittsburgh defeated Indianapolis 28-24
  • Kansas City defeated Atlanta 17-14
  • Chicago defeated Jacksonville 41-17
  • Cincinnati defeated Houston 37-31
  • Baltimore defeated Giants 27-13
  • Jets defeated Cleveland 23-16
  • Dallas defeated Philadelphia 37-17

Monday Night Football

Buffalo Bills vs. New England Patriots (8:15pm EST)

What are your thoughts on the latest NFL football games and updates? Who surprised you? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Samantha Sayre

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