25 Yards Later: The Podcast’s First Super Bowl

Welcome to 25 Yards Later, SportsObsessive’s fantasy football podcast! Nick and Allijah are back after a month’s break to get you caught up on fantasy football happenings. There’s just one game this week, you may have heard about it: the Kansas City Chiefs (16-2) at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (14-5) in the Super Bowl.

The game truly is “at the Bucs,” because the stadium for one of the participants’ is hosting the Super Bowl for the first time in NFL history. We breakdown what we’ll be watching for from a fantasy perspective, and how the game can inform our thinking on several fantasy-relevant players next year.

We break down how we think the Stafford/Goff mega-trade will impact the Rams and Lions, and how a potential Deshaun Watson ultra-trade (is ultra bigger than mega?) would affect some of the remaining Texans pieces. Then we examine some of the things that caught our eye in the playoff games to this point, including two sleepers that we liked enough to draft in a dynasty league.

Plus, we play a game that is really just an excuse for Nick (a Panthers fan) to be dunking on Michael Thomas (and somehow dunking on Odell Beckham Jr. gets thrown in too). And as always, we give you our Touchback Player of the Week (or in this case, the year).

We’re still on our offseason schedule, so the next show will be in early March (probably the 5th). We’re very excited to welcome our first guests to the show for that episode, SportsObsessive founder Andrew Grevas and writer Tom Ayling! Andrew and Tom will be joining us for an episode all about dynasty football: why you should play, tips for first-time players, and what to expect in 2021. It will be a must-listen, even if you don’t already play dynasty!

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Written by Nick Luciano

Nick Luciano received a Master’s in Music Theory from the University of North Carolina Greensboro. He is a film editor at 25YL and cohosts the 25 Yards Later fantasy football podcast for SportsObsessive.

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