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25 Yards Later: Mega Mock 2021 Pt. 2

Welcome to 25 Yards Later, Sports Obsessive and Rumination Radio Network’s fantasy football podcast! Allijah is away from the show for the next two weeks, but don’t worry, he’ll be back soon! In the meantime, Nick is holding things down with special guests John Borges and Anthony Pavolich. John is a fantasy football writer for Sports Obsessive (making his podcast debut, by the way), while Anthony is a longtime fantasy player and the host of the creativity podcast Tony’s Tall Tales on Ruminations Radio Network. It’s arguably our most in-depth mock draft to date—it’s so long that we’re breaking it up into two episodes!

This episode, we finish the draft. As a reminder, the mock is a 12-team, 3-WR, single-QB, PPR. If you haven’t already checked out the first part of the draft, what’re you doing? Go back and listen to the first part!

The end of your draft may not be quite as flashy as the early rounds, but this is where your championships are won! A single sleeper could turn into a league winner, and we have sleepers galore in the episode!

We will resume our normal game recaps next week, but we might have some surprises along the way (for example, the bonus news podcast that dropped yesterday). If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe, because the NFL season is only a week away!

Follow us on Twitter @25YLFF@nickgluciano, and @allijahmotikaJohn and Anthony are on Twitter too! You can listen to 25 Yards Later on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Breaker, Pocket Casts, and RadioPublic. Be sure to head over to Ruminations Radio Network for more great podcasts and Sports Obsessive for all things fantasy football, wrestling, and the NFL.

Written by Nick Luciano

Nick Luciano received a Master’s in Music Theory from the University of North Carolina Greensboro. He is a film editor at 25YL and cohosts the 25 Yards Later fantasy football podcast for SportsObsessive.

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