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2021 Dynasty Startup Draft Picks and Advice

Welcome to the 2021 dynasty startup draft picks and advice guide. This is a long article, but is designed to be more than just a simple draft review. It will also serve as a draft guide for anyone planning on participating in a dynasty startup league this year.

We have covered the first three rounds of the draft with a breakdown of why each expert chose to draft that particular player in that draft spot. On top of the player profile, site owner and creator Andrew Grevas has provided a draft grade for each owners first three picks.

Finally, at the end of the draft guide, I have broken down the picks into positional rankings and a top 100 according to the draft results.

Whether you are new to dynasty or a seasoned veteran, everyone will find something of value within the guide. Take your time to soak in all the knowledge and most importantly….ENJOY!!

League Type and Scoring Format

  • Full PPR
  • Super Flex
  • Tight End Premium
  • 20 round startup
  • Slow Snake draft (Up to 24 hours per pick)
  • 5 round rookie draft

Draft Order

  1. Tom (BillsMafia)
  2. Nick (Nickgluciano)
  3. Jon (ShartzerJon)
  4. Conor (Conor312)
  5. Scott (0thewagon)
  6. Andrew (Grevas)
  7. Bryan (Bodonnell14)
  8. Allijah (Motiks)
  9. Clay (Smartpenguin78)
  10. Caemeron (Caemeron)
  11. Keith (kjdevore28)
  12. Will (JohnLynchMob)

In-Draft Trades

  • Tom traded pick 1.01 to Will for pick 1.12 and 2.01
  • Allijah traded pick 6.05 and 7.08 to Nick for pick 6.11 and 7.02
  • Andrew traded pick 12.07 and 20.07 to Nick for 12.11 and 15.02

(1) Tom’s 2021 Dynasty Startup Draft Picks and Advice

1.12—Josh Jacobs

The reason I traded down from number one overall pick was to secure myself an extra early round draft pick. Scarcity is the name of the game in the early rounds, and in Super Flex leagues, elite quarterbacks and running backs are at the top of the heap. I was hoping Josh Allen would fall to me here, but he went at 1.08. With the 12th overall pick, and knowing I also had the very next pick, I chose Josh Jacobs, running back for the Las Vegas Raiders. At 22 years old, the second year pro finished as RB 8 in 2020 with over 1000 yards rushing, 12 touch downs, and 33 receptions in 15 games.

2.01—Justin Herbert

At the turn, I was ready to take my first quarterback. Patrick Mahomes, Kyler Murray, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, and Deshaun Watson were already taken, so at the top of my draft sat Justin Herbert. The rookie gunslinger finished as QB9 in 2020 with 396 completions, 4336 passing yards, 40 TDs and 12 interceptions. Since 2015, only two other quarterbacks finished their rookie season in the top 12; Lamar Jackson (1st in 2019) and Dak Prescott (6th in 2016). Neither of them threw for more than 4000 yards in their rookie season. In fact, only 3 quarterbacks in the history of the NFL (Jameis Winston – 2015, Andrew Luck – 2012, and Cam Newton – 2011.) have accomplished that feat.

2.12—Cam Akers

My third pick was at the turn of the second round and knowing I also had the next pick, I chose the LA Rams rookie running back Cam Akers here. I decided to take Akers over some of the other talented backs because of his age, and what I think he could become (little did I know his quarterback would leave for Motor City USA only hours later). The stat line for Akers is not overly impressive as a whole, but by Week 13 he was the Rams bell cow back with over 20 carries per game on average. At 21 years of age, he has a ton of potential and should have multiple years of RB1 production.

Andrew’s Draft Grade:

Tom doubled down on youth here in his first three picks. I’m a big Herbert fan, which is my favorite part of Tom’s draft. Jacobs is a guy that, while I don’t personally love, has put up good numbers and has youth on his side. Akers is someone I’m not quite sold on but the value does feel right. If these three guys pan out, Tom has a solid trio leading the way for the next several years. B+

(2) Nick’s 2021 Dynasty Startup Draft Picks and Advice

1.02—Christian McCaffrey

When healthy, Christian McCaffrey is still the best player in fantasy football. While obviously a small sample size, CMC led non-quarterbacks in fantasy points per game (FPPG) by almost a full touchdown. He scored 28.5, 24.8, and 37.1 PPR points in the 3 games he played. The injuries are troubling, but he is still young, still good, still a PPR monster, and still the focal point of the Panthers’ offense.

2.11—Nick Chubb

I almost exclusively avoid running backs that aren’t a threat in the passing game in PPR leagues, but Nick Chubb is a special talent. Despite missing more than 4 games, Chubb still finished as the overall RB11 in PPR last year in total points. He was seventh in FPPG among running backs with at least 4 games played. There is obviously a concern that Kareem Hunt will eat into his workload, but that was the case this year too, and Chubb stole the show. In redraft, I almost always try to shore up my RBs, and my first two picks are an artifact of that tendency. I don’t think it’s necessarily the right call for everyone in a dynasty super-flex, though. I originally hoped to almost go Zero RB, waiting until the rookie draft to fill in the gaps in a position with high injury and burnout rates, but this is the way the draft fell to me.

3.02—George Kittle

‘Fantasy points per game’ darlings are definitely a trend of my early picks. Despite missing half the season, George Kittle still finished as a top-20 tight end for scoring across the entire season. He was third amongst tight ends in FPPG, behind only Travis Kelce and Darren Waller. While there were plenty of players that I liked in this tier—I considered Calvin Ridley, Michael Thomas, Ezekiel Elliott, and Clyde Edwards-Helaire for this pick—the positional advantage afforded by Kittle was too great to pass up. Taking a player that averages a full touchdown in FPPG over everyone else at his position while most of your league-mates are thankful to get the bare minimum out of that slot can give you a major advantage.

Andrew’s Draft Grade:

Nick’s first three picks are going to put up a lot of points. Great value with both RB’s but Kittle at 3.2 is a steal in a TE Premium league. This ranks towards the top of my list of favorite picks in the first three rounds and turned Nick’s draft from really good to great. Solid A.


(3) Jon’s 2021 Dynasty Startup Draft Picks and Advice

1.03—Dalvin Cook

Unsurprisingly, I was hoping to land either Mahomes or McCaffree here. With them off the board, my attention shifted to the Minnesota running back. Cook finished the 2020 season with over 1,900 rushing yards. He’s only 25, so he should be productive for years to come, provided that he doesn’t get overworked.

2.10—DeAndre Hopkins

D-Hop had one of his lowest touchdown totals season, registering just six scores. However, he did manage to average 12 yards per catch while racking up over 1,400 receiving. I’m looking for those numbers to pick back up.

3.03—Clyde Edwards-Helaire

At just 21 years of age and with only his rookie season in the book, the Kansas City running back felt like he made a lot of sense here. His productivity will only continue to pick up and he’s designed to do big things as a key part of that explosive Chiefs offense.

Andrew’s Draft Grade:

The first two picks from Jon are safe and smart. Can’t argue with this strategy at all. Both guys have a few more years in the tank and although there will always be injury concerns with Cook, the guy is a monster. CEH is a bit of a lightening rod. I don’t know if he’ll ever live up to the hype but the guy is talented and at 3.3, the value feels right. Not my guy if I’m sitting in that draft spot but also not a reach by any means. Solid B+ here. 

(4) Conor’s 2021 Dynasty Startup Draft Picks and Advice

1.04—Alvin Kamara

Alvin Kamara is one of the best running backs in the NFL. I had a choice to make between Saquon Barkley or Kamara, but when choosing between two of the best talents in the NFL, I went with the one who didn’t need reconstructive surgery on his knee. Both players are in their prime, and Kamara is about as safe as they come in fantasy.

2.09—Tyreek Hill

The Cheetah fell to me late second round. It was too good an opportunity to pass up. He is the fastest player in the NFL and disgustingly agile to boot. Hill finished second among fantasy wide receivers last season, just two points behind Davante Adams in standard scoring. He is nearly impossible to cover and just as impossible to pass up.

3.04—Ezekiel Elliott

Call me a sucker if you wish, but I still believe in Zeke. I know he had a rough 2020 season, but the talent is still there. He will only be 26 when he takes the field in the fall, and with Dak Prescott expected to be back, there should be plenty of touches coming his way. Elliott is a monster up the middle, a good pass catcher, and an all-around complete back. With CeeDee Lamb entering his second year, I expect him to garner a lot of attention from opposing defenses and give Zeke a chance to run the ball without 10 defenders in the box.

Andrew’s Draft Grade:

Getting Tyreek the Freak at 2.9 is one of my favorite picks of the draft. That guy is a points machine and will win you games. Kamara at 1.4 is about as safe as it gets, so nothing but praise for both of those picks. There is part of me that’s stunned that Zeke at 3.4 is something you even have to question but the wear and tear is there. Still, you can’t pass up Zeke at 3.4. Conor gets an A from me. 


(5) Scott’s 2021 Dynasty Startup Draft Picks and Advice

1.05—Saquon Barkley

I couldn’t let this stud RB go any further. I will take an injury discount on Saquon Barkley in any draft. He had 2,000 scrimmage yards his rookie year and then an injury riddled him for his next 2 seasons. NYG run game was scary up until the last half of 2020 where they were able to get Gallman going. If Gallman can, Barkley is set to explode (again) in 2021.

2.8—Stefon Diggs

I am a proud Bills Mafia member, and picked Stefon Diggs over Tyreek Hill. I take nothing back either. Absolutely no regrets here. In one year with Allen, Diggs crushed his career highs. Daboll being back for another year means this kid may go for the Receptions record in a year. He’s also super consistent and I like that in a WR. We have to start 3 WRs in this league so locking up an elite talent is crucial.

3.5—Dak Prescott

In a SF league, with Dak Prescott available at 3.5, that was a no-brainer for me. He’s not as flashy of a name as Allen or Mahomes, but he produces fantasy points similarly when healthy. He also has 3 great WR’s and one of the best RB’s in the game. Psyched to get him in round 3. I will also probably be pairing him with Trevor Lawerence as I have the 1.1 rookie pick.

Andrew’s Draft Grade:

If Saquon is back at full health, this is a solid A draft. Love the Diggs selection and Scott’s absolutely right—Dak was a steal at 3.5. Great draft value here. I don’t think I personally could’ve pulled the trigger on Saquon at 1.5 but if it pays off, it pays off big.


(6) Andrew’s 2021 Dynasty Startup Draft Picks and Advice

1.06—Kyler Murray

Taking Kyler Murray at 1.6 in a Superflex Dynasty startup felt too good to be true. I genuinely expected a QB run to happen prior to my pick, leaving me in a situation where I debated whether I should take the top QB still on the board or if I should start a new trend. When the RB run followed the obligatory Patrick Mahomes at 1.1 pick and the guy I had at number 2 on my board fell to me, it was a no brainer to take my franchise QB at 1.6.

2.7—A.J. Brown

I’m a firm believer that regardless of format, dynasty teams are anchored by stud WRs. I know it’s an outdated philosophy but on all of my dynasty teams, I’m looking for a younger stud WR that’s going to be putting up big numbers for the next 5 or more years and I want to put pieces around him. At 2.7, A.J. Brown was sitting there after a few other WRs had been taken and there was no way I was passing him up. Brown is tough, he’s got great hands, is a magician at getting yards after the catch and has a nose for the end zone. At only 23, he’s going to be an anchor on my team for years to come.

3.6—Darren Waller

At 3.6, I had high hopes that Kittle would fall to me but it wasn’t meant to be. With both Kelce and Kittle off the board, I passed on a lot of guys I really wanted to roster to grab the last elite TE (in my opinion) left. In a TE Premium league, a guy like Darren Waller has huge value and can be what puts you over the top. I told myself pre-draft that I was going to get an elite TE and at 3.6, I did just that.

Andrew’s Draft Grade:

I can’t give myself a grade here but I will say this: A few weeks after the draft and I’m still really excited about these first three picks. 


(7) Bryan’s 2021 Dynasty Startup Draft Picks and Advice

1.07—Jonathan Taylor

With my first pick, I went with my top available running back. Taylor is coming off a strong rookie season and has a lot of potential going forward. I do question whether I should have gone with a running back here, as opposed to a quarterback. This is the first time I’ve done a dynasty league. Seeing how the entire draft played out, I think it might have been a better idea to take DeShaun Watson with my first pick, as running backs can be unreliable year to year (and this is a two-quarterback league). I’m happy with Taylor, but I hope it doesn’t come back to bite me.

2.06—Joe Burrow

I knew I wanted to take a quarterback with my second pick after passing on one in the first round. The question was whether to go with a proven vet, like Russell Wilson or Dak Prescott, or with Burrow, who is younger and could provide more value for longer. If it wasn’t a dynasty draft, I probably would have gone with Wilson here. But I’m excited to see what Burrow can do going forward.

3.07—Derrick Henry

Again, after watching how this draft played out, I questioned whether I should have drafted another running back so early, but I felt like Henry was the best player available at this time. Henry is a beast. Although I do worry about his durability due to his previous workload, he was at the top of my draft board. In the first few rounds trust your board and the reason you have him there.

Andrew’s Draft Grade:

B+. I didn’t expect Taylor to go that high but I can’t trash the pick either. He’s got the makings of a stud for the next several years. Loved the Burrow pick and think he made the absolute right call there. Henry has been undeniably dominant over the last few seasons but how long can he keep it up? He’s a question mark but he should help this team be competitive this year at the very least.


(8) Allijah’s 2021 Dynasty Startup Draft Picks and Advice

1.08—Josh Allen

With the 8th pick in this superflex draft, I really had a tough time deciding what to do. I have absolutely never been an early QB drafter but age, combined with upside and positional advantage in this format, were all great motivators for me with this pick. Not to mention the fact that there are two diehard Bills fans in this league (who have both already sent trade offers to try and get Allen from me). Josh Allen made such a huge jump in 2020 and I rostered him on two thirds of my redraft teams so I got to experience how good it feels to have him dominate my fantasy opponents. I figured why not get that feeling for the next 10 years with my first pick?

2.05—D.K. Metcalf

To be honest, I was really hoping to see Davante Adams be there for me with this pick but he got sniped three picks earlier. DK Metcalf still may be the better long term WR though. He’s 5 years younger than Adams and, in his 2nd season, finished as the overall WR6 in PPR. He was a great QB in his prime and is the unquestioned number 1 WR on his team (sorry Tyler Lockett truthers). I am a little nervous about the offensive scheme and the curmudgeonly tendency of Pete Carroll to keep Russ out of the kitchen. Metcalf was inconsistent at the end of 2020 when they went to a more run heavy approach, but the youth and talent were too much to pass up with my 2nd pick.

3.08—Michael Thomas

Sniped again! Antonio Gibson was my target for this pick but he was taken three picks ahead of me so I had to pivot. I went with Michael Thomas because I saw him as the last of the top tier WRs available. He obviously had a down year in 2020, suffering a high ankle sprain in week 1 that never really healed. But prior to the 2020 season, he did have over 1,100 yards in each of his first 4 years and holds the NFL record for most receptions after his first two (196), three (321) and four (470) seasons of a career, while only missing 1 game in those 4 seasons. Who will his QB be in 2021? Who knows, but he averaged over 9 targets per game in 4 games with Taysom Hill as the starter in 2020, so if it’s Taysom, I’m not worried. Honestly I don’t think it matters. Michael Thomas is an absolute monster, so I was happy to take him as my WR2.

Andrew’s Draft Grade:

This is easily an A. Allen is soaring up draft boards all over and Metcalf at 2.8 is a contender for steal of the draft. I love the Thomas pick at 3.8. I understand the hesitation in taking him too early but that is a steep fall for one of the best WR’s in football. If Thomas bounces back this year, this pick looks downright genius. 


(9) Clay’s 2021 Dynasty Startup Draft Picks and Advice

1.09—-Lamar Jackson

In the first round, I felt compelled to pick Lamar Jackson. I’m not actually sold on Jackson as a passer, so this was a complicated pick for me. It wasn’t Jackson I was targeting as my QB—that had been Josh Allen, who spent the last season working wonders for me in my standard leagues, but he had just been snipped. With Allen sniped (and Mahomes long gone), Jackson simply had too much talent and upside to pass up.

2.04—D’Andre Swift

When the pick came back to me for round 2, I actually got my guy. D’Andre Swift was sensational at UGA (which incidentally was also my alma mater) and had shown flashes of his skills in his first season in Detroit. He is young, talented, catches out of the backfield (when he doesn’t drop the ball) and I think is on the verge of a breakout season. Of course, when I drafted him I still thought he was going to be catching passes from another super talented Georgia grad, but that is not to be. I still think I like him though and think it is his time to shine.

3.09—Calvin Ridley

I wasn’t so sure which direction I would go when the third round selection came my way. With this league being so tilted toward Tight Ends and Quarterbacks, I had been looking at them but, as with my first round pick, my preferred TE (Darren Waller) was grabbed up just before I could take him. I also disliked at least one major thing about all of the Quarterbacks, since I already had Jackson. So I went with Calvin Ridley at Wide Receiver. Ridley is solid and, since Julio Jones seems slightly on a downward trajectory, I think he will be a clear WR1 in Atlanta. It’s the Ridley pick that makes me nervous, though. I left some major talent on the board, and wound up not getting a legitimate QB2 at all. So all my fears and trepidations can be traced back to this very moment.

Andrew’s Draft Grade:

I don’t understand Clay’s nerves with the Ridley pick. Ridley is a stud and that’s great draft value here. Lamar is still Lamar and that’s also great value with that pick. Swift makes me slightly nervous but I do understand the pick. This is a solid B+.


(10) Caemeron’s 2021 Dynasty Startup Draft Picks and Advice

1.10—Deshaun Watson

I entered our draft pretty committed to a zero RB strategy, but not necessarily an extreme one (I ended up taking JK Dobbins in the 4th round, which I am very happy with—I would guess it will generally be possible to get one of the promising rookies at that spot, but of course there are no guarantees). I very much wanted Josh Allen at 1.10 and had my fingers crossed that he might still be on the board from some rankings and such I had looked at, but he was not. That’s fair, because he should go earlier than this. There were only two other QBs I was targeting at this spot (presuming Mahomes would be gone, of course): Watson and Lamar Jackson. Clay took Lamar Jackson right before me, so that made it easy. If all of these guys had been gone, I probably would have proceeded to take Justin Jefferson in Round 1.

2.3—Justin Jefferson

This might still be early and I had to look past the likes of Tyreek Hill and a couple of other established receivers I thought would be off the board by this spot but, as I said, I’m high enough on Justin Jefferson that I was considering the possibility of jumping on him in the first round of our startup draft. Maybe that’s stupid, but we’re talking about a guy who came into his rookie season and got off to a somewhat slow start, but still ended up with WR1 numbers. I think he is a generational talent and look for him to be the cornerstone WR1 for my dynasty team for years to come. Why take a WR1 who is older when you can take one when he is a rookie?

3.10—Russell Wilson

I was really hoping to follow up with Jefferson pick with CeeDee Lamb here, but alas he was off the board at 3.1 in this startup so I can’t say it was even close. Just a note, though: I like Lamb almost as much as Jefferson. Instead, I drafted Russell Wilson because, well, this is a superflex league and I didn’t think I had any right getting this good of a QB here at 3.10—this is the kind of guy I thought I missed my chance on when I took a WR at 2.3, but I guess maybe people think Russ is falling into a lower tier at this point? I don’t know. Wilson was QB6 in 2020, right behind Deshaun Watson. It is kind of unbelievable to me that I snagged him two rounds later.

Regardless, at this point I felt like I was doing great, with two QB1s and a WR1 in the first three rounds. Following this startup draft, I am a bit weak at RB, with only the aforementioned JK Dobbins and some late round fliers. And I am arguably weak at TE, particularly since this is a TE premium league. But that is mostly because I just kept taking WRs after I snagged Tua in the fifth(!)

I will have to make some trades and work the rookie draft in order to get in a bit better shape to compete this year, but I feel like I am coming out of this dynasty startup draft with a really solid core to carry into the future.

Andrew’s Draft Grade:

Love the strategy here. Caemeron snagged my favorite young WR in football and two high end QB’s. This is a no hesitation, easy A draft grade, that could be a A+ depending on if Watson leaves Houston or not. 


(11) Keith’s 2021 Dynasty Startup Draft Picks and Advice

1.11—Travis Kelce

Although I am a seasoned veteran within the redraft community, this is actually my first dynasty league. With that in mind, I wanted a sure thing for my first pick. Picking from spot 1.11 I missed out on all my top QBs in the draft. With Mahomes, Watson, and Allen off the board, I took a guy who I believe will be TE1 for at least the next 3 years. In a draft with TE premium I wanted the best guy at a hard to fill position. I love me some Travis Kelce in all formats.

2.02—Davante Adams

I gambled a bit going WR but, again, I wanted talent and points. With Justin Herbert coming off the board the pick just ahead of me, I went for my top dynasty WR to pair with my top ranked dynasty TE. Adams is still only 28 years old, and will finish the season among the elite WR’s once again this year. Draft him with confidence as a ‘set it and forget it every week’ WR1.

3.11—Antonio Gibson

With most of the top RB guys off the board, I wanted some youth. Antonio Gibson had a tremendous rookie season and he is a guy that can be a perennial top 5 RB if he becomes a true 3 down back. I avoided the QB once again and that will more than likely be my downfall but hey, I’m a Bears fan so I’m used to bad QB play. Gibson was just too good to pass up and he should give me 3-5 years of elite RB production.

Andrew’s Draft Grade:

Solid B here. Kelce is winding down so I can’t say I love taking him that early but I get it. The Adams pick was phenomenal value and Gibson at 3.11 is a pick that the jury is still out on. If Kelce has a few more years in the tank and Gibson doesn’t see a sophomore slump, this grade goes up. 


(12) Will’s 2021 Dynasty Startup Draft Picks and Advice

1.01—Patrick Mahomes

I was lucky enough, via trade, to get the #1 pick so I went with Patrick Mahomes. I’m a Bucs fan so I enjoyed seeing Mahomes run for his life and play his worst game ever in Super Bowl LV. But that was just what it was: the worst game of his career in four years. I do not expect another game like that for some time. The dude is 25 and still dynamic as hell so why not go with him on the first pick? He barely throws INTs, can toss it anywhere on the field accurately, and still has a corp of young studs to throw to that should keep his stats (and winning ways, not that that matters here) going.

3.12—Aaron Jones

I had to wait a while for picks #2 and #3 but I went RB for both. My first RB of choice was Jones. I once again went with a player who was stifled by my Bucs defense in the playoffs, but that didn’t deter me since the body of work has been so good. 1,549 total scrimmage yards, 11 total TDs, and 5.5 yards per attempt with nary a fumble in 2020 isn’t anything to sniff at (he also had a hell of a 2019, leading the league in rush TDs at 16). I suppose the only worry is that he might not have Aaron Rodgers as his QB next year, and a good Packers team, to back him up.

4.01—Mike Evans

I know you aren’t supposed to pick people from your own team but I always ignore that advice because a)I stink at fantasy and b)I like rooting for my guys! The newly minted Super Bowl champ is the only player with at least a thousand yards in the first seven seasons in the league. He’s had Mike Glennon, Josh McCown, Jameis Winston, and Ryan Fitzpatrick throwing to him for six of those seasons so his numbers are both legit and reliable. Now he will have a second year of Tom Brady throwing to him. Rack up the numbers.

Andrew’s Draft Grade:

I will never question someone’s decision to trade up to get the number 1 player in a SuperFlex league. Giving up 1.12 and 2.1 is a more than reasonable price tag too. Getting Jones and Evans, two guys that arguably should’ve gone sooner, at 3.12 and 4.1 feels like a steal to me. This is an easy A. 


Dynasty Rankings


  1. Patrick Mahomes
  2. Kyler Murray
  3. Josh Allen
  4. Lamar Jackson
  5. Deshaun Watson
  6. Justin Herbert
  7. Joe Burrow
  8. Dak Prescott
  9. Russell Wilson
  10. Aaron Rodgers
  11. Baker Mayfield
  12. Tua Tagovailoa


  1. Christian McCaffery
  2. Dalvin Cook
  3. Alvin Kamara
  4. Saquon Barkley
  5. Jonathan Taylor
  6. Josh Jacobs
  7. D’Andre Swift
  8. Nick Chubb
  9. Cam Akers
  10. Clyde Edwards-Helaire
  11. Ezekiel Elliott
  12. Derrick Henry


  1. Davante Adams
  2. Justin Jefferson
  3. D.K. Metcalf
  4. A.J. Brown
  5. Stefon Diggs
  6. Tyreek Hill
  7. DeAndre Hopkins
  8. CeeDee Lamb
  9. Michael Thomas
  10. Calvin Ridley
  11. Mike Evans
  12. Chris Godwin


  1. Travis Kelce
  2. George Kittle
  3. Darren Waller
  4. Mark Andrews
  5. T.J. Hockenson
  6. Noah Fant
  7. Hunter Henry
  8. Mike Gesicki
  9. Dallas Goedert
  10. Evan Engram
  11. Jonnu Smith
  12. Robert Tonyan

Dynasty Top 100

  1. Patrick Mahomes
  2. Christian McCaffrey
  3. Dalvin Cook 
  4. Alvin Kamara
  5. Saquon Barkley
  6. Kyler Murray
  7. Jonathan Taylor
  8. Josh Allen 
  9. Lamar Jackson
  10. Deshaun Watson 
  11. Travis Kelce
  12. Josh Jacobs
  13. Justin Herbert
  14. Davante Adams 
  15. Justin Jefferson 
  16. D’Andre Swift
  17. D.K. Metcalf
  18. Joe Burrow
  19. A.J. Brown
  20. Stefon Diggs
  21. Tyreek Hill 
  22. DeAndre Hopkins
  23. Nick Chubb
  24. Cam Akers
  25. CeeDee Lamb
  26. George Kittle
  27. Clyde Edwards-Helaire
  28. Ezekiel Elliott
  29. Dak Prescott
  30. Darren Waller 
  31. Michael Thomas
  32. Calvin Ridley
  33. Russell Wilson
  34. Antonio Gibson
  35. Aaron Jones
  36. Mike Evans
  37. James Robinson
  38. J.K. Dobbins
  39. Chris Godwin
  40. Austin Ekler
  41. Terry McLaurin
  42. Aaron Rodgers
  43. Tee Higgins
  44. Allen Robinson
  45. Brandon Aiyuk
  46. Jerry Jeudy 
  47. Chase Claypool
  48. Joe Mixon
  49. D.J. Moore
  50. Mark Andrews
  51. T.J. Hockenson
  52. Miles Sanders
  53. David Montgomery
  54. Baker Mayfield
  55. Keenan Allen
  56. Kareem Hunt
  57. Tua Tagovailoa
  58. A.J. Dillon
  59. Chris Carson
  60. Noah Fant
  61. Amari Cooper
  62. D.J. Chark
  63. JuJu Smith-Schuuster
  64. Ryan Tannehill
  65. Kenny Golladay
  66. Tyler Boyd
  67. Kenyan Drake
  68. Julio Jones 
  69. Jalen Hurts
  70. Diontae Johnson
  71. Cooper Kupp
  72. Michael Pittman
  73. Matthew Stafford
  74. Tyler Lockett
  75. Jared Goff
  76. Hunter Henry
  77. Robert Woods
  78. Adam Thielen
  79. Mike Gesicki
  80. Laviska Shenault
  81. Courtland Sutton
  82. Tom Brady
  83. Ronald Jones 
  84. Henry Ruggs
  85. Dallas Goedert
  86. Denzel Mims
  87. Evan Engram
  88. Melvin Gordon 
  89. Jonnu Smith
  90. Chase Edmonds
  91. Odell Beckham Jr. 
  92. Leonard Fournette
  93. Zack Moss
  94. Will Fuller 
  95. Kirk Cousins
  96. Robert Tonyan
  97. Myles Gaskin
  98. Deebo Samuel 
  99. Matt Ryan 
  100. Daniel Jones

What do you think of our dynasty startup draft picks? Let us know in the comments or on our social media!

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Josh Barnett's Bloodsport 5 title card featuring Jon Moxley

Jon Moxley Brings the Blood to Bloodsport

The Miz holds aloft the WWE World Heavyweight title belt at WWE Elimination Chamber 2021

Looking at The Miz and the Road to WrestleMania