College Football: Alabama Back Where They Belong

Alabama Slams Ohio State 52-24

Hey everyone this is Sam and let’s talk about the College Football National Championship game with the Alabama Crimson Tide. Where was the Ohio State Buckeyes? Not sure. This game was all Nick Saban’s Crimson Tide wanting to reign supreme again. Wow, I wasn’t expecting this at all.

The Historic Showcase of Offense

It just seemed like the #3 Ohio State couldn’t stop the Alabama offense in the College Football National Championship Game. Again and again, it was quarterback Mac Jones to wide receiver DeVonta Smith. Then some injuries happened to those two and like Alabama usually does nothing changes. They scored touchdowns on seven of their eleven possessions this game.

Alabama Continues Their Domination Of The Record Books

The Tide just won their 18th National Championship in their history. The unbelievable thing is this is their sixth championship in the past 12 years. The Head Coach Nick Saban captured his seventh championship as a head coach. This passes Coach Bear Bryant for the most all-time in college football history.

Alabama went 13-0 this season. Outside of the SEC Championship game (52-46) against my Florida Gators, they weren’t even challenged at all this season. The Tide had 11 games where they had 40+ points.

Last Night

Nick Saban’s Alabama had 621 yards of total offense with 33 first downs. I kept texting my friends since I was flipping back and forth between this game and Monday Night Raw, “How in the world does ‘Bama have the ball again?” Well, they controlled the ball for almost forty minutes. It just seemed to me they had the ball all night long.

So many of Alabama offensive starters decided to come back for one thing their senior season to win a championship. Well, they accomplished that. Their offense of 48.5 points per game was better than last season’s LSU team that people couldn’t quit talking about. DeVonta Smith, the Heisman Trophy winner, ended up breaking every SEC receiving record. Last night, Alabama decided to unleash everything they had.

Alabama’s 3 Stars

QB Mac Jones: 36-45, 464 yards, 5 TDs
RB Najee Harris: 158 yards, 3 TDs
WR DeVonta Smith: 12 rec, 215 yards, 3 TDs

Alabama’s DeVonta Smith Gets Injured

In the first 30 minutes of the game, DeVonta Smith caught 12 passes on 14 attempts for 215 yards with three touchdowns. Those 12 catches were the most in the history of the College Football Playoffs National Championship Game. However, his night was cut off when he dislocated a finger on his right hand in the third quarter. At first, he went to the medical tent, but then later was taken to the locker room.

“Well, he really dislocated his finger,” Alabama coach Nick Saban said. “I told Smitty after the game, I said, You’re the only player that I know that missed a whole half because of your finger. It was dislocated and they couldn’t get it back in. If they’d have got it back in, he would have been fine. He actually wanted to play, we just didn’t allow him to.”

“The young guys just putting in the work, every week, knowing that if someone went down they would have to come in and do something big,” Smith said after he was presented the game’s Offensive MVP trophy. “I believed in them from the jump and that’s what we do. That’s why you come to Bama.”

My Take

Could this have been Alabama’s best season so far? Yes, it very could be under Coach Sabin, but I think with 2020 being so crazy I’m not sure other teams did what THEY could have under regular circumstances. I think this does have to cement in everyone’s minds that Coach Sabin just handles getting his players to adapt better than any other college coach.

What do you think about this season? Or even about this Alabama team? Sound off to Sports Obsessive in the comments section below. I look forward to hearing from you. I’ll talk to you soon. See you down the road.

Written by Samantha Sayre

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