Big Ten Football Is Back!

Can They Make A Difference In The College Playoffs?

Starting in August with the Pac-12, conferences started talking about canceling college football or at least pushing it back. The Big Ten were the second conference to originally postponed its season on Aug. 11 due to concerns regarding testing and heart issues. According to Front Office Sports, “The Big Ten will resume its football season Oct. 23-24 after postponing play due to the coronavirus pandemic, the conference announced on Sept. 16.” It was voted on unanimously to reverse their decision.

Fans Excited!

I can’t imagine how loud the Midwest and all the other Big Ten fans was yesterday. I know all Michigan and Ohio State fans were excited after being sidelined last week because I had to see it all over my social media. They had to watch the ACC and Big 12 play without them last week. Now the presidents are going to let have an eight game season in an eight-week stretch leading up to the Dec. 19 conference championship game.

Testing Requirements

Of course, the Big Ten had to find a way to walk back their problems with testing. After the players and fans complained that the rest of the Power 5 Conferences were playing. So the Big Ten is doing daily rapid tests for all players and coaches. If anyone is to test positive, the new plan requires them to sit out for a minimum of 21 days until they can return to the field. The players will also receive different heart tests. If more than 5% of the team tests positive, practice and competition will be halted for at least 7 days.

No Fans

There will be no public ticket sales for any Big Ten football games, but they are trying to decide about ways to allow family members of athletes and staff into the stands.

Questions I have already seen all over the internet are: How does an eight game season affect seeding for the playoff? Does an 8-0 Ohio State team sneak in past a 10-1 ACC/SEC team? What questions are you thinking could cause problems? Let us know right here in the comments on Sports Obsessive!

Written by Samantha Sayre

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