25 Yards Later Week 10 Preview: Jagged Little Bills

Welcome to 25 Yards Later, Sports Obsessive and Rumination Radio Network’s fantasy football podcast! It was a weird week in the NFL, with low fantasy scores and real-life upsets all around. We decided to take a look at four of the teams at the center of that weirdness—the Vikings, who blew a multi-score lead against the Ravens, the Browns, who blew out the Bengals, the Cowboys, who got blew out by the Broncos, and the Bills, who lost to the Jags in a game so bad that the total score didn’t even cover the Bills’ point spread. Rounding out the show are the Los Angeles Chargers, who are the other side of the Vikings game, and the hot Indianapolis Colts.

What happened to the Cowboys and Bills last week? Can the Colts continue their white-hot run of fantasy success? How impossibly bad (and yet still good) was Adam Thielen’s statline last week? Is Vikings/Chargers destined to be the most snakebitten matchup of all time? What can we expect of the Browns’ receiving corp now that OBJ is out of the picture? Speaking of the Browns, what do we think of the running backs with Nick Chubb on the COVID list? Can the Cowboys and Bills bounce back from humiliating losses? What deep-league receiving options does Nick have his eye on this week? What will Allijah think of the Justin Jefferson Windmill Video when he watches it for the first time live on the show? And what wild scenario has Nick concocted in his brain about Trey Lance’s future starting prospects? Find out the answers to these questions and more on this week’s 25 Yards Later Fantasy Football Podcast!

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Written by Nick Luciano

Nick Luciano received a Master’s in Music Theory from the University of North Carolina Greensboro. He is a film editor at 25YL and cohosts the 25 Yards Later fantasy football podcast for SportsObsessive.

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