Katie Taylor Wants To Face the Best To Cement Her Legacy

Katie Taylor is, arguably, the best boxer in the world today.

She has a flawless 15-0 record and holds the WBA, WBC, IBF, WBO, and The Ring Lightweight titles, which she will be defending against Amanda Serrano, no slouch herself with 38-1-1.

Being the true champion she is, however, even if/when she successfully retains, that won’t be enough for the Irish native as she wants to leave a legacy that is far-reaching.

Talking to the Boxing Show on Sky Sports, Taylor said;

It’s all about legacy for me. I want to leave a great legacy, I want to be involved in the best fights.

Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran, Marvin Hagler and Tommy Hearns fought each other in their primes and will be remembered for generations because of that.

Muhammad Ali fought Joe Frazier, George Foreman and Ken Norton. These are legendary fights and these guys go down as legends of the sport.

That’s the sort of legacy I want to leave.”

And she’s already got her next three fights planned out;

I’m fighting Serrano next, there has been talk of me fighting Braekhus, and the Persoon rematch is very important. I’d be happy to fight those three next.

They are huge fights and I want to be involved in the best fights possible. We are all still in our primes. That’s what makes these mega-fights so special.

The Persoon rematch is important because a lot of people had her winning the fight, so I definitely need to put that to bed.

The next time I fight her I’ll put on a better performance. It was a particularly bad performance that night but I dug deep and got the win in a close fight. It could have gone the other way but I’m grateful it went my way.

I’m looking forward to the rematch and to put on a dominating performance.”

I’m hoping that all of these plans come to fruition, as it’s very rare in this day and age that you see any boxer take on the toughest fights, let alone four of them in a row, and if Taylor can emerge from these victorious, then she will go down in history as the G.O.A.T.

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