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Shaq Is On This Week’s AEW Dynamite

In a move that nobody really wants, but it seems we’re getting anyway. It looks as if former LA Lakers legend, Shaquille O’Neal or Shaq, is finally going to make his long-awaited debut for a wrestling promotion.

The Start of Shaq and AEW

Jade Cargill alluded to this last month when she made her first appearance. Entering the ring she spent a fair portion of her first promo running down Cody Rhodes. Before making references to him not being able to handle a real giant. This was obviously a badly veiled hint that someone rather large would soon be paying AEW a visit. It didn’t take long for everyone and their grandma to figure out that she was talking about Shaq.

This has now been confirmed by the company after they sent out this tweet:

Shaq on AEW

It looks as if Shaq Daddy will be doing a sit down of sorts with Big Tony Schiavone. He is going to talk about just why a 48-year-old former basketball player has decided to take up the grappling arts, *cough* money *cough*, or maybe it will be inside the arena so we can get some interaction between Shaq Fu and Cody Rhodes. This would set up the inevitable program we have waiting for us around the corner.

The Why?

Personally, this strikes me as Dennis Rodman in WCW territory and seems to be happening for two reasons and two reasons only:

1. So they can get more mainstream exposure for the company which I can’t blame them for wanting to do


2. So they can piss off the WWE.

After all, this was supposed to be the way that it went down with The Big Shamrock facing The Big Show inside a WWE ring. For whatever unknown reason, *cough* money *cough*, it didn’t happen so now he’ll be talking his wrestling bow with their biggest rivals. It will head into a feud with Cody that will, no doubt, be one of the best we’ve ever seen in any wrestling promotion.

Or, y’know, it’ll be a f**king car crash.


Let me know what you think. Do you want Shaq in the AEW or should he stick with Inside the NBA?


Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West)

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