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AP College Basketball Preseason Poll Breakdown

Hey everyone, this is Sam with Sports Obsessive. College Basketball fans, we know you can’t always know every date and detail in the crazy 2020-2021 season and we’re here to help. We want to make sure you turn to us for all your college basketball analysis. Let Sports Obsessive get you completely up to date, starting with a look at the first poll…

Here it comes… November 25th

Can you believe that the college basketball season tips off in just two weeks? It is hard to believe for me. I mean, think about it. The Big Ten football season just started two weeks ago. My sports calendar in my head is all off right now. The first AP Poll of the College Basketball year has been released. Is your team on here?

Gonzaga takes the top spot to open the 2020-21 season. Coach Mark Few has accomplished everything at Gonzaga except win a national championship. Will he do it this year? Every college that has had an opening in the last ten to fifteen years has believed that he can win a championship. Coach Few has turned them all down because he loves Gonzaga and has always believed he could win there. Now they begin the year at No. 1 overall for the first time ever. They beat out Baylor by one point for the spot.

“It’s a great honor to be selected No. 1,” Few said. “We understand that it is more a reflection of what our program has accomplished over the years and hope to play up to that standard as we start our season.”

Schedules Ready? No way!

The season begins in two weeks, but I haven’t even bothered putting schedules into my calendar to watch certain games, or in my to-do list to write articles. No way! Not after this football season. Both high school football and college football schedules have taught me a big lesson. Games can be cancelled at 1pm on the day of a game scheduled for 1pm.

Get ready for another total roller coaster of a sports season. We’re going to have cancellations, postponements, and travel challenges from day to day due to Covid-19. Many teams still don’t have a completed schedule since tournaments are still getting cancelled. I’m just hoping and praying we get enough games to be happy and that we get March Madness this season.

AP Top-10

1. Gonzaga
2. Baylor
3. Villanova
4. Virginia
5. Iowa
6. Kansas
7. Wisconsin
8. Illinois
9. Duke
10. Kentucky

Iowa earned its highest preseason ranking (#5) in school history.

Rest of Top-25

11. Creighton, 12. Tennessee, 13. Michigan State, 14. Texas Tech, 15. West Virginia, 16. North Carolina, 17. Houston, 18. Arizona State, 19. Texas, 20. Oregon, 21. Florida State, 22. UCLA, 23. Ohio State, 24. Rutgers, 25. Michigan

Rutgers (# 24) debuted in the preseason top 25 for the first time since 1979. The Scarlet Knights were poised to break a 29-year NCAA tourney drought before COVID-19 canceled March Madness last season.

Just Out of Top 25

LSU, Memphis, Florida, Alabama and Indiana.

Coach Tom Izzo Comes Down With Covid-19

Michigan State Head Coach Tom Izzo revealed Monday afternoon that, on Monday morning, he had tested positive for COVID-19. Coach Izzo announced his diagnosis through the team’s social media channel in which he said he was dealing with only “minor symptoms” and that he remains “in good health.” Coach Izzo said he will continue to stay in constant contact with his staff and players through tech, but he will not be in close proximity to any of them as he fights the virus. He also said he now will have “plenty of time to watch film.”

Conference Breakdown (Top-25)

Big Ten (7 Teams), Big 12 (5 Teams), ACC (4 Teams), Pac-12 (3 Teams) Big East (2 Teams), SEC (2 Teams)N

Non-contact practices

NCAA protocol dictates that a single positive test will result in a team-wide, 14-day quarantine, so Georgia Tech Coach Josh Pastner is holding non-contact practices. Once the team begins thrice-weekly COVID-19 testing, Coach Pastner said that he will run non-contact practices for the remainder of the season unless the NCAA’s contact-tracing guidance changes. That means no 5-on-5, no starters vs. scout team or any practice work where bodies are in close contact with one another.

Skewed schedules

The Patriot League won’t allow teams to get on airplanes, so Holy Cross will play eight two-game series’ against just its five closest geographical opponents, including six against neighboring Boston University.

Possible bubbles

The Big East is considering creating a bubble at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut. “There’s no doubt: The bubble is the answer,” said Villanova coach Jay Wright. “If you want to get where you are sure that you’re going to get all your games in, the bubble’s the answer [and] the medical experts will agree to that. The challenge for us is … our players and students. They’re not employees, so to force someone to go into a bubble is shaky. And, if you do it for the men you have to do it for the women, which doubles the cost for everybody … [and] we don’t think the schools, really have the finances to do that.”

What are your thoughts on the first college basketball poll? Who surprised you? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Samantha Sayre

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