College Basketball: Players That Are Underrated

Hey everyone, this is Sam! Let’s talk about the college basketball underrated players who just don’t get the attention they deserve. See, everyone knows about the 2020-2021 College Basketball stars because we have a tendency to blow them up, sometimes out of proportion. The All-Americans and one and dones are highlighted before, during and after the game whether they played well enough to deserve it.

Joel Ayayi, Guard, Gonzaga

I think we have to start with the #1 team in the nation. Everyone has heard of Corey Kispert since he is a preseason All-American. If you haven’t then the announcers will make sure you know him. He deserves it. Their big man, Drew Timme, has been taking care of business and surrounded by a lot of hype. But let’s talk Joel Ayayi, who is 6-5, 180 lbs and from Paris, France. Most don’t notice his solid work night after night. He is just a junior starter that is averaging 9.7 pts a game along 7.5 rebounds. Ayayi is shooting 54% this season. Next time you watch Gonzaga, don’t concentrate on the 20 points-a-game scorers, but one of these underrated college basketball hard players.

Alex Barcello, Guard, BYU

Alex Barcello didn’t have a great two seasons with Arizona. Coach Mark Pope changed all that for him. Alex Barcello is 6-2, 180 lbs., and is someone who has changed himself totally around by averaging 16.9 pts. a game with 4.7 rebounds. He’s shooting around 60% during games. It took him a little while to get used to the BYU’s system, but Barcello is definitely someone you want young players to watch.

Christian Bishop, Forward, Creighton

Creighton has a true star in Marcus Zegarowski. Everyone is talking about him and notices him. However, one of Creighton’s most versatile and valuable performer could be Christian Bishop. He is a 6-7, 220 lbs. grinder that anyone would love to have on their team. Bishop is the player that coaches should be pushing their players to watch. This high energy player doesn’t care if he has to take charges, dive after loose balls and do whatever it takes to get the win. He averaged 12.8 points a game with 6.0 rebounds a game.

Zach Freemantle, Forward, Xavier

Entering into this season, everyone knew that Xavier was going to have to depend on Paul Scruggs. The step-up player has been the sophomore Zach Freemantle is 6-9, 220 lbs. With him working hard during the off-season he has become a 16.3 points a game, whilst his 7.6 rebounds has helped Xavier to their 8-1 record.

Miles McBride, Guard, West Virginia

Coach Bob Huggins demands strong leadership before he will allow anyone run his Mountaineers. Miles McBride is growing into that role for them. He is a 6-2 and a solid 200 lbs. sophomore that had a big learning curve last year as a substitute. This year as a starter, he is averaging 15.4 points per game, 3.8 rebounds with 4.0 assists. McBride will be one I’m watching this season. It seems like under Huggins, his players continue to progress or he gets frustrated with them enough to sit them to learn. Can’t wait to see which way he goes.

Let’s keep an eye on my underrated college picks. Will they hold up throughout the season? Will they break out and take over, letting everyone know who they are? I can’t wait. Let me know your underrated players that I should be watching here at Sports Obsessive in the comment section below.

Written by Samantha Sayre

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